Why do my shins hurt when massaged?

Are you someone who loves a good massage, but every time the masseuse gets to your shins, sudden pain jolts through your limbs? Yeah, we’ve been there too. It’s no secret that shins are one of the most sensitive areas for massages, and if not done correctly, they can hurt like hell.

But why is this so? Why do my shins hurt when massaged? Fear not friend; we’re here to break it down for you in all its painful glory!

Let’s Get Physical

To fully understand why our shins hurt during a massage, let’s take a quick minute anatomy lesson. The shinbone or tibia is located at the front of our lower leg and has very little padding protection around it. This means that any impact on this area will feel more acute than in other parts because it directly affects bone rather than muscle or fatty tissue (ouch!).

Additionally, our calves have powerful muscles such as gastrocnemius and soleus that connect beneath the knee and wrap around to anchor onto the backside of your heel bone via Achilles tendon (the one everyone swears hurts after an extended run). These muscles work tirelessly throughout each day of standing up straight or walking long distances -so naturally –they tend to get tight with regular use over time.

What does all of this mean regarding getting trigger point therapy (fancy words used by masseurs) on these specific areas? Well…for starters- be prepared for white-knuckle clenching painful experiences especially if you haven’t stretched before .

More Than Meets The Eye

Let’s carryout an experiment: bring your fingers close together then dig them slightly into skin-anywhere whatsoever.Its quite noticeable right?.Now imagine applying deliberate pressure continuously while rotating.Strangely,this theory applies to all body tissues/almost anything flesh related.There’s always more than the surface,dig a little depth, and voila,a whole different result.
Believe it or not, our shins hold far more memories and stressors than we give them credit for.

Our calf muscles have trigger points located near the kneecap that can transfer pain down to your shins when pressed upon (the joys of muscle messengers).Even worse? These same trigger points can also cause headaches (talk about a two-for-one special deal).

Now you probably are second-guessing ever asking someone to “just rub out those knots” on your calves again.

So What Now?

Sometimes listening to our bodies is essential in avoiding some discomforts afterwards.That said,you cannot just ditch leg day,basic daily activities,eg walking up stairs without considering shin strengtheners.The best way to curtail this hurt is StrengthTraining.
Stronger limbs alleviate pressure from sensitive areas when massaged,equate this fact with sprinters/common athletes who naturally build thigh/calf/shoulder strength.Different exercises help as well;


Squats ensure endurance,lift weights,and target quads.Its an all-inclusive killer exercise.Not recommended if knee injuries/history present.


The beauty with lunges is they target hamstrings(glutes),quad muscles,tendons AND lower back stabilisers.Why struggle working out individual body parts when one covers so many areas?Who needs efficiency huh?

Jump Rope

Most underrated workout of all time-without the comparison.Two words;cardio+calves=sexiest legs.True story.


In summary, several factors attribute towards sharp pains encountered while getting massages on shinbones: anatomical structures.,trigger points/excessive tension.Taking preventive measures such as regular check-ins at physiologists’ offices(keeping tabs on knots/be proactive)can do wonders,growth occurs bit by bit- it is a journey.

In conclusion, pain may not be anyone’s favorite feeling/ accompany massages however we can’t deny the impact it has on our self-awareness.In short-two things; water your shin/calf muscles through StrengthTraining and show some TLC (tender LOVE and care)whenever needed.Perhaps next time you could ask for an extra 5 minutes after leg day to really get deep into those juicy muscles (go ahead, treat yourself!).