Why do i feel so sick after a breakup?

Breakups can be devastating, and the emotional roller coaster ride that follows can be brutal. You go from feeling like you’re on top of the world to feeling like someone has ripped your heart out and stomped on it. One minute, you feel angry and resentful; the next, you’re in tears.

As if all this wasn’t enough to deal with, many people experience physical symptoms after a breakup as well. Why do we feel so sick after a breakup? Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons behind these uncomfortable symptoms.

The Hormonal Rollercoaster

When you fall in love, your body releases a flood of hormones that make you feel happy, connected, and blissful. This is why being in love feels so amazing! However, when that relationship ends abruptly or unexpectedly, those same hormones drop suddenly before leveling off unbalanced-ly (yes I made up this word) causing an withdrawal-like effect leading to not harmonizing biological functions; thus sickness might occur.

Your Brain is Rewiring Itself

Your brain may also be undergoing major changes during (and even immediately after) a breakup – imagine pieces moving around trying to find which fits where without certainty. When you fall in love this piece has found its perfect matching puzzle,the reward center pathway light up-whereby dopamine is released leading to feelings satisfaction ,pleasure,valued,and respect.However,in addition newly activated pathways consolidate rapidly -tempering judgement & alertness compromising critical thinking .a buildup anticipatory approach leads continuous feeding of previously happy memories further deepening our insensitivity towards areas outside influence along transmediated through cortisol hormone easily elevates.Studies have shown that certain parts of your brain are actually more active when dealing with emotional pain than they seem somewhat opposite sensationally response by increasing blood flow resulting into headache,fatigue,loss of appetite and sickness as a whole.

A Drop in Self-Esteem?

Breakups can be a major hit to your self-esteem. Whether the split was amicable or not,you may still find yourself having thoughts such as: “Why wasn’t I enough?” ,“I thought we had something special” “Should have loved differently”. These negative feelings towards oneself,cumulatively might lower personal expectations &thoughts about relationships leading onto physical fatigue while comparing one’s own status quo with several criteria after that appears optimal . This is worsened by social comparison via media,various sources filled with perceive individuals living perfect lives -causing development stomach depression anxiety amongst other symptoms making things worse into depicting this situation come upon us genetically wired.

You’re Dealing With Grief

A breakup can feel like a death because often it involves loss — the end of shared dreams, plans, and hopes-when you grieve,you experience differing physiology due to varying stress responses from sympathetic nervous system and enhanced immune action respectively.Your stress hormone-cortisol-jumps,fueling those panicked tired situations whereas immune function weakens impacting digestion,making use much more susceptible to infections along their characteristic signs ;too many times fever complications,chills amongst others (go get vaccinated folks!) Although painful,a healthy process that allows you slowly but surely heal up within time.

Relationship Dependency

Sometimes people base too much happiness based on if they are currentlyin ationship or not which makes break ups the single most agony source without considering whether or not relationship taken for granted simply formed voided shelve -setting themselves deeply caught in web resulting bad nausea feeling everytime single.This unhealthy approach tends cause people hard being alone-can lead poor decision makers. Though these types lack autonomy-one must avoid attaching ourselves too strongly on material stimuli unless its certain true meaning eclipses.[//]: # (you see what just happened now? No ‘/’ woohoo! )

You Might Be Experiencing Anxiety

Anxiety can trigger physical symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, headaches and trouble sleeping. With a breakup comes anxiety over the future uncertainty of you don’t know what to expect – is it long-term or just temporary?, will they move on quickly? Forming proper definition thereafter might be tedious if cast still believed that former partner completed them.However,the seeds of change positively with regards recalibration through self introspection need fully nurtured.

Now that we understand why breakups make us feel so sick , let’s explore some strategies for coping when one occurs.

Let Yourself Grieve

As mentioned earlier,grieving is part of healing after any separation- think listening to slow music (preferably RnB) nothing Naija jams where the artiste expresses your emotions helps (my personal favorite,Rendezvous album by Nonso Amadi) Taking in small pleasures like resting more,nutritious meals must never take back seat ;talk regularly with friends/family cause sense mutual sharing leading finding meaning out an experience inlong run.Allow yourself time,to process those memories,eventually allowing focus moving forward.

Focus on Your Well-being

When dealing low mood leading into sickness practices may vary from person to another;What makes you happy??Run.Run!!! Scream under waterfall.write.Write.Many therapist recommend maintaining regimen practicing diet checks,Taking up new hobbies while keeping oneself busy always come helpful .Depriving oneself quality sleep leads making incidents worse therefore find reasons guarantee’s enough moment well deserved rest.Give opportunity spoil yourselves – pampering sessions once permitted.

Promoting Physical Health After A Breakup:

To Do List:

  • Eat healthy foods rich in antioxidants
  • Drink water frequently
  • minimize intake refined natural sugars,salt consumption
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Yoga class for relaxation & stretching
  • Low impact cardio sessions are perfect (dance, meditation)

– Important: do not die from dehydration be vigilant about fluid intake,maintain healthy habit in journal to monitor progress

Seek Support

Having friends and family available either physically or virtually expressing themselves environment they are comfortable with may even lead into being more open through social contacts. Group Therapy creates a supportive environment fostering personal experiences; which can shared openly among peers -forming meaningful relationships ,comfort introspecting cathartically moving into ‘friend-zone’.
For those that might is necessary professional help,Therapy Sessions,is sound move during vulnerable time leading healthy mindset/mood in the long run.


  • following unsolicited advice/friends opinions which leads feeling guilty / regretting decisions thereafter( its human nature,you know what I mean eh?)
  • Avoid alcohol/substance dependency to deal with emotions as it totally hijacks capability of processing experience at hand.

In conclusion,breakups take a tremendous emotional toll on individuals but there exist strategies/effective coping techniques make sure recovery adequately enough from this tough situation.Discussed above sheds light how varying physiological changes come upon us due cognitive dissonance caused external factors such as unexpected relationship breakdowns.Most importantly,give an opportunity understand parts self much better going forward making each subsequent experience less daunting.Let us go forward continue singing along Nonso-
“I dey worry too much,e feel like i mumu”

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