Why do my ears get clogged?

Have you ever experienced that feeling when your ears suddenly feel like they’re drowning in a pool of water? That’s what we commonly refer to as clogged ears. It can be one of the most frustrating experiences ever, especially if it persists for days or weeks.

In this article, we’ll explore why our ears get clogged and what we can do to get some relief.

What Is Earwax?

Before diving into why our ears get clogged, let’s talk about earwax first. Yes! You read that right! We said earwax – the yellowish-brown sticky substance which makes us all cringe.

Earwax is basically made up of dead skin cells mixed with a type of oil secreted from glands located in your ear canal. The purpose of ear wax is not only gross but very important too; it helps protect your eardrum against infection by trapping dust and foreign particles from entering the inner part of your ear.

So next time you see someone picking their nose or scratching their year with something sharp just know they serve an essential function for their body!

Reasons Why Your Ears Get Clogged

Now onto the main question- why do our years get clogged? There are many reasons behind this phenomenon such as:

1) Excessive Ear Wax Production

If there’s an overproduction of ear wax, then there would probably be too much buildup resulting in a blockage. This is one common reason why people experience clogging during cold seasons or because they wear hearing aids regularly.

2) Water Trapped In Your Ear Canal

Sometimes after swimming or showering- water might find its way into those little cracks between middle and outer parts where it doesn’t make sense for water to go through easily hence causing sudden discomfort.

3) Pressure Changes During Flight Takeoff and Landing

As your plane rapidly changes altitude, the air pressure inside of your cabin can suddenly shift, causing a sense that you ‘ears popped’. This happens because the sudden change in pressure forces moved to equalize with it.

4) ear Infections or Swelling

The inflammation resulting from ear infections can lead to blockage as well which may be painful.

5) Middle Ear Dysfunction

Middle ear dysfunction is among one of the most severe reasons for clogging Of course! A disrupted function in this area means improper aeration and fewer airplane ascensions (therefore less occurring when going up)

Common Solutions For Clogged Ear Relief

Now that we know what causes clogged ears let’s explore some ways on how we can keep our ears healthy and free of nasty blockages.

1) Use Over-the-Counter Ear Drops-

If home remedies don’t bring relief quickly enough for an individual then over-the-counter EAR DROPS are always available until they feel better! These medications often contain saline solution or hydrogen peroxide disinfectant properties.

2) Invest In Quality Headgear While Swimming-

Wearing swimming caps/most importantly, wearing high-quality waterproof headphones while you’re diving into sea life is crucial when it comes down to keeping excess water out your canal spaces.

Top Benefits
You’ll protect yourself against fungal growth.
Your gadget won’t get wet.
Good quality ones provide added buoyancy plus floatation assistance

3) Proper Nasal Hygiene –

Nasal hygiene helps rid any build-up released by blocked sinuses during colds Flushing/snorting warm salted water merely aids clearing nasal discharge eliminating chances from moving towards throat cavity which ultimately leads mucus dripping down Eustachian tube reaching inner areas hence leading uncommon growth bacterium as germs thrive there!

Most DIY enthusiasts opt for homemade saline solutions to flush out Ears drop-proof saltwater mixtures that ultimately keep ears fresh and free from germs you can do this using a nasal rinse kit or a neti pot.

Another benefit of good ol’ saline solution is the versatility in how one uses it. Sometimes with all those musical festivals we attend, utilizing it as an elemental part of making our jewelry or art, etc.—the sky’s the limit!

4) Turn On Your Humidifier-

Low humidity levels make your throat/ears desert dry risking developing irritating allergy symptoms Use mist machines alternatively instead humidifiers seem like good diffusers as well creates moisture balance required by keeping things balanced.

5) See A Doctor –

This option may become necessary depending on whatever other form remedies exists especially when trying everything reasonable without hurting yourself –results are disappointing

Your doctor may have professional tools which that go deep diving to ensure proper cleaning if they suspect severe wax build-up more invasive procedures could be utilized such as removing earwax under supervision by someone certified enough usually otolaryngologist specialist doctors ready safe removals.

The ENT (Ear Nose Throat Specialist aka Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Field Physician) gotchu covered perhaps-perhaps fixing any condition contributing to clogged canal spaces ex-chronic sinusitis allowing people live healthier lives!


Clogging inside the ear is bothersome ahem painful wince too not forget however while considering outside factors always work on maintaining overall health Important aspects cleanliness excellent hygiene vital towards avoiding infections unusual unnecessary diseases preventable through proactive measures/routines established at home or individually will reduce chances falling sick times—Stay healthy friends never again worry about blocked ears now you know why they get clogged up&how we can best care for them with some quick DIY tips/funny facts after all sayyyyyy…

wink wink

…a smart person is somebody who can learn something new every day!

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