Why do diabetics have to check their feet?

As a diabetic, you might have heard people tell you that you need to keep checking your feet. And why is that? To put it simply, diabetes can cause nerve damage and poor blood flow in your feet, which makes them vulnerable to serious problems like infections and ulcers.

But let’s face it – giving up the chance of showing off decorated toes on Instagram can be hard. So here are a few reasons why checking your feet regularly should become an important routine for all diabetics:

Foot problems come uninvited

The bad news is: nobody wants foot troubles like corns, calluses or ingrown toenails. Not even once! But as we already know being diabetic means these problems aren’t just innocuous but potentially dangerous. Even sores or blisters that go unnoticed or untreated due to decreased sensitivity levels in extremities could turn into long-standing wounds that may take weeks or months to heal, if they ever do at all!

Checking your feet once every day will ensure these minor issues are resolved before they escalate into larger ones.

Keep ’em clean

You step out daily; the world outside keeps getting dirty with oil spills, roadside grime, icky germs etcetera! And – you bring those shoes home too…To add fuel to this fire – diabetes weakens immunity making one more prone to such external threats.

It’s not rocket science really, but cleaning one’s after hours upon hours of moving around doesn’t necessarily fall in ‘fun activity’ category… yet very important, mild bacteria eliminating soap provides those shy little corners yet again disinfected environment so much needed by our tired & lesser sensations-rich bottoms (of course I’m talking about their undersides!)

Washing also promotes circulation necessary for good health of lower limbs aiding our own self-protective system!

Happy Feet for Every Diabetic

Being a diabetic, every little ‘uh-oh’ scenario should have avoided! Checking and keeping one’s feet healthy is equally important as wearing masks on our faces nowadays!

If eye contacts can cause love at first sight. Cleanliness of your foot could possibly prevent any skin related diseases from ever happening to you. Regular check-ups ensure this happy diet’s ticked off the list (at least just once per day).

Diabetics are said to experience far greater levels of pain tolerance than an otherwise healthy person (source?). However, problems such as infected ingrowing toenails require removal through surgical means which can hurt even people with decades upon decades in tolerating daily insulin shots relatively painlessly!

Taking preventative measures by consistently checking your feet regularly not only ensures that these later stages of painful progressions never take place but also keeps those pretty toes looking sparkly clean – a win-win situation!

Perfect Timing Prevents Troubles

When suffering diabetes we must keep top-of-mind awareness regarding our extremities; catching symptoms early is key It’s better recognizing changes & abnormalities sooner rather than later.

Random checkups throughout the day regardless if there are already problem issues or not would only benefit us all. Health surveys suggest that amputations occurring among diabetics due development unexpectedly go undetected until they spiral out control… yikes ☹ (Note down to self)– ‘Prevention is cure’ indeed!!

It’s super easy – after washing thoroughly dried both sides evenly, then scan upper surface ideally standing up soles towards mirror, if it does happen weird bumps/ extra dryness / discoloured patches…yeah act accordingly handing them over experienced-in-diabetes-doctor thus preventing serious escalations.

Doing regular basic hygienic procedures will certainly reap benefits primary being peace mind knowing health thing sorted secondly minimizing risks involvement nasty infections etcetera owing to proactive approach.

Relief from Sensory Loss

Can one imagine sensual pleasures provided by feeling of grass under barefoot feet, or a warm sand between the toes on the beach? Things we take for granted in today’s fast-paced lifestyle… but let’s envision providing our sensitive digits relief too!

People with diabetes can experience both peripheral neuropathy (numbness in extremities) & hypoglycemia. Neuropathy leads to loss feeling making it difficult immobilizing painful limbs whereas severe cases invite amputation. On other hand, reduced blood sugar could add lose-muscle coordination affecting legs movement also affecting sensitivity.

Performing daily assessments of feet condition helps immensely in spotting changes within body which may go unnoticed until advanced stages the earlier red flags are caught better chances at avoiding potential mishaps!.

In conclusion…

Keeping happy feet isn’t just about showing them off during sandals season – although scoring fashion points isn’t discouraged! In all seriousness as a diabetic you don’t want suffering ultimately especially via silly mistakes things that would have been completely preventable!

Regular checks on your precious feet bits couldn’t be more important; due various reasons listed above including early-stage detection to prevention against ugly surprises plus ensuring clean living environment for oneself& combating any possible challenges occur during day-to-day life.

Remember – an ounce prevention worth pound cure- so start now hop onto checking those soles of yours perfect health await!