Why do i have so much gas with the flu?

Ah, flu season. That magical time of year when your nose is running faster than Usain Bolt and you’re coughing up a lung every two minutes. But did you know that having the flu can also make you gassier than a bean burrito from Taco Bell? If not, don’t worry – we’re here to answer all your burning questions about why the flu turns you into a human whoopee cushion.

What Causes Gas During The Flu?

First things first: let’s talk about what causes gas in general. When food moves through your digestive system, it produces gas as it interacts with bacteria in your intestines. Normally this isn’t too noticeable because the gas gets released slowly throughout the day (and no one wants to smell like farts all day long).

But when you have the flu, things change. Your body naturally produces more mucus during an illness as part of its defenses against infection. The problem is that this increased mucus production can extend to your digestive tract, which slows down digestion and makes it harder for food to move through efficiently (gross). This leads to excessive fermentation and bacterial activity in your gut that produce even more gas than usual…which means even more farting.

Can Medications Cause Gas Too?

Another thing that might be contributing to your farty tendencies during sickness are some medications. Antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu or Relenza commonly prescribed for influenza treatment could have gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea etc ,as they wipe out so much virus-related uselful microorganisms while killing virus itself(great!) .

Additionally,cold relievers containing Xylometazoline or Oxymetazoline compounds elevates intranasal pressure results in swallowing air which subsequently get introduced into our gastro-intestinal track (so we were drinking Air!) .

What Can I Do To Ease The Gas?

We know it’s hard to think straight when you’re feeling like garbage, but trust us: your friends and coworkers will thank you for taking some steps to ease the gas. Here are a few things that can help:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids – this will help move food through your system and reduce bloating
  2. Eat small, frequent meals rather than large ones – this puts less strain on your digestive tract
  3. Avoid foods that typically cause gas such as beans, cabbage, onions or garlic (this is if healthy eating does not leave with farts anyway)
  4. Take OTC medications such as Simethicone which reduces surface tension in bubbles allowing them join together and be passed out easily.
    5.Try antacids(i.e magnesium-based) which lowers stomach acidity making digestion easier.

When Should I See A Doctor About My Gas During Flu?

In most cases,(most people don’t really care!) excessive gas during flu is nothing to worry about and should resolve itself once you start feeling better (or at least stop taking Tamiflu). However, there are a few signs that could indicate something more serious going on:

  1. Severe abdominal pain not relieved by passing gas or bowel movements (suddenly we have additional problems!)
    2.Significant weight loss
    3.Persistent diarrhea/vomiting/blood after urinating(Now ,we need divine intervention!)

If you experience any of these symptoms alongside your gassiness during flu,you shoul talk to doctor


Having the flu can make even the simplest bodily functions seem totally off-track – including farting.The excess mucus production from illness decreases effective food digesion causing fermentation,bacterial growth,sometimes further fuelled by medicines.However,easing symptoms might mean drinking lots of fluid,taking small portions eliminates over-stretching while avoiding heavy gas-elements reduces fequent breakdowns. see a doctor in the event of serious,frequent and intense abdominal pains or other symptoms such as bloodstains , diarrhea etc.

Stay healthy,and may your farts be less frequent!(Maybe take few extra whiffs to ensure so)

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