Why do i have gas pains?

Have you ever had a moment where your stomach feels like a hot air balloon and produces such gas pains that seem to never go away? Well, don’t blame it on your partner’s beans recipe just yet, because there are numerous factors that can cause excess gas in your GI tract. In this article, we will examine various reasons why you may experience gas pains.

The Science Behind It

Before we delve into the possible culprits of excessive flatulence, let’s get familiar with what actually causes it.

When you eat or drink anything, you swallow air along with it. Also known as aerophagia, this swallowed air is released by burping or farting. However, sometimes not all the air is expelled and continues to travel through your digestive system until bacteria in your colon tries to break down undigested food – which then results in rectal discharge.

The foods (we’re looking at you Taco Bell) containing carbohydrates that resist digestion increase bloating and create voluminous farts. Foods high in fiber can also be tough to digest and lead to uncomfortable sensations.

Food Carbon dioxide (co2) emissions
Apples Medium
Asparagus High
Beans High

Possible Causes of Excessive Gas Pain


Are people always asking “are they feeding an entire army?” everytime they see how much food is on your plate? That could be part of the problem! Consuming large portions leads both over stretching of stomach muscles nor maldigestion resulting in colonic fermentation leading passing painful outbursts! Try dividing meals into smaller more manageable sizes throughout the day.

Lactose Intolerance

If milkshakes bring December boys cough-syrup-free dreams but creates discomfort shortly after consumption…lactose intolerance may be the cause. Lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder that occurs when your body doesn’t produce enough lactase enzymes to break down milk sugars. When you consume dairy products, it leads to bloating and gas. So sadly, ice cream may not love you as much as you love it.

Gluten Sensitivity

People experience an immune response after consuming food containing gluten if affected by celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity AKA Gluten allergy can lead to alterations in bowel habits producing excessive gassy feelings along with other painful symptoms!


When under pressure,you might notice more flatulence than usual . This happens because of physical activity restriction and changes in eating habits caused by anxious or stressed feelings . Relaxing yoga poses,mindfulness exercises,possess calming aromatherapy massages can relieve tension built up from daily life stresses which holds great benefits towards decreases bubble gut vibes experienced on a regular basis.

What You Can Do About It?

A little bit of knowledge about the nature of bloating and farting puts your foot at ease,but recognizing the triggers behind why they occur will help combat these uncomfortable situations entirely! Here are some things you should consider:

Change Your Eating Habits

Instead of going for large meals all at once,take smaller portions spread out through-out day instead. Be sure also take time between mouthfuls,chewing thoroughly before swallowing ensuring better digestion amongst oneself.

Eliminate Problem Foods from Your Diet

Check for patterns where certain foods make rumbling bloated disturbances:.Keep track so it becomes easier identifying what’s responsible.Additionally their substitutes without exacerbate digestive effects enabling consumption complete satisfaction while still keeping healthy lifestyle intact!.

High-FODMAP Foods Substitute
Onion Scallions
Garlic Ginger

Take Medications for Relief Only Under Physician’s Supervision

Over-the-counter medications like simethicone, activated charcoal or Beano can assist reducing bloating and flatulence. Nevertheless its important to understand the source of discomfort before exploring remedies as each medication has different effects within one’s bodily functions.

Lastly, Don’t Hold It In!

Its essential to release gas from our bodies whether it’s through burps,farts,breaking wind in elevators should be done when necessary.Saddling your digestive system for prolonged periods can lead to greater pain and symptoms than letting loose naturally.


As we learned about various reasons behind gas pains (from overeating poor eating habits,lactose intolerance , gluten sensitivity,and stress), combating these uncomfortable sensations requires lifestyle changes such as better eating habits,. Keep track of problematic foods via taking note but don’t forget enjoying favorite dishes by replacing them with healthy alternatives whenever there’s an option/tailored supplements under medical supervision. Please do not hold onto flatulences too long instead embrace outer oxygenated environment!

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