Why do i get muscle spasms?

As you’re working away at the gym, typing furiously at your keyboard, or simply lounging on the couch watching Game of Thrones reruns, there’s nothing quite like a good muscle spasm to get your attention. Suddenly your body is wracked with pain as a single muscle contracts uncontrollably and repeatedly.

So why do we experience these sudden and painful spasms? Here are 16 possible explanations:


When the body is dehydrated, it can’t produce enough fluids for all its functions including keeping muscles lubricated causing them to contract painfully. Ensure that you replenish lost fluids by drinking ample water before exerting yourself physically.

Lack of Minerals

A lack of important minerals such as potassium, magnesium or calcium can cause muscle spasms so grab foods rich in; bananas, broccoli, spinach . Alternatively supplements also worth considering after checking with doctor’s advice.

Staying cramped up

Certainly sitting in one position for too long begets cramps because movement nourishes our muscles regularly throughout the day instead of staying huddled over devices aimlessly for hours together without breaks which could arm-wrestle an octopus into submission!


Understandably injury spikes will weaken local tissues making them prone to irritations from exercise leading up to tense contractions such as knots unleashing hellishly painful sensations costing physiotherapy bills whether they’re incurred form sports accidents, workplace hazards et al.

Optic neuritis

Inflammation affecting optic nerve within eyes creating abnormal impulses transmitted about leg indicating involuntary clamping off blood supply making nerve piercing signals come through necessitating treatment hence underscoring importance of regular eye exams right down to those peepers…

Caffeine intake cutting off nutrients circulation

Cutting back caffeine might not jump out first under causality headscratchers but coffee lovers take note! Stimulant breaks muscle tissues functioning properly, impeding flow of nutrients so if spasms feel recurring then go for decaf versions soon or fairly regularly.

Concealed thyroid problem

Besides energy regulation our good friend Thyroid is responsible for normalizing calcium in your system which is vital to healthy muscular contractions. So check with a professional as occasional cramping may be masking from an underlying issue that can be diagnosed.

Vigorous workouts

While a regular fitness schedule might fit snugly into daily routines it’s important to evaluate time frames and monitor the intensity because pushing too hard i.e going all Henry Rollins leads to muscle fatigue risking clusters of strain ultimately causing painful spasms

Sleeping habits

People sleep in all kinds of bizarre positions the fruits of which are rather tellingly apparent on those mornings after when muscles ache/more susceptible reducing circulatory heightens chances bringing down enough oxygen hence erratic heartbeats and sporadic twitching episodes..

Alcohol consumption

Though few people relish admitting adverse effects alcohol creates but really it throws off electrolyte balance leaving muscles undernourished so whenever one feels muscle tightness/lackluster jolts constantly they shouldn’t steer clear any pink elephants; coolers, beer cans, flasks…

Stress disorder

When life supplies you ‘fun’ events like growing workloads ,planning weddings etc without roof ending amount of worry hasn’t anyone’s hearts gone: ‘tick-tock- TICK-TOCK’ with accompanying tense sensations? Just Anxiety issues working overtime leading straight up irritation waiting eagerly to pounce.

## Improper stretching
Without adequate preparation regarding stretch exercises pre-post workout sessions body doesn’t receive sufficient circulation requiring sore tightening spells during sedentary cum workout times so loosen up people! Remember prevention better than cure.

## Fungal Infection

Fungi such as tinea commonest type athletes foot destroy skin tissue infecting area surrounding toes becoming itchy/irritating/bloody leading up to eventual twitchy leg spasms so seek medical attention in case of eczema or psoriasis similar telltale signs.

## Medication side effects

A confusing aspect that’s overlooked due to unfortunately unknowingly self-inflicted muscle spasm spurts/misdiagnosed usually collating with medication intake. Some have written waffling dosage instructions hence hindering the whole therapeutic process overall.

Pinched nerves

When pesky spinal nerves are blasted by getting pinched shut they don’t exactly function magnificently giving rise to muscles refusing coordination ultimately turning into those interestingly painful spams we wanted nothing but avoid,so take pain management seriously because these injuries can last awhile..

Pregnancy conditions

As more young moms flex their capabilities by doing dauntless supermom feats such as lugging toddlers around while glowing and basking in overall womanhood perks there are few rare cases where unidentified nutritional deficit leads to dystonia inducing tedious episodes.

And there you have it folks — a variety of possible reasons why your muscles might be seizing up! Of course, if your spasms persist or are particularly severe make sure you consult a physician who can offer some expert guidance on how you should proceed. Remember: keeping yourself healthy is no joke…but learning about serious topics like this one can certainly be entertaining!

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