Why do i have anxiety 24 7?

Do you feel like you’re constantly on edge? Are your palms sweaty, heart racing and thoughts spiraling out of control at all hours of the day or night? If so, welcome to the Anxiety Club! We have jackets made entirely out of our hair that we can’t stop twirling anxiously.

Anxiety is an incredibly common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. In fact, it’s estimated that around 31% of Americans will experience anxiety disorder at some point in their lives! But why exactly do some people suffer from anxiety more than others? Buckle up because we’re diving deep into this topic.

The Brain: Your Friendly Neighborhood Anxio-Engine

Anxiety is ultimately a result of chemical imbalances in our brain’s neurotransmitters. These are specific proteins responsible for regulating various bodily functions such as mood, sleep patterns awareness level among other body processes It does seem quite complicated. Certain emotions are accompanied by particular neurochemicals being produced triggered by sets/routines circumstances which activate certain neurons associated with them staring blankly into space usually helps me understand this better imagine icicles melting in Greenland. In essence, when these chemicals go haywire (e.x too little serotonin or too much norepinephrine), feelings of fear and worry start taking over.

Nature versus Nurture: It Takes Two To Tango

There are two possible causes Why Do I Have Anxiety 24/7: biological and environmental factors. Having family members who also experience symptoms significantly increases’ one predisposition develop anxiety. Just what i needed – another genetic ‘gift’!! Additionally-our environment plays a significant role-__the chronic stressor _, traumatic occurrences occur chances rise person affected-due physiological reactions cause psychological effects eg witnessing horrific accidents/car crashes/shocks/upsets/breakups/death suddenly see..now im anxious thinking about all these negative things!.

The Role of Hormones: More Than Mood Swings

We’ve all heard of cortisol-the stress hormone produced in our brain’s adrenal gland. But did you know that other hormones can cause anxiety? Estrogen, Testosterone and Progesterone-these are female/male sex hormones- can hugely affect one’s moods and mental health Yes, male bodies also produce estrogen-but y’all keep reading to learn more ‘fun’ facts like this. For example-before / during menstruation’s bring on premenstrual syndrome(PMS)- resulting in mood fluctuations-/excessive worrying is a prevalent symptom-menstruators\s 😑. Hormonal changes due to pregnancy/use of contraceptives would adversely affect an individual bound experiencing anxiety/panic attacks🤪!

Trauma Triggers – A Mean Memory Lane

If there were ever a ride at Disneyland specifically for individuals with trauma histories, then it’d be called “Mean Memories”. People who live through traumatic events such as assault, natural disasters or the death/sudden change through much-loved ones could revisit unfortunate memories if triggered .e.g panic happens after hearing loud sounds/smelling tropical drinks .PTSD( Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) is characterized by flashbacks/anxiety issues e.g when someone sees a car accident scene/sees news coverage highlighting terrorist attack occurring overseas.

Life transitions – Ain’t No Rite Of Passage

Life transitions signify period marked changes whether end/start school/entering parenthood/divorce/change careers/selling houses– they go hand-in-hand with increased life-stressors😓. Even ‘positive’ experiences-such as getting married/receiving promotion can evoke feelings uncertainty/worry/fear within self .

Feeling Unprepared – Say Hello To Performance Anxiety

Are you the kind of person who feels their mouth automatically drying up-of all times- right before that critical work presentation or date? Performance anxiety is more common than we think. It affects individuals performing certain skill-related tasks/any other form public-speaking roles like debates/ music recitals /theatre plays __Can anyone say stage fright?__. Even successful celebrities experience performance pressure; read about Robbie Williams’ confessions regarding his severe ‘stage-fright’.

More Than Just A Feeling: The Physical Symptoms

Anxiety symptoms don’t just affect our minds – they can also wear us out physically! Here are a few physical indications:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Increased heart palpitations/rate
  • Shivering/trembling
  • Nausea/Stomach troubles
    _Ahh, now you know why I keep chewing gum excessively 😜😅

Let’s Talk About Treatment

Now for some good news. There are so many medical and non-medical approaches towards treating anxiety disorders effectively 🎉🎊!. These include lifestyle changes such as getting enough sleep, eating well/increasing regular exercise; identifying triggers and coming up with coping strategies to deal with them when needed ; therapy treatments medications etc.

A Final Note From Us Cardio Palpitation Worms

If there is one thing that we want everyone reading this post to know it’s this: living with anxiety doesn’t define you-your personality, identity or worth .Everyone experiences feelings of insecurity/worry from time-to-time(and if someone tells otherwise insist-rechecking memories/story). Also reacting appropriately-getting help/coping mechanisms in place-when these emotions begin affecting activities-life patterns would improve quality life immensely 👌😌

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