Why do my ears itch and drain?

If you’re Googling this, chances are your ears are driving you up the wall… or at least close to it. But don’t worry, fellow ear-sufferer, we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll look at some of the most common reasons why our ears itch and drain like a leaky faucet.

A quick lesson on ear anatomy

Before we dive in too deep with possible causes for itchy ears and drainage (ew), let’s take a quick refresher on what makes up our beloved hearing organs:

  • Outer ear: The part that sits outside your head
  • Middle ear: Contains the eustachian tube which connects to your throat
  • Inner ear: Houses our balance system as well as the cochlea which is responsible for converting soundwaves into electrical signals that get sent to the brain

Ok, enough science class – let’s get down to business!

#1 Reason Your Ears Are Itching And Draining: Earwax Buildup

Ah yes, old faithful. That yellowish-brown sticky substance that can sometimes feel like an annoying guest who just won’t leave… ever. Earwax buildup can indeed lead to both itching AND draining (lucky us!). Sometimes wax will accumulate in such large amounts it begins to interfere with normal hearing because it impacts on your eardrum while other times it may simply overstimulate nearby nerves leading them react abnormally producing mild discomfort.
What can you do about excessive cerumen build-up? We suggest speaking to/with a medical professional first before going buck wild with Q-tips – they might recommend using medication prescribed specifically for this or proceduresincluding but not limited to irrigation, depending upon severity.

#2 Reason Your Ears Are Itching And Draining: Otitis Externa (Swimmer’s Ear)

You’ve probably heard of Swimmer’s Ear – it’s a pretty common ailment, especially for those who swim regularly. When water gets trapped inside the ear canal (which can happen frequently in swimmers or people bathing underwater) it creates an environment ripe for bacterial growth if not dried properly after. This inflammation and/or infection resulting from this scenario is what’s called Otitis Externa which causes pain, itchiness AND drainage.

#3 Reason Your Ears Are Itching And Draining: Fungal Infections

Fungi love moist environments just like how beachgoers love ice cream on hot days. As such fungal infections are notorious for slightly irritating itchiness and gradual drainage..Specifically, otomycosis, occurs when yeast or mold starts making themselves at home inside your ears leading to uncomfortable symptoms above mentioned.. Treatment of otomycosis varies depending upon extentof external auditory meatus involved , but medication directed towards fungi-extermination usually does the trick.

#4 Reason Your Ears Are Itching And Draining: Allergic reactions

What do vinegar, hair dye and metal studs have in common? Well…they’re all things people might be allergic to! That’s right – allergies aren’t just limited to pollen season. Some people react poorly most especially with nickel containing products foreign agents they encounter around their ear region e.g earrings that predispose them having itchy ears as well as sometimes yellowish discharge.Don’t panic though; antihistamines will come in handy when you consult to/with your doctor or pharmacist about a potential diagnosis of allergic contact dermatitis — problem solved!

#5 Reason Your Ears Are Itching And Draining: Hearing Aid Usage

Sounds counterintuitive given hearing aids are supposed to HELP us hear better right ?True!. Nonetheless improper fit & maintenance along with long term usage may eventually result into problems like itching, drainage and more serious ailments like otitis media. Why subject yourself to such? See a specialist who can guide you through proper maintenance of hearing aid devices.

Tips For Itch-Relief/ Prevention

While some causes for ear itch and drainage requires medical intervention , there are still practical steps we all could take in avoiding future discomfort. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Avoid pushing anything too far into the ears when cleaning – think of it along the lines “don’t dig too deep”.You really don’t want to end up causing impaction.
  2. Dry your ears properly especially after swimming/bathing.
  3. Limit wear of earrings with possibly nickel-containing metal components
    4.Wipe off an excess sweat or debris that might accumulate around your outer ear using cotton buds . But be careful here! Don’t go inside your ear canal – stick strictly outside
    5.Be on top of hygiene for any personal listening devices i.e headsets
    6.Last but not least work towards reducing stress levels–nothing soothes an already irritated system than all-round wellness.

In Conclusion

Congratulations, dear reader, you made it to the end! By now we hope you have learned something(s) new about why our ears sometimes cause us undue stress with symptoms like itching and draining-and ways out which lead us closer to relief from these daily nuisances.There is nothing wrong in certainly consulting physicians concerning chronic complaints

Heck, maybe you even had a laugh or two while reading (we sure didn’t restrain too much)We’re glad at least one good thing came out from all this mayhem…Stay healthy folks!

(Disclaimer: This article doesn’t serve as substitute for actual professional advice – before trying out any remedies etc stated herein please consult to/with healthcare personnel first.)