Why do newborns need to be swaddled?

Newborn babies are so cute and fragile. Everything they do is adorable, even when they cry, except it’s not always at their most convenient times like in the middle of your favorite TV show. Nevertheless, one of the things that newborns need to be comfortable and calm is swaddling. A swaddle involves tucking a baby snugly with a soft cloth or blanket/and (again with my love for slash). In this article, we will have an in-depth exploration into why newborns require swaddling.

What Does Swaddling Mean?

For those who didn’t attend parenting classes – don’t worry; some more bewildering terminology lies ahead – let me define what swaddle means even though you could easily Google it yourself but I am willing to make things easier for you because I am nice…that’s all there is to it (cue further sarcasm). To swaddle means wrapping the little human resembling an uncircumcised cucumber tightly enough as if offering them up as sacrifice-

“To which deity?’’ You ask? It doesn’t matter any would do (rolls eyes).

The aim of this wrapping technique is to provide comfort while keeping their limbs safely contained inside a breathable fabric nestle pitifully pretending that their confinement matches being in your womb-(oh learning new words sparks my language creativity..give props where due).


This time around, gladiators’ versus lions has nothing on our history timeline today goes off tangent. Anyway! Swaddling’s been used for centuries worldwide by mothers- from Eskimos (open mouths moved twice) attesting warmth provided by tight seals during harsh winters -to Grecian women cramming themselves and infants into clay pots hoping earnestly by doing so stilling sucklings wails thus securing very much needed All-female-spa days with their counterparts on board battleship waiting for a reward-yes, it is true-( not the spa days part just about everything else).

Benefits of Swaddling

Safety and Warmth

Safety should always come first (important point), especially when newborn babies are in question. Imagine them being so fragile (à la characters from GOT series) and vulnerable to every possible trap that surrounds them like your clumsy housekeeper who at best deserves her own reality show titled “Destroying things” or older siblings tossing around items without any sense of damage control whatsoever. A swaddle keeps baby secure in a warmth shell while limiting uncontrolled movement that could lead to mishaps.

Better Sleep

When you think of new parents talk about sleep at night, well let’s say it’s acquired..(want to see more use Dark humor -may cause feelings of discomfort if not used sparingly]. They rarely get time alone awake or asleep because minus hearing phantom cries whenever one closes their eyes; they have tiny humans determined to snooze only during the day –cries gnashing teeth-. Swaddling helps with better sleeping patterns since infants often end up abruptly awaking themselves by flailing limbs done during REM cycles. The coziness brought on by this technique mimics the snug environment making them less fussy thus allowing sleep sessions for both offspring and mommies/daddies.

### Reductions in Colic
Picture this: your normally calm child pitching an evening fit, nothing pacifies despite going through preset techniques coined as ‘P’ top-secret parenting strategies uncanny voice. One discernible difference comes his constant kicking and clenching fists: now all signs specified above signify colic attack resulting from gas build-up in baby’s intestines caused partially due to inflammation/angry fairies been cooked into formula milk or being fed air bubbles at nefarious grandparent dinners or allergies-you know what just go with it (now tired of throwing out explanations). Swaddling limits babies’ movement which in turn brought relief to gassy tummies thanks-
how can I explain this more scientifically…yawn
– restriction limits hyperactivity resulting from their internal discomfort due to colic providing them much-needed reprieve.

Development and Bonding

A properly swaddled baby, besides looking like a mini mummy used for research purposes only/dark humor inserts itself in the bonding between child and parent. Feeling secure allows offspring’s long arduous journey from spent time ‘in utero’ or watching stars/read books in junior limbo-more sarcasm inserted- while simultaneously encouraging better developmental achievements when touch and physical attachment are forthcoming.

What Items Are Required During Swaddling?

Swaddle blankets tailor-made separately ‘if one is familiar with such things’. However, hospitals also provide soft receiving blankets that would work even though they eventually gave me “but why” moment-I am sure you understand. These cloths should be breathable made principally from cotton or muslin fabric because no newborn wants sweat accompanying their cries (naturally).
Babies come up as poker masters hiding cards under tiny fists customarily; Velcro fasteners make wrapping easier without any chance of unraveling causing anxiety (don’t want your babysitter going home just after two-hours)(hint hint). Many label packages will give directions on how best to wrap the babies making educational opportunities available (statistics possess numerous moms failing physics grades for countless reasons-gas related/ sleep deprivation not wanting too many excuses -sarcasm)

Tips When Wrapping

When laying down the cloth don’t hen-pick final wrinkles focusing meticulously-it’s okay if lines aren’t solely vertical! Before securing

(a)”Unfurl arms if worried cause hands tend to be first rebels”

(b)”Wrap snugly but leave legs enough room for kicking motion-they rock themselves back to sleep successfully doing so”

(c)”Leave room to squirm around just enough -inquiries from authoritative parties stated unconfirmed- but will update as soon as possible.”

Are There Any Precautions or Risks?

As with almost everything kid-related, there are potential complications that might arise during swaddling. It is vital for parents/guardians/babysitters/non-parents pretending not to know what they’re doing giggles (not really) should take into account the following tips:

  • Be cautious when covering a baby’s head; it should never be in any way covered by cloth unless designed specifically -disturbances got me! –(per above statement).
  • When it comes to tightly wrapping infants, please do-not wrap them like unwrapped cheese besides increasing likelihood of hip dysplasia near-future discomfort may set on/interrupt developing process causing unnecessary stress.

In conclusion, swaddling newborns has countless benefits such as better sleep quality and improvements in physical development while also keeping your tiny humans tucked and snuggled comfortably. However, parents must ensure caution when undertaking this activity lest potentially harmful effects occur.

Of course, lastly,(picks earwax), if after Trying out Everything else has failed leaving one short result filled-trial-diary underbelly lairs a fact emerged-dealing with an Exorcist indeed seems more logical than attempting another method. Screaming babies who refuse comforting seem all ready warmed up for the movie “Paranormal activities 98” at least we know fixing their hyperactivity isn’t our responsibility …or comfort zones…au revoir nuevo-papas (should have made more puns)

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