Why do i have no appetite and feel nauseous?

Something weird is going on with your body when you’re losing interest in food like a dog who refuses to gobble its favourite bone. You try to feed yourself, but suddenly feel queasy and want to hurl chunks everywhere! What the hell? Why do you have no appetite and feel nauseous?

Don’t worry, sweetie, I’m here to decode this annoying phenomenon for you. Buckle up because it’s an odd ride ahead.

Pause Your Netflix Binge: We’ve Got Important Things to Discuss

Before we dive right into the juicy details of having zero appetite and feeling sickly, let me make one thing clear first – yes, these symptoms probably mean that something is off-kilter in your bod. So pay attention!

But let’s not panic yet just like how most people do when they receive their electricity bill during summer months. There could be various reasons behind this issue so put down that phone call with 911 before heading over Doc Google or self-medicating altogether.

Possible Culprits Behind Your Lack of Hunger & Queasiness

So now that you’re keeping calm (thanks!), let’s talk about all the possible events leading up to why aren’t overly keen on smashing avocado toast anymore:

Excess Stress Levels

While it may seem impossible at times but stress can creepily disturb many aspects of our lives including – drumroll please – our metabolism too.
Your brain produces adrenaline and other hormones in response which leads your gut becomes less active…like as if it has lost motivation after repeatedly being rejected by someone.

Medications Affecting Intestines

Medications such some antibiotics would rather loiter around inside us than outside making getting rid of them tougher than my morning crusties.
These buddies hang out longer in our systems delaying meal digestion and leaving us with no desire to snack or eat anything.

Pregnancy Alert

Congratulations! Or condolences (depending on your preferences) as you may be knocked up.
A mixture of joy, worry and that stiff blue stick’s positive sign but also paired-up with lower appetite levels, greater sensitivity to smell leading to nausea-ville for few months.

Infection Invasion!

This is where vomiting, diarrhoea, and fever sneak in when an invader such as bacteria or virus – from food or water – enters our lovely homes through our mouth like a sly thief at midnight. The body puts all its extra effort into evicting these intruders while completely ignoring the pizzas that are already half-digested in our guts.

Signs & Symptoms So You Know It’s Probably Due To You Being Off

Whether due to anxiety or any other twisted catch 22 situation there are easy-to-detect symptoms if something within ourselves doesn’t go well along the way. Below mentioned signs will be helpful determining factors –


Symptoms What Could Be Happening?
Lack of Hunger Stomach troubles
Liver Failure
Low thyroid levels
Depression/ Anxiety Manifestation

In addition to having little inclination towards grub:
– Feeling tired than normal,
– Unintended weight loss (don’t complain!)
– Abdominal Pain

If any semblance of these sounds familiar then chances are high that it’s time for a face-off with Doctor Sally.

Getting Personalized Advice From Your Healthcare Provider

Impersonal advice can send anyone off the rails so once you’ve read this far I know more about you than just being bald-headed Mike who never leaves his mom’s basement playing FPS games day-in-day-out D:
To get proper guidance it’s better to meet Dr Feelgood aka your medical provider because based on the identified symptoms the course of treatment can differ vastly.

Though simple advises such as taking smaller meals or in the extreme cases medications could be prescribed only after proper valuable medical insights and analyses by someone that holds a degree. Not from Wikipedia University!

More Unique Reasons Behind Losing Appetite & Feeling Sick

While we’ve touched upon some common reasons which may lead to “me no huungry” syndrome, let’s not forget about these uncommon beasts like:


If certain cancers drink up too much energy from our body (of course when left untreated) they make it hard for our bodies to just chill out, lay back, smell the roses right?

Thyroid Issues

If you have troubles with your thyroid gland; either an overactive or under active then this hormonal disbalance affects everything including appetite.

Electrical Stimulation/ Pacemaker Placement

Apparently, placing a pacemaker device inside also fiddles around with your digestive system? Who knew? The electrical signals rather distract than stimulate thus hampering your eating drive therefore leaving you constantly nauseated.

As am I suggesting a flicker-zapping surgery over missing Taco Tuesdays because one feels wonky? Absolutely not but knowing is half–no…75% of the battle here.

What To Do During An Appetiteless Attack?

I know how tough it sounds being on friendly terms with food during flu season but worry-not! Practice self-love without guilt-tripping yourself.

Few tips/suggestions highlighted below could save whoever’s behind cooking and therapy bills :

1 – Both Lemonade And Ginger Shots Work Magic

Adding freshly squeezed lemon juice to water provides relief while ginger shots speed up digestion through anti-inflammatory properties.

2 – Smoothies Are Your New Best Friends

Blending fruits and veggies into easy-to-prepare smoothies allow us easily chow down essential nutrients.

3 – Hearty Soups Always Save Lives

Soups ask no questions when served up alongside some crackers and it being easy to prepare-for group meals or sneaking in leftovers this isn’t just an empty meal.

4 – Peppermint-scented Products

I know I know what you’re thinking but while minty sweet products might be your emergency oral hygienic tool of choice, peppermint oil drops sniffed from time-to-time can relieve nausea caused by certain medical conditions.

Having a set of options not only provides mental-peace but also might excite those dealing with culinary fatigue;

Finally got the chance to hilariously navigate around why lack of appetite feels like being friendzoned and how we feel sickly because sometimes our body decides that Dominos is NOT the correct answer.
Now get ready for hopefully putting yourself back on track!

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