Why did god give us periods?

Ah, periods. The monthly gift that keeps on giving. But have you ever stopped to wonder why exactly they exist? I mean, sure, we know the basic mechanics of how and when they happen, but what was God’s reason for inflicting this upon us? Let’s dive deep into the question that has puzzled women for centuries.

A Brief History

Before we can answer the “why,” let’s cover the “when” and “how.” Menstruation has been around since humans have existed. Evidence shows that even ancient civilizations had a rudimentary understanding of menstruation cycles (I mean think about it- Eve was created without period pain right?). However, it wasn’t until relatively recently in human history (the past few hundred years or so) that we developed an actual comprehension of menstrual biology.

So now onto the burning question…

The Purpose

Let’s cut straight to it: no one really knows why periods were invented…thanks Jesus! It could be argued (not convincingly) that they serve as a reproductive system ‘bleed valve’ which aids in maintaining uterine health….who knows(I mean if bleeding is good for our reproductive system then shouldn’t guys get them too?)! Some people believe that having periods is some sort of “punishment” because Eve ate from the forbidden fruit(Like are you serious?? Women did not ask her to eat from it!).

However back in early hominid days,periods actually paved way fo socialization efforts among women, who would use their synchronized phases as timeshare opportunities within remote living settlements . Which actually affirms why every once-in-a-month-girl-time is super exciting because your bestie gets hers at those exact days …(a kindred spirit experience).

Overall though..we still don’t know exactly why these annoyingly cyclical cancellers of sports days exist.

The Science of It

Periods occur because the lining of the uterus, called endometrium, builds up each month in preparation for pregnancy. However, if pregnancy doesn’t occur then all that extra tissue has to go somewhere and oops here comes a casserole fresh from Aunt Flow’s oven!. Menstrual blood is just shreds of that thickened uterine lining which gets sloughed off(nasty right?)

Women’s hormone levels necessarily change throughout their menstrual cycle so it’s necessary for us to have periods as an important part of our monthly flow (pun intended). That being said- did you know that high estrogen can cause migraines? #TheMoreYouKnow(so we basically are tickling ourselves by flooding with unwanted hormones after cursing Eve…cool cool).

Who Benefits From These Bloody Mayhem?

If women could actually choose whether or not they wanted periods – I mean who would sign-up for this exhilarating(hellish) womanly experience!? Why aren’t guys menstruating then? Well let me answer your question: There are probably one-top-and-only reason why period still exists

  • Feminine hygiene industries
    There is no denying; every month sanitary pads,tampons,cups ,pain killers and therapy sessions(clapping emoji)! They’re far too popular products with sales above $12 Billion per year.Thanks period!(I’m sure God was like ‘bwoy better create a dollar magnet too’!)

Isn’t nature beautiful?? Now..just imagine what good will come when Mother Nature decides ,apparently it is time for men receive their own (please do notify me first though!#GoodLuckTacklingHotFlashes)

So ladies embrace these times now!! Rather than whining about it(years down), Try enjoying them while building legacies!’Period Bosses’ (Let not society call names nor categorize our beautiful feminine cycles..yes, we do bleed but we also are life givers and natural nurturers!).

Not All Women Experience the Same Period

One thing you may already be aware of is that not all women have the same menstrual experiences. Some get away scot-free from period pain, while others feel like they’re being tortured by their own bodies for a week straight(Thanks to all my crohn’s sufferers – double whammy comes with cramps plus diarrhea). Amenorrhea,dysmenorrhea,PMS…(ha..that sounded like medical jargon A-Z ,and that it is). As much as un-explainable factors contribute such variety in those catamenial months per woman,certain anatomical (hereditary) sequences can increase the propensity for more suffering through any or all of these.

However there are still things we as individuals can adapt on(like what kind of birth control increases/decrease symptoms within certain women).

Types of Bleeding Disruptors

As though having periods isn’t enough hassle,there exist some policies , actions or conditions that just make menstruation worse than usual.In fact there specific occurrences which typically lengthens bleeding potential more than one would like-(I bet if they knew this morbid soul was about to pen this down,the ‘White Coats’ could’ve enlightened them long before)! Here’re examples :

  • Poor nutrition
    Iron especially is micronutrient which significantly affects blood production(your call girls…spinach anyone?)

  • Diet -be cautious around eating excessive sugar.

  • Stress
    Although stress does not directly affect onset, heavy flow tends present itself most usually during stressful times(Can self prioritize oneself? Yes please!!)

  • Age
    Periods start anywhere from ages 9 to 16 years old; while menopause initiates at age 45 till about halfway mark between late 50’s and 60.”No cheers to menopause though!”

  • Pre Menstrual Syndrome
    PMS can occur during the second half of your cycle potentially causing behavioral, emotional or physical changes

    Surprised? Not really… Periods are basically a mini-civil war their internal-going-ons differ by the womanly individual.

So ladies stay woke! #BeOnAlert (you’ll never know when – nvm)!

Sanitary Products – Innovatively Creative

We touched on this briefly earlier but we didn’t actually discuss how sanitary products ( as humorous it may appear) have evolved over time.

Initially disposable pads (1921) were commercialized then in ’38 Tampax entered markets later being followed by menstrual cups somewhere around ‘37(Oh boy what would it be like without these inventions?).Sanitary products in essence are not merely practical period catchers /preventatives.However due more than medical reasons ,they personally provide comfort i.e.(someone might relate with me)..“don’t come near me am outside enjoying nature”..lol!.

The future is now!!

Everything evolves right? Even period stories-laughs . There has been whispers about menstrual suppression pills that inhibits periods for lifetime,…period blood banks..stem cells transplantation for regenerating uterine lining plus many other revolutionary approaches which could eventually extent physiological lifespan by blocking menstruation.The thought of this raises critical thinking debates ranging from ethical concerns to anti-feminist propaganda crap.With both sides giving valuable argument,in general:is there any fundamental reason to go against Mother Nature’s designs?


Some things just don’t make sense; “Why did God give us periods?” remains one such existential question which feels pointless asking. Whether you believe they exist as a “bleed valve” or plain punishment (for someone else’s mistake)..periods will always remain an inevitable part of our lives as long we women are around!

Now don’t forget to eat well,exercise and be merry!(because stress is not good for any one of us).

Write to ya!! Blessed cycle..be period positive y’all!We’ve got this-sisters.united.stand.love.