Why do you get more hungry on your period?

Are you one of those people who dread the arrival of their monthly cycle, not because of cramps or bloating but mainly due to an incessant desire to devour anything edible in sight? Fear not since this article is going to delve into the reasons why we experience hunger cravings during our menstrual cycles.

Menstrual Cycle 101

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details surrounding our raging appetites during Aunt Flow’s visit, let’s briskly go over what happens in a typical menstrual cycle.

  1. Follicular Phase: Begins with menstruation
  2. Ovulatory Phase: The egg is released at midpoint
  3. Luteal phase: Uterus prepares for implantation (if fertilization has occurred).
  4. Menstruation phase: If no pregnancy occurs , uterus sheds its lining

Hormones Involved During Menstrual Cycle

Many hormones are involved throughout each stage of our cycle, primarily estrogen and progesterone which are both produced by the ovaries.

  • Estrogen- highest levels occur before ovulation and regulates reproduction
  • Progesterone – levels rise after ovulation endometrium preparation for conception”’

Now that we have covered some basics let’s find out why most women crave compulsively when they’re “riding the red tide.”

Is It All In Our Heads?

Often people assume that hormonal fluctuations can only affect our reproductive organs such as causing mood swings or irritability . However, did you know hormones can also influence appetite? Of course, it’s real!

Hormonal Fluxifications ”

The natural roller coaster ride occurring through estrogen and progesterone fluctuations affects hypothalamus functions [^unusualterms]. Hypothalamus produces special receptors used to identify any changes including incoming hormone messages.

When these chemicals reach specific places within our brain chemistry , signals are sent i.e. insulin, glucose and of course hunger.

One of the hormones involved in appetite regulation is our good friend Leptin also known as “the satiety hormone.” What does it do? Well, leptin sends signals to stop eating and reduce hunger cycles by acting on the hypothalamus gland.

However, research reveals that during menstrual phases progesterone levels decrease leptin‘s impact which could lead Women experiencing an increase in cravings for food [^unique].

Leptin resistance might be another reason why women feel hungry during their periods. When you’re resistant to leptins effects , despite sufficient fat stores energy deficiency will still encourage increased consumption [^funfact].

Frequent Extreme Hunger

Ever found yourself reaching for your 4th packet of chips or bar of chocolate within a few hours?[^wow] If so don’t panic! While it’s normal to experience bouts of extreme hunger one can control these desires through proper nutrition.

Try including more protein-rich meals such as eggs or cheese accompanied by vegetables and whole grains daily instead of high [sugar/salt based snacks]. It’ll keep you feeling fuller longer while providing adequate nourishment .

Cravings VS Emotional Eating

Before we proceed let’s make clear a significant difference – between physiological cravings frequently experienced during meningstrual cycle versus emotional eating that may occur independent hormonal interference .
While both habits consist indulging oneself using food, distinguishing them remains An essential aspect when seeking ways curb unhealthy binges

Physiological Cravings

Craving physical desire for certain types flavors like vinegar or citrusy lemon from fruits upon onset Menstruation are typical symptoms influenced hormones. Such wantings range salty savory sweets spicy taste Fatty foods show up rarely ”’

What makes us crave fatty foods? Mainly low serotonin levels Hormonal shifts before bleeding release stress Emotionally unpleasant memories Maybe instead…

Stress affects various aspects lives–including diet habits . In times high pressure Studies point towards the hypothalamus delivering craved foods as a response increased stress’]

Emotional Eating

Separately, when faced with negative feelings consuming comfort meals can temporarily boost your mood. Unlike natural hormonal cravings emotional eating stems and feeds from more in-depth underlines psychological issues some them:

  • Anxiety/Stress
  • Depression
  • Boredom

Are these extreme feeling part of who you are? Then seek professional help determine underlying cause develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Take Control of Your Hunger Cravings

So now you know why get hungrier during menstruation & it’s reasonable for women experience food bingeing however being informed means finding the right way control those desires moment they arise Here’re things do control appetite

1. Hydrate Frequently ””””

Staying well-hydrated essential body ensuring metabolic rate stays optimal without unnecessary firing hunger signals Fluid-rich (coffee tea diets sodas) prevent adequate water intake increasing thirst quench stopping Impulsive snacking [^watermelon].

2. Sufficient sleep quality ”’

Our bodies rejuvenate best sleep , which also helps regulate hormone production Aiming consistent hours night keeps mind calm refreshes allowing less driven by desire eat frequently Combat late-night supper munchies improving makes feel ready face day]

Concluding Thoughts

Craving tirelessly on every menstrual cycle doesn’t have to be an inevitable occurrence anymore! Knowing how our hormones influence our appetites is half the battle won against random binges.

Take daily proactive measures such as hydration, sleeping enough and nutrition[ ^heyhey] ensure periods remain comfortable satisfying pleasant factors make up happy moments lives!

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