Why do mam bottles open at the bottom?

If you’re a new parent, chances are that you’ve encountered MAM bottles or have heard of them. The brand, which has been around since 1976, offers babies and their parents easy-to-use products designed to make life with little ones just a little bit easier. Considering how fast-paced and chaotic parenting can be, this is definitely something worth celebrating.

One detail in particular about MAM bottles stands out: they open at the bottom instead of the top like most other baby bottles on the market. This small difference affects daily use in significant ways for both parents and babies alike. So why exactly does this design feature exist? Keep reading to find out more.

MAM Bottles – A Brief Overview

Before we dive into what sets these bottles apart from the rest, let’s quickly review some general facts about them.

  • These bottles come in various sizes (from tiny 2 oz versions for newborns all the way up to larger 9 oz options)
  • They are made of BPA-free plastic components
  • The unique structure of each bottle allows air ventilation
  • They are compatible with different teat sizes and shapes

Now that we have an idea of what makes MAM baby bottles special let us take a closer look at why they open from their bottoms.

A Playful Take on Bottle Design

First things first – whimsy! Anything as playful-looking as a rounded baby bottle surely ought never open uniformly near its top but should rather surprise expectant parents by opening at its bottom part instead.

As serious concepts go though – much like picking good colors over bad when it comes to painting your walls — the position where an infant accesses liquid actually provides benefits: Pediatrics experts agree that feeding angle impacts feeding comfort/reduces spitting/reflux /equalizes ear pressure!

And further weighing-in equally seriously now henceforth, the design of MAM bottles is nevertheless uniquely practical.

Viscosity Matters

Focusing more on its form than fun, MAM bottles are designed keeping in mind the science behind kinematics. In simpler terms, they use observed patterns of motion to inform their design choices. One such consideration includes viscosity – or how thick or thin a liquid is.

Milk and formula have varying levels of consistency, which can be further affected by factors such as temperature and fat content. By opening at the bottom instead of the top, MAM bottles allow gravity to work in favor of flow dynamics; thicker liquids will move down with greater ease.

Another benefit that comes from this unique orientation: leftovers don’t get trapped below any ridges!

A Clever Answer To A Familiar Problem

Until now we’ve explored two reasons why it makes sense for infant feeding bottles not to open flatly horizontally but with an inclination towards baby’s eager mouth awaiting its daily fill-up — ergonomics (reducing reflux) and physics (ease-of-flow).

But let’s not forget about hygiene! Cleaning all surface areas completely after each feeding time and sterilizing everyday items a child comes into contact with within his/her environment will always remain essential!

This point brings us neatly to another advantage provided through incorporating an upward tilted position: fluids exit completely whereas remaining air pockets do not- making sanitation easier!

Now that you know some solid points outlining why MAM Bottles Open at The Bottom you won’t inadvertently find-yourself scratching your head over what possible reasoning could there honestly be behind flask-like upright shapes when ‘straight-shooter’ concepts just keep things simple!