Why do i get welts?

We’ve all experienced those itchy, red bumps that seem to appear for no reason. Whether you call them hives or welts, they can be a real nuisance.

But why do we get welts in the first place? In this article, we’ll explore the different causes of welts and what you can do about them.

The Basics: What Are Welts?

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let’s define our terms. Welts are small bumps on your skin that can range from pink to bright red in color. They often look like mosquito bites and tend to itch or sting.

There are many different types of welts, but two common ones are:

  • Urticaria: A fancy name for hives
  • Angioedema: Swelling that occurs under the surface of the skin

Both urticaria and angioedema can occur on their own or together at the same time.

How Big Can these Welts Be?

Welts differ in size according to how one gets exposed to allergens or any other causative agents/conditions. These conditions could vary dramatically where someone may have extra large weals producing almost an entire side arm irritation as opposed to irregular spots over another body part in no way related inversely with allergic reactions such as degranulation of mast cells causing histamine release leading towards red patches being formed over areas; those which persist longer sometimes followed by bruising marks when inflammatory mediators concretes increased vasodilation around site so instead people scratch thereby making it worse rather than attempting some gentle patting creating minimal damage.

Causes Of Welts

Now that we know what welts are – let’s talk about why they happen! Here ar some “suspects” behind every vivid welt you encounter daily!

Allergic Reactions

One common cause of welts is an allergic reaction. When our bodies come into contact with something we’re allergic to, our immune system goes haywire and releases histamine – a chemical that causes inflammation and itching.

Common allergens that can cause welts include:

  • Foods: Peanuts, eggs or shellfish
  • Medications like Penicillin
  • Pollen from Trees/Grasses spreading everywhere with winds blowing furiously
  • Latex (for those who have latex allergy) affecting their type of work such as dentists or groomers handling pets


Certain infections can also cause welts. These could be bacterial, viral including fungi leading towards the formation of big wheals which are characteristically toned in reddish hue depending on causative agent intensity.

Some common types of infections that produce welts include:

  • Herpes: tingling sensations followed by painless yet tedious blistering sites throughout lips especially under sun exposure actually taking the form round superficially clear-colored nodules before later rubbing off within days;
  • Chickenpox produces vesicles if one answers some apt questions about pre-vesicular stage.
  • Fungal diseases e.g; Candida Albicans providing curd-like white membranous layer over existing red swollen areas among others

Treatment Options for Welts

Welts are annoying but thankfully usually temporary! They may erupt quite unpredictably so having preventive measures lined up should be considered a priority;

Here are some treatment options you might want to consider:


Antihistamines(like Allegra 24hr relief tablets), often available OTC help suppress histamine release from mast cells keeping them stable enough during any possible future much stronger adverse reactions therefore limiting consequent unwanted symptoms upon skin thereby easing the situation little more than usual approaches do;

Side effects may vary from mild drowsiness/dizziness depending on how strong medication was administered because it affects central nervous pathways regulating arousal levels so one can try lowering dosages gradually reintroduce their usual regular activities safely.


For more intense or severe rashes, a steroid cream or ointment may be needed. These medication types work by inhibiting inflammation and thereby reducing redness, itchiness and stinging at the site of irritation/underlying rash conditions than when used earlier they bring greater benefits bringing long-lasting relief compared with other forms(although some adverse allergic reactions ~~have been documented~~ sometimes follow corticosteroid injections which totally nullify expected results negatively)

Home Remedies for Welts

Comforting measures can also be taken previously to consulting doctors;

Here are some home remedies that could help reduce welts:

Cold Compresses

Welts(Red dots or otherwise), often maintain individual accounts from heat due to underlying histamine release causing elevation of skin temperature; therefore applying cold compresses will alleviate many symptoms such as itching,burning sensations accompanied by restricted blood vessels around swollen areas easing pain, presumably best applied using cloth towels wrapped around ice cube trays/metal spoons placed within refrigerator/freezer offering maximum relief whether on face while hanging out reading Harry Potter or lying bed recovering from flu respectively holding said compressions 5-10 minutes in each session till better!

Aloe Vera Gel

Obtained from cut open leaves, Aloe Vera gel application offers cool soothing effects upon affected skin via anti-inflammatory properties helping rebuild compromised tissues little faster since its known role as wound-healing agent marks it safe natural way treating burns/skin irritations similar maladies.


In conclusion, life has several surprises reserved especially for those subjected towards allergic tendencies where wheals form/respond incorrectly after allergen exposure! Checking up with local general practitioner is advised incase things exacerbate becoming furtive rather than tolerable situations faced infrequently.Treatment options range widely available in pharmaceutical stores even OTC whereby one can choose better suited solutions for their own predicaments;Add more fruits/vegetables rich in Vitamin C, avoid hot water excessive usage while also staying hydrated throughout day provisioned of safe environment free from any accompanying threats that would cause additional complexities!

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