Why do i have bumps in my nails?

Are you worried about the bumps that have suddenly appeared on your nails? Do you feel like a turtle with its shell having bumps all over it? Fear not, my dear friend. This article will guide you through everything related to the bumps on your nails and help alleviate any anxiety or apprehension.

What causes nail bed growths?

Before we begin exploring various reasons behind nail bed growths, know that these can appear anywhere within our fingernails. Often harmless and non-cancerous in nature, here are some of the mundane reasons:


Accidents happen, they say, and minor ones could cause trauma to your fingernail or toenail bed; resulting in swelling near cuticles.


Do not blame yourself for eating one too many hazelnut chocolates! Your body system may react adversely to certain food items/fabrics used for gloves causing allergic reactions on skin close to the nail beds.

Prolonged exposure to water

Our fingers dream of lazy soaking time-in: be it hot water while cooking/cleaning dishes or chlorinated water while swimming – isn’t this why surfers’ feet nails look distorted at times?

Viral infections

Some viral infections such as Molluscum Contagiosum flare bump-like warts in multiples around n ail beds which go away upon successful treatment of disease.
Now if none of these apply but those pesky little guys still persist what other options are there?

Mineral deficiency…what??!!

Nope, no typo there! Deficiency across variety minerals can manifest themselves though different symptoms throughout our bodies including nails:

Iron Zinc Vitamins
Muehrcke’s lines
Ridges Clubbing

These could be an indication that you’re missing certain nutrients in your diet. Consult a specialist or dietician for guidance on adding required vitamins and minerals.


Is it even Greek? Yes, actually comes to mind…definition please? Let’s break this down then:
– Onycho – meaning nails
– Mycosis – the medical term for fungal infection

Onychomycosis may occur due to different factors such as genetics and lifestyle changes playing a role; but most commonly this type of growth can go unnoticed until reached advanced stage where they emerge through thickened nail bed gradually.

Are there any warning signs?

It’s normal to have questions at every step! Here are some common indications:

1) Thickening/nail discolouration
2) Delamination of nails from beds
3) Foul smelling

Pro-tip: Book appointment when visible symptoms come up.

Trauma & Nail Discoloration

Summertime is high time for outdoor activities followed by careless play leading into hurtful consequences. Do not worry too much if there’s discoloring happening here and there; trauma led pressure at times could lead to temporary blue/black nailbeds – which won’t take longer than usual healing (maximum 10 days).

What’s more serious?
A darker color emerging suddenly near surrounding edges along with excessive pain suggests damage spreading throughout area beneath too hence avoid home treatment plan, get immediate help if discomfort increases.

Matrix Disorders

Surprise!! Hair follicles should not hog all the spotlight as our dear nails curve themselves artistically within keratinous substrate called matrix, located beneath oute rskin layer.
Anything interfering/causing issue in natural functioning of these cells results in further complications including pits on surface etcetera

Understanding what areas specifically cause deficiency will enable screening process faster under supervision specialists while early diagnosis leads better outcomes prognosis growing future.

What’s Acquired Cortical Dysplasia?

Bad joke pun alert: translation means ‘crazy finger nails’!
Relax, not such a serious condition overall but still bears importance recognizing. Look for signs/jagged ridges running along up height your nail instead of flattish layers that signify healthy growth. As you might guess these could cause further damaging throughout limbs unless noticed and checked.

Hope we have been able to shed little light on subject – knowing some regular reasons will help prevent formation indentations etc; taking care nutritional intake as well guidelines periodic visits professionals should be enough steer off major issues!

In summary

Nothing replaces sound medical advice upon first time experiencing any significant changes to daily routine/habits. That said, above tips serve as useful starting point in understanding challenges affecting our nails health whether going through minor skin irritants allergic reactions upto severe fungal infections so go ahead – spread them around like a good sunscreen lotion!!

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