Why do i keep sneezing and my nose runs?

Ah, the joys of sneezing and a runny nose. An experience that can quickly turn anyone’s day upside down. While it may seem easy to dismiss as just allergies or a seasonal cold, these symptoms could indicate something more severe like sinusitis or even nasal polyps. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you decipher why your body is not holding up its end of the bargain by continually blessing you with those mini-explosions – what causes sneezes – and excessive mucus production.

What Is A Sneeze?

Before we dive into the possible causes of persistent sneezing fits, let’s go over what happens when you hutchoo!

A sneeze involves two steps:

1) Irritation

2) Response

When foreign irritants like pollen, dust particles or other allergens enter our nose lining; they trigger nerve endings which send signals to our brains that activate the immune response in place. The result? Our upper respiratory tract contracts violently – diminishing heart activity until a build-up results in an outburst known as ah-choo!, aka sneeze!

So next time somebody photoshoots after their butterfly winged friend lands on them (usually female), causing increased irritation concentrated at one point resulting Ina hysteria filled screaming session won’t be so much about their petty problems anymore!

Common Causes Of Sneezing Fits

As stated earlier “ah-choos” come from outside allergy-inducing elements but several other reasons induce prolonged bouts such as:

Seasonal Allergies !


Naturally occurring triggers cause nearly twenty-six million Americans aged eighteen plus each year flu-like symptoms associated with swollen eyes, congested sinuses paired up with explosive sessions due to either inhalation or bodily contact. The body misunderstands these allergens like a kitten with the printer trying to jump on it – assuming they are harmful invaders, and allergies can trigger a chain reaction quicker than you can say “Dementor attack!”


The flu and common cold overwhelmingly contribute towards sneezing frenzies from season to season in all parts of the globe that involve close proximity between individuals. So if you’re thinking of taking public transport while reading this article, hoping it’s just an allergy (wink), we suggest staying put for your sake as well as fellow commuters’.


It’s more likely that non-infectious rhinitis could be giving us those constant spasms making nose feeling sore due to excessive mucus production.

How To Combat Sneezing/Shooing And Mucus Production

So what are some ways one can combat such symptoms?

We want the solution pronto before our friends start treating us like radioactive material at social events.

Avoid Triggers

Identifying environmental triggers is helpful when figuring out how to prevent both mild & severe allergic reactions further investigation might lead to avoiding certain foods where applicable i.e firing overly used spices.

Cutting down on germination time by showering post exposure would also reduce irritation rates reducing chances of rehaled irritants into airborne contagions into communities- quite thoughtful livesavers!

Additionally avoid harsh cleaning agents or perfumes around flood risers since they have delicate linings which upon much exertion could stimulate secretion activity tenfold!

Medical Options

Await prescription drugs if home remedies aren’t helping

Perhaps go see a doctor if need be! I’m very serious about this! Nasal sprays may do wonders especially if excess fluid accumulation creates blockages!

Take advantage dose over-the-counter antihistamines and decongestant medications prescribed with proper consultation under qualified medical practitioners. Effective medication is there for our salvation like angels in white coats only this time around, we get to keep the wings.

Other Solutions

There are also non-pharmaceutical ways to handle sneeze spells such as:

1) Hitting up spicy foods that could help unclog nasal passages (be sure it’s not too hot else you’d incur worse side effects or an onset of hypertension!)

2) Saline solutions primarily aimed at hydrating and breaking down mucus buildup especially helpful after a long day out with pollen allergens!

Conclusion & Perspective

Allergies, foreign bodies/infections wreak havoc on us often hence vital hygiene measures would come In really handy! While ongoing symptom fights can create discomfort limiting our efficiency -teaming up before full-blown allergies hit up performing tasks ranging from exercising regularly and getting enough essential vitamins aids in building our immune system aiding allergy-combating molecular operations.

It’s worth noting repeated bouts present more significant health problems ,frequent sinus attacks should bring about reevaluation on your eating habits amongst other things- don’t it lightly!. Have fun fighting those allergies folks!

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