Why do u get high blood pressure?

Have you ever wondered why your doctor gives you the stink eye when they check your blood pressure reading? Have no fear, my friend – I am here to explain the ins and outs of high blood pressure!

What is High Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure, or hypertension, occurs when there is an increase in the force of blood pushing against the walls of arteries. Ideally, our heart should pump out a certain amount of blood with each beat to keep our body functioning properly. But, if there is too much force consistently put on arterial walls over time then that can lead to hypertension.

The Silent Killer

Did you know that high blood pressure is often called “the silent killer”? This silly nickname implies that it can go unnoticed for extended periods without any indications or symptoms until it’s too late. It doesn’t hurt or give warning signs like headaches so many people don’t even realize they have it until a medical professional checks their readings.

Common Factors That Contribute To High Blood Pressure

There are several factors that contribute significantly towards developing high blood pressure in individuals:

Family History

If high BP runs in your family genes, then chances are higher chance that you will also experience this condition yourself.


As time ages us into more distinguished human beings comes at cost such as increasing susceptibility for various health issues including hypertension which means as we get older — our chances of developing hypertension increases.


Fellas listen up because men under age 45 tends to be susceptible than women whereas women over age 65 has been known to develop ‘white-coat’ syndrome (blood pressures spikes due solely from being surrounded by healthcare professionals).


Having too much alcohol regularly has been known one definite risk factor leading up to HBP; booze raises BP short term but also reap long term damaging effects –So next weekend consider how tipsy you’ll actually get!


taps ash off cigarette and winks Wanna know something? Nicotine is responsible for narrowing your blood vessels which in turn raises the BP. So if you must smoke, realize that it may very well impact your heart health.

The Impact Of Diet On Blood Pressure

Thinking of changing up what’s on that dinner plate? Here are some ingredients to keep an eye on:


FYI salty foods like chips, ham, canned soup contents with high levels of salinity can easily put more salt into bloodstream; This results in accumulation of fluid within blood arteries thereby creating more pressure –long story short they should only be consumed as treats every once-in-a-while.


Ah yes! Piping hot coffee in one hand and working from home nude below waist as we balance laptop-on-lap oh man this sounds like a dream life but did you know caffeine stimulates adrenal glands which causes hiked up so called “fight or flight” response potentially leading to higher BP.


Sweets are how many have cheered themselves up through rough patches over time BUT – Clinical research indicates sustained sugar intake is hazardous directly correlating to Blood Sugar level irregularities (the other “BSL”). Perhaps next time looking alternatives such fruits at dessert!

Indicators For Hypertension

How would you even know you’re living life with HBP without any ‘symptoms’? Here they’re :


Let’s face it: Overexerting oneself throughout day leading us tired out – this could be due hangovers as manifested by drinking alcohol or nicotine withdrawal—


Unfortunately headaches not always clear red flags when comes underlying signs but there been times people experience them just before hypertension develops ; It doesn’t mean that everyone experiencing headaches has hypertension though…

Final Word

With dietary changes and medical interventions including medications other treatments HBP can be controlled if caught early enough. So if you’re looking to avoid inflating your blood pressure, not only engaging in moderate exercise but also eating a healthy balanced diet and avoiding unhealthy lifestyle habits such as –smoking, excess alcohol intake perhaps watching how much caffeine or sugar is consumed will go a long way ensuring BP remains stable throughout life.

Have fun implementing these changes!