Why do i get hives?

Are you someone who’s been cursed with the annoying, itchy, and sometimes painful hives? Don’t worry; you’re not alone in this struggle. You see, getting hives is a common problem faced by many people worldwide. It isn’t something to be ashamed of or worried about too much because there are quite a few ways to deal with this nuisance.

But first things first: What exactly are hives?

Understanding Hives – A Basic Overview

Hives, also known as urticaria, are raised red bumps on your skin that occur due to an allergic reaction or another cause (more on that later). These bumps can range in size from small spots to large patches and usually appear abruptly (just like that).

The swelling typically lasts for a few hours before disappearing entirely or replacing itself (appearing elsewhere) over time (like Whack-A-Mole). While most cases of hives aren’t serious nor do they require treatment (phew!), persistent rashes may demand medical attention.

Now let’s dive deeper into why you might be breaking out in harsher symptoms than others.

Shedding Light On Triggers – Some Reasons Why I Get Hives

Food Allergies & Sensitivities

Surprise! It’s not just lactose intolerants who suffer food allergies (well done.)

Food allergies could lead to the formation of nasty little welts on your skin as seen when consuming shellfish or nuts in numerous individuals’ case. If I’m one such individual whose insides get agitated whenever seafood is mentioned anywhere near my person (“Stay away from me lobster roll!”), eating potentially trigger foods could activate my immune system alarm clock – hence the hilarious itch-rash combo!!

Sensitivities towards certain types of food can have similar effects, triggering the same histamine release. Take me for example, I seldom eat pineapple as sometimes it gives me hives and belly cramps – so you better watch whom you label “picky eater” around.


Who would have thought that stress could cause a cascade of events leading to multiple bodily system failure? Frankly, nobody!

Simply put, high levels of stress could alter hormones’ balance in my body impacting everything from the digestive system to -my poor- skin layer!

In some instances, heightened anxiety can lead to the release of histamine–the notorious chemical that triggers an allergic reaction AND hives!! (Whoopee)

It’s important always to find ways to de-stress daily (yoga sessions anyone?) especially since I’m human and will encounter my fair share keeps life interesting on its own.

Insects sting/bites

Some insects like bees are out here living their best lives (oh sweet nectar!) BUT if they decided today is your day (which could happen anytime) be ready for those sensitive little pustules we call Hives (Ouch!).

A bee sting or even a mosquito bite from our pesky roommates mosquitoes may not merely leave an awful welt; it can also result in contractable hives spots on generous parts all over one’s body!!

If experiencing repeated bouts caused by insect bites/stings – might want to look into washable Hazmat suits or whatever gets rid of these airborne minions. Better safe than sorry right?

Treatment and Remedies To Soothe Those Itching Welts

Antihistamines: A Godsend At Last

Ah yes… The precious antihistamines…

Those glorious pills used through history whenever unexplained blotches appear on skin surfaces -all thanks to advanced medical research that provides relief by putting Histamine production under check. Available OTC at any pharmacy- lifesavers indeed!!(Just double-check the recommended dosage instructions per bottle).

Top Tip: Avoid ingesting alcohol while taking antihistamines pills – They tend to heighten drowsiness.

Cold Compresses

Nothing beats that instant relief felt from applying something really cold on a burning rash (it feels amaze-balls if you ask me)!

A clean, damp cloth in ice-cold water could do wonders when dabbed gently all over whatever areas need soothing (It’s almost like having your own personal little winter wonderland in topical form with cooling effects!)

OTC Topical Creams and Soothing Lotions

While not my go-to solution personally these can be useful for some (huge shout-out out there) needing fast acting treatment (& minimum fuss). A life saver/ hives soother alike!!

Applied directly onto irritated skin – it nourishes and helps relieve itching sensations instantly improving quality of life within minutes. Bonus points– Easily available without a prescription at pharmacies!

Prevention Is Key: Discerning When To Avoid What Triggers Hives

Food & Drink Intake Monitoring

This means controlling what one is eating or drinking since we now know how potential allergies might trigger superpowers causing breakouts from then onwards. It is always advisable to eliminate potential food allergy triggers by continuously monitoring what I take in (Unless y’all got something against being hive free? No?)

In extreme cases, its best seeking consultation from doctors who can run sensitive tests towards possible anaphylactic symptoms- just for extra apathy measures towards anything I may have missed beforehand – better safe than sorry.

A small tip here!!! Whenever choosing meal options either; 1) Skip new foods entirely ..or 2) Go light on any new flavors before risk-taking full portions regardless of amount served.

Environment Familiarization

What are things that bring about uncomfortable situations such as cat owners’ cotton allergy (”I’m allergic to fur!”) or pollen in lush gardens?

It may include dust, cigarette smoke, plant pollen mould spores, etc. -Knowing what specifically triggers the onset of hives through careful environment familiarization could lead towards avoiding experiencing discomfort and battling unnecessary discomfort at all times.

Final Words

With such flexibility on what’s causing my skin to itch/flare up (simi-unthankfuls – like I needed more things fighting for my attention), it’s only wise adopting natural preventive measures against possible occasional breaks outs! After enduring enough stiff drops fall from life’s bucket you don’t need to suffer one more agitation if can help it.

As always prevention is key; avoiding exposure of known allergens/triggers as well finding great solace through traditional over-the-counter creams soothing lotions & cold compresses whenever rashes manifest themselves… Oh yes- thanks antihistamines too.

Here’s hoping this article gave a bit more insight on overcoming that teasing little affliction via some new perspectives/revelations!

(And remember…) Stay hive-free folks!!

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