Why do babies drink milk?

Ah, the good old ‘why’ question. The innocence of a child asking why the sky is blue or why it rains never ceases to amaze us. But one particular ‘why’ that we can all relate to is why babies drink milk? Haven’t you wondered about this too? Well, look no further because in this article, we’ll dive deep into the science and humor behind this question.

Let’s start with some basics

Before we go into details, let’s brush up on our knowledge about what exactly are Babies and Milk:

  • Babies: Small humans who breed chaos but bring smiles.
  • Milk: It’s a liquid secreted by mammals for their young ones (that includes cows!)

And when these two come together – voila! You get baby drinking milk (which looks totally adorable).

Babies have been drinking milk since time immemorial. But have you ever stopped to think WHY they love it so much? Is it just for taste or something more?

Biological Need

Let’s add some technical stuff now

As per biology researches- A baby’s body has certain biological needs which need satisfying as close to birth as possible – such as warmth and food.

And what do mommy mammal secretes almost immediately after giving birth- yes you guessed right-Milk!

Milk produced by mothers contains everything a newborn infant requires – from nutrition calculated precisely per age range/growth stage requirements of infants (science alert–this is called colostrum). And the infant latches onto Mommy mammal for being able to live longer growing healthily without any illness.

Nutritional Value

Aah!! Nutrition-the vital ingredient needed for growth!!

Have another glass/bottle/cup note(if there was a bottle in middle)- (Cue announcer voice) “milk does everyone good”, So true-right!

Similarly, the nutritional and mineral value of milk is considered to be quite important for a baby’s growth, specially in initial months.

Rich in Minerals

Forget those daily vitamins your mom force-feeds you!

Here we’re talking about freshly produced mommy-milk containing some very mean and powerful minerals that are undoubtedly good:

  1. Calcium – Helps Bone health
  2. Iron- HELPS Brain Development, yep it does
  3. Zinc- Keep Infections away
  4. Vitamins – specifically A & D (Help skin growth and Cell Growth)

And have you ever noticed how babies seem so peaceful after feeding on Mommy’s milk?- Calming hormones present in the “MOTHER’S GIFTED-GOODNESS” nutrients makes sure every infant sleeps like an angel.

Builds Immunity

You all know what ‘immunity’ means right?

Let’s just quickly brush up; It literally means “the ability to resist illness or disease”.

Well, Milk has some natural goodness packed with immunoglobulins that protect babies from infectious diseases — hence why breastfed infants generally get fewer infections than formula-fed ones.

So Breast-Milk alert! Drinking mother’s milk helps create immunity against many common viruses and bacteria.

Now you understand why it was never wise fighting as children? Or shaking hands too willy-nilly?

Easy Digestion

Have Are?? Okay We’ve grown old enough by now/ but doesn’t hurt repeating this point- MILK IS EASY TO DIGEST!

Infant digestive systems haven’t even started working yet properly– making quick digestion via easily broken down nutritions contained within Mommy mammal’s liquid love totally worthy of note.(again cue announcer voice)–“this can cause decrease issues related indigestion such as gas or constipation”.

Moreover, human milk changes constantly throughout lactation period according to baby needs — crazy huh (Note to those who ponder over the advanced versions with dairy) (milk product specially made for lactose intolerant infants)

But let’s face it- milking a cow on each and every requirement of an infant is not quite doable, now ain’t it?

It’s Their Major Food Source

Among other thousands of reasons why babies drink milk—One Vital NEED!!

Mammals including humans; get all their required nutrition s needed by only drinking milk from birth till 6-8months.

Exclusive breast milk diet usually satisfies nutrient requirements up until approx. half-a-year post-birth time^(source: google ).

But as we know ; humans grow bigger faster than some animals, that increases need for more food sources other than just breast-milk after the exclusive six-month period has passed. Eventually introducing solids beyond one year from birth.


Apart from satisfying all your basic biological needs and essentials for growth – Milk brings something extra to the table too!!

  • Baby Power-nap : As noted before in calming effect; mother’s milk helps make sure even colicky babies fall asleep soundly
  • Bonding & Love: Moms like being close/having baby cuddle while feeding; This stimulates baby sensory awareness towards mothers smell/touch.
  • Milestones: Babies first smile among others — All these are milestone events stimulated many times by breastfeeding moms/baby interaction at feeding time.(Yes! You saw this right – We said “many” )


Now the mystery behind “Why Do Babies Drink Milk” has been somewhat solved through scientific understanding alongand sprinkled wordswith humor flavour across./ So whether or not you have plans to continue nursing a munchkin soon, knowing this can help keep them healthy when young.

So next time someone says they never truly understand “why” babies love bottled liquid goodness/catapulting human emotions –you can elaborate how these teency-weency chaotic beings have been requiring so much intricate nutrient-packed goodness by nature to grow soundly over centuries.

Well, that’s the end of this lactose-rich humoristic/technical journey – Hope it was udder-ly fascinating for you all– ( sorry couldn’t resist that last one)

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