Why do babies like to co sleep?

If you’re a new parent, you’ve probably heard the term “co-sleeping” before. It’s when babies sleep in close proximity to their parents or other caregivers. Some parents swear by it, while others refuse to do it at all. But why do some babies love co-sleeping so much? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons behind this mysterious phenomenon that has baffled parents for centuries.

What is Co-Sleeping?

Let’s start with the basics – what exactly is co-sleeping? Essentially, it refers to any situation where a baby sleeps in close proximity to an adult caregiver, whether that be on the same bed or in a nearby crib. There are several types of co-sleeping:

  • Bed-sharing: This is when a baby and an adult sleep on the same surface.
  • Room-sharing: This means that the baby sleeps in a separate space within close proximity of adults.
  • Sidecar arrangement: A baby crib attached next to the bed of one or both caregivers.

Although there are clear benefits and drawbacks associated with each type of co-sleeping arrangement, today’s discussion will focus mainly on bed-sharing as it relates most closely to our topic: why babies like to co-sleep.

The Reasons Behind Baby’s Love for Co-Sleep

So let’s dive into why some babies seem drawn towards sleeping in such close quarters with their parental units despite having cribs available:

#1 Comfort

Firstly, let’s face facts: being wrapped up snugly against skin-to-skin contact provides unrivaled comfort and security for your little bubba (even from way back during prenatal development). According Michelle Stowers says “sleep is more than just about closing eyes; its also about feeling secure”. Sleeping besides mummy or daddy feels safe enough even without clothing necessary aids (though some babies may enjoy sleeping with stuffed animals or blankets). Babies will feel comforted just by knowing that reassurance from their parents can be one stretching arm’s reach away.

#2 Less Separation Anxiety

By co-sleeping, your baby is less likely to suffer from separation anxiety when you are not there. Being in close contact with you encourages him/her to grow confidence and trust both the world outside the house as well as themselves.

#3 Easier night feed times

Undoubtedly, any parent knows how grueling waking up consistently for nightly feeding sessions can become. But having baby right next to bed certainly makes disturbing episodes shorter in length and frequency for all involved parties. In fact, experts suggest that this proximity helps regulate breast milk flow! That’s what I call convenience while also nourishing your little screaming butterball!

#4 Cosy Space

If your family home doesn’t have dedicated bedroom spaces—a common reality nowadays—co-sleeping can turn tough quarters more bearable (until later on when they become unbearably unbearable).

To Co-Sleep or Not To Co-Sleep?

It really all comes down to personal preferences which vary among different households: So don’t take our word for it; always err on the side of caution–consult a doctor/medical specialist if unsure about medical complications associated with SIDS risks/eventual detrimental psychological effects upon developing children.

While co-sleeping has its pros and cons, we mustn’t neglects its significance throughout history of parental practices culture wide beyond recent years’ Western studies brought into focus recently—with such findings revealing some negative outcomes as well attributed mainly towards unsafe sleep environments and stressful daytime routines etc.

So let’s make our final point clear. Regardless of whether you choose to share a bed with your newborn/toddler child or keep them in safe distance away crib wise/some combination thereof—that decision probably won’t deter or enable him or her to ever grow up and become a productive member of society… although, you could always tell your kid they have no life skills because they refused mommy/daddy co-sleeping for months now 😉


From comfort to smarter feeding times with less anxiety, there are several reasons why some babies just love to co-sleep. But as we’ve seen today, these reasons come with both benefits and drawbacks that must be properly weighed before settling on an arrangement.

Whether you choose to co-sleep or encourage healthy independence, the most important thing is always ensuring your child’s safety throughout his/her development process so hey–Stick lots of pillows around baby if needed; Or instead use sidecar crib next right beside parent bed for safe proximity without compromising sleeping arrangements 🎉.

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