Why do i always feel shaky?

Have you ever felt like an earthquake was happening but then realized only your hands were shaking? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Tremors or shaking can affect any part of the body and may be the result of different conditions or situations. In this funny article, we will explore why people shake excessively using a witty tone that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

What does it mean when you feel shaky?

Trembling is a natural occurrence in stressful situations such as public speaking, before an exam, meeting someone for the first time, etc. When faced with danger or overwhelming emotions such as fear and anxiety, adrenaline (the fight-or-flight hormone) surges through the bloodstream resulting in heightened alertness and physiological reactivity. This causes various parts of our bodies to vibrate erratically causing shakes or tremors.

Some people experience a shivery feeling over their whole body at once when they’re cold due to muscle contractions initiated by blood withdrawing from skin vessels in response to low temperatures – It’s called ‘Piloerection’ colloquially known as goosebumps!

However sometimes (yes we’re getting serious now) trembling persists beyond situational stress leading individuals to wonder what might be wrong with them.

Why am I always shaky even when I’m not nervous?

So if persistent tremors aren’t related solely to ongoing stress, what could be triggering this undesired vibration? Some reasons include:

Essential tremor

“E.T” isn’t short for extraterrestrial but stands for Essential Tremor! Phew! essential tremorisn’t something necessary, do take note!. ET is one of the most common neurological disorders affecting twice as many men than women usually starting between 40-60 years old characterized by involuntary rhythmic oscillations particularly noticeable whilst carrying out fine motor tasks such as holding or sweeping pens, using utensils during meals etc.

ET is a condition that runs in families and presents symptoms, with intensity increasing at stressful or high-pressure situations.

Parkinson’s disease

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that pd, not PDiddy-:is one of the most known neurological diseases caused by loss of cells producing dopamine leading up to involuntary muscle spasms, stiffness and slowness- common motor features with pesky tremors making problem-solving, walking, talking feel like difficult tasks. Although usually manifesting in those over 60 years old ones who have had exposure to toxins among others may also present symptoms


faintly sings “Eye of the tiger” –
Hyperthyroidism is about “too much” thyroid hormone resulting in the overall increase of metabolic rate within all body systems led to overstimulation such as rapid heartbeats giving your entire body “hunger for sprinting”, causing unintentional weight loss but more relevantly shakes which are particularly seen on the fingers! If you’re feeling shaky along with other symptoms like inexplicable weight loss (if only it was true!), tachycardia (yep doctors use big words) see a physician immediately.

Oh No!!

If you believe tremors could be due to an item mentioned above seek professional advice from your physician for diagnosis and treatment options available as individual cases vary.

Is shaking normal?

Now while suddenly waking up vibrating drenched in sweat after dreaming about chasing Usain Bolt is maybe funny now – becoming acutely aware that this new ‘feature’ has become your daily companion feels less amusing rendering minor tasks unforeseen challenges. Before you panic though: taking into account exactly when/how frequently it happens can act as some guide.^1

How often should I shake…

…when no one else can shake me? We’ll skip tales about bouncers in nightclubs and stick to the facts. According to physicians, experiencing occasional shivers (not relating to noticeable stressors) from time-to-time is considered normal with reports of increased occurrence more regular in females than males.

Well… sugar’s not doing me any favours

As much as we might love adding some honey, Haribo candy or white crystals into our beverages it’s important(YES! Very important for your health) not only because sugar does not shake hands but, high sugar consumption can lead up to jitters too!

Consuming refined carbohydrates translates into a rapid surge of glucose within the bloodstream leading eventually to sinking blood sugars. This condition is known as hypoglycemia where common symptoms include palpitations, nervousness, sweating … shakes

Sooo we’ve covered that elevated anxiety causes trembling so here comes a treat: caffeine which increases levels of cortisol hormone associated with causing worry both capable sources initiating tremble as well especially when ingested excessively/could have caused insomnia- double trouble.

Are there different types of tremors?

Yes – wait don’t be ‘shocked’ – this isn’t new information since E.T was discussed earlier remember?

Let’s visit Shake Rattle and Roll…sorry I’m referring now ‘to “TREMORS.”’

Various types exist including:

Psychogenic Tremor

This type commonly seen among those diagnosed with anxiety and depression – ‘psychogenic’ stemming from the word psychological meaning originating from mental factors influencing physical reactions rather than diseases found within bodily organs

Orthostatic Tremor

also known briefly emphasizes syllable Orth-’DROPIC FFS!’ A rare disease featuring jerky oscillation(1-3Hz) occurring almost entirely when standing still initially; presenting difficulty walking with eventual My legs are on fire-like sensation due to retaining the odd stance.

Dystonic Tremor

During specific movements which lead the body to involuntary engage certain muscles dystonia tremors are established because of abnormal muscle tension caused by group contraction

How Can I\not shake?

So after discovering facts on why individuals experience a quiver – let’s focus now on how to help alleviate or potentially decrease odds of tremors.

Consuming warm beverages

Herbal infusions such as chamomile flowers, green tea leaves infused water can reduce anxiety symptoms. You can also try drinking some hot chocolate too since research suggests cocoa reduces cortisol hormone levels!

Meditate & Relaxation Music

Incorporating meditation and relaxing music within morning routines have been known to alter stress responses hence impact shivers positively

Cardi B-reathe: relaxation techniques

Moments when things feel overwhelming, utilising breathing exercises especially deep breathing where taking long inhales followed by longer exhaling counts helps bring calmer states improving mental clarity aiding in shaking stabilization

The Big Picture

Trembling/shaking isn’t just one event happening out-of-the-blue; what studies point towards is that trembling has multifaceted causes that vary with context – this means there isn’t a ‘cure’all situation involves different underlying reasons. Knowing personal patterns with regard sensitivity to situations such as caffeine intake contributing to shakes along with heavier cases requiring diagnosis from medical professionals earlier rather than later so don’t be shaken up about it!

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