Why do i have a lot of hair fall?

Hair fall can be an alarming sign, especially if it comes in clumps or is widespread. Not to mention, having excessive hair fall could also lead to the dreaded question – am I going bald? But worry not! It’s time to put on your detective hat because we’re here to help you solve this hairy dilemma once and for all.

The Basics: What Is Hair Loss?

Okie dokie, let’s start with the basics. In technical terms, hair loss is known as alopecia. This condition occurs when hair falls out at a faster rate than what our body can replace it with new ones. And while there are different types of alopecia, the most common one observed in adults is androgenetic alopecia.

Androgenetic what now? Let me break it down for you; basically, this type of alopecia affects both men and women where genetics play a role in accelerating hair loss over time by making our follicles smaller.

So even though losing up to 100 hairs per day is pretty normal (yes really), any more than that implies something is already off balance.

Causes Of Excessive Hair Fall

Stressful Times Call For Shedding Measures

You remember how sometimes you forget everything right before an exam or forget your speech seconds before standing up on stage? Well apparently stress and anxiety can do that too radical things for your lovely luscious locks(cue dramatic music).

When y’all stresses tf out(even emotional stress)your adrenal gland releases cortisol which causes quite a bit of havoc In our bodies including thinning or even shedding your crowning glory leading onto small patches forming called Telogen effluvium(Scaryy huh? )

Vitamin Deficiencies Might Be At Play

Hold up aren’t vitamins supposed to make us healthier-what gives?!

Surprisingly some vitamin deficiencies can lead to unwelcome hair loss. The two main vitamins that our hair loves the most are Vitamin D (hello sunshine), and Iron. When we have a decrease in either of these, it could create significant consequences, including hair fall!

Hairstyles To Avoid Like The Plague

You put on a new dress or suit and look >>>snatched<<<. You decide you’d love a hairstyle which compliments your outfit but little did anyone know: some hairstyles can make your looks go up in flames…(figuratively of course).

Here’s what makes me wanna cry when I see it:

Tight Braids

Girrrl….Picture this ….Your weave is laid, braid pattern tight enough to snatch several planets easily . After a couple weeks though: edges snatched as well whereas small hairs flying around like confetti.

Tight braids damage roots by pulling them so much they die leading onto holes forming. Oof!

Overuse Of Blow Dryers & Straighteners

The money spent on searing hot devices leave some looking fire…but their natural hair? Lit like embers.

Basically because high heat blows dry cuticles apart then frying keratin inside causing irreparable damage making strands brittle and prone to breakage.

A Personalised Approach Isn’t Always Easy – But Necessary

Getting to the root of excessive shedding might not be easy ‘cause similar symptoms occur for seemingly endless reasons – mental distress nutritional gaps health problems you name it.

Therefore an approach should always differ from person-to-person since triggers vary too. Leave no stone unturned with your medical practitioner who could provide insight into different dietary changes,stress-reducing techniques ,or medication if needed.

Coping With Hair Fall

Now that we’ve identified issues behind excessive shedding let’s talk about ways through which one could cope during trying times .

Oil Treatments Can Do Wonders

I’m not talking oil spills here, rather- monthly Hair oils can do wonders on restoring hair’s strength and shine. Better yet: you could make some right at home (also its cheap)!

Jamaican Castor Oil

The queen of all mane holy grails:Widely used to soften curls while nourishing scalp since it’s thick and contains Omega 3 fatty acids which permeates o hair shafts easily.

Massaging The Scalp Ain’t Just Great – It Stimulates Hair Growth

Rub-a-dub-dub….Just like the castor oil massages too get blood flowing by increasing circulation in follicles leading onto longer stronger locks¹

Not to mention androgenic alopecia reducing as well because rubbing into stressed out areas increase blood flow around roots.

Make Friends With Your Stylist(I’m Begging You!)

“If ya girl cuts your hair once a year -it shows “cuts rapidly even if not often per se bump up our limited budget via requiring less strengthening serums /expensive treatments over time by keeping them healthy.

Wrapping It Up

So why is excessive shedding happening? Could be an overdraft from one’s account of stress or nutrition maybe even tight hairstyles but for any lasting issue consult with medical professionals who can thoroughly examine different aspects erasing blame games.

There’s no definitive cause only underlying triggers making each case unique. Remember stanner every situation is different a personalised approach should arise…

but that doesn’t stop us from trying comprehensive fixes such as jamaican castor oils massaging scalps and friendly stylists!

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