Why do people tattoo themselves?

Tattoos are a form of self-expression that has been around for centuries. However, why do some people choose to get inked while others find the idea terrifying? The following reasons provide an explanation.

Artistic expression

Artists connect with tattoos as it is their way of exhibiting their craft on one’s skin. Tattoos allow artists to showcase their creativity on living canvases and persist forever.


Some people want their loved ones or significant moments engraved indelibly so they can be reminded permanently. A tattoo could represent a person or moment that holds great significance in someone’s life; hence the essence of forever preservation of such memories through tattoos.

Commemorating events

People receive tattoos as lasting reminders of achievements, life-altering instances, success, milestones etcetera. Body art can serve this purpose well as they act like trophies or tangible mementoes marking special moments.

Lifestyle statement

Tattooing reflects someone’s sense of fashion and taste; some cultures associate specific patterns with distinct emotions and acceptable lines concerning attractiveness.

Since body modification received general acceptance worldwide from diverse communities over time (some decades back), more people obtain inked for cultural impact/mass appeal/importance among friends who also carry similar types.

If you would ever catch anyone drilling holes into subcutaneous layers inscribing permanent sketches embedded deep inside until death takes them away…. “It just means something”.

Rebels without a cause

On another note: rebel without cause depicts “non-submission” mentality towards social norms regardless, having fun piercing needles all day long under the ink stencils represents escape from monotony by adding color upon repetitious days spent aimlessly at work/home/school – everybody needs excitement.

Meanwhile, getting tats elsewhere than what’s culturally accepted might earn individuals such tags no matter how much they approve of unorthodox ideologies.

Don’t tell them what to do!


A well-placed tattoo on your visible arm could ignite a story or discussion. People express themselves using ink art and want others to know about it; right from the design meaning, inspiration up until how long it took for drawing them can provide hours of brainstorming – with poignant breaks in-between-ish-ly.

For example:
(As per Marcel’s observation) if you see an ancient calligraphy quote transcribed down someone’s forearm or a vivid portrait used as cover-up across another person’s bicep, not engaging in discussion will seem like missing out on one too many things.

Cultural Influence

Cultures worldwide have diverse ways of interpreting tattoos differently. For instance,new Zealand’s Maori tribal patterns get made using invasive incisions followed by rubbings containing pigments/organic substances into those channels resulting in Moko designs.

Japanese people produce traditional motifs intertwined intricately linked subjects displayed entirely upon liberal geometric shades representing vibrancy when combined amid ongoing culture-based features.

In India, intricate henna tattoos called mehndi are popular during festivals and celebrations such as weddings, where self-adornment is regarded more than often present-day engagements among Western diversity today given particular cultures underwent transformations over time due to contemporary modifications/heavy symbolism attached behind body artwork created according to preference reflect upon belongingness/differentiation primarily showing significance especially when bonded communities share culture via these arts .

Westerners traditionally usually group all that falls under this category as art passing no regard towards cultural value appreciation.

Emotional release

The act itself holds symbolic sacred meanings signifying grief/upheaval/blessings…or lack thereof thus serving an excellent avenue for communicating emotions while tattooed scars serve specific purposes too beyond beautification – It means letting go.

While some individual bear inked images reminding us how they’ve overcome hardship, pain & social stigmatization layered beneath designs exuding power on its rawest essence when in dire need.

Therefore it is possible for someone to become so emotionally overwhelmed that the best remediation would be getting a tattoo potentially representing closure from ailment.

Mood booster

According to research, certain people obtain tattoos as endorphins trigger primal areas alongside neurotransmitters responsible for one’s general welfare making them happy and more generally at peace by increasing serotonin after getting inked – or was it just an excuse?


Some folk are inspired merely by personal scenarios “It makes me feel complete” or act of self-discovery while going through landmark events such as pregnancy/being born again/bereavement/holy experiences etcetera giving birth renewal/rather rebirth-phase thus leading better alignment with spiritual selves inevitably renewing inner resolve further instilling confidence coupled with happiness found within accomplishment – Allowing our external showpiece (our bodies) to reflect upon metamorphosis experienced yields more than just visuals but greater amounts of transformative energy seamlessly connecting individuals together towards a purpose!

Tattoos could also serve motivational purposes. Such art can remind us never of lost hope and inspire us consciously into holding onto life dreams amidst overwhelming fear/vulnerability no matter how far-fetched those seem.

We put what lies beyond death embedded forever signaling deterrence forces warning against bad mistakes spurred via unchanging patterns permitted by future generations yet (given close proximity between the nervous system/skin providing direct links, its effect on physiology post healing process is still debatable).

Singe your body fresh off! Because nothing says love like branding oneself because why not…life has meaning right?

In summary, any idea systematically applied should exhibit some sort of significance; sometimes complex logic followed over time serves only reductionism leaving room open out here somewhere inside where common sense laughter ridicule bedecks most stories based on shaky foundation since as humans, acting out on our impulses is encouraged once inhibitions lift off!

Bottom line:

So at the end of it all, whatever reasons behind tattoos might stem from societal cultural changes/random moments where synchronicity aligns perfectly to create an event that serves greater purpose than just belongingness shared experiences and permanent souvenirs.

Barbed wire over your entire arm screaming I.T guy ^(we) will suffice… or not! (words…)

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