Why cant women use 5 minoxidil?

The only reason for a woman not to use 5% minoxidil solution in the form of Rogaine foam is the fear of unwanted hair growth. Given the fact that this side effect is uncommon and is reversible, it may make sense to recommend this product to women if it can improve results.

What are the side effects of minoxidil? Minoxidil is available in generic form. Common side effects of Minoxidil include: dizziness, drowsiness, tiredness, and. temporary edema (swelling) while taking this medication, especially during the first few weeks as your body adjusts to the lower blood pressure. This is normal.

Is minoxidil safe for women? Lower strength: Minoxidil is safe in females but is used in the half strength of the male version of the Rogaine (minoxidil).

Does minoxidil really work? So, when the medication does what it is supposed to do (grow or maintain growth), the person doesn’t really see any results for many months. In the case of minoxidil, one can see some improvement by 2-4 months. These improvements may be “less hair falling out.”.

How effective is minoxidil? Higher concentrations of Minoxidil up to 5% appear more effective, but despite the more than doubling of the dose (from 2%) they are not twice as effective. Response rates are increased slightly as well as degree of efficacy with the 5% formulations, solution or foam.

Does minoxidil induce any sexual side effects?

Does minoxidil induce any sexual side effects? Minoxidil does not have sexual side effects listed as one of the common side effects. However, it is possibility if you can link the start of your symptoms to the start of the medication. You can stop the medication for a month, and see if the symptoms go away. If it does, nost likely can be a side effects for you.

Does minoxidil affect testosterone level? Topical minoxidil does not appear to affect testosterone levels. It may however have some anti- androgenic effects. A paper from 1987 looked at the effects of minoxidil in animal studies and concluded that minoxidil does not function as an anti-androgen.

Does minoxidil lower blood pressure? Minoxidil works by relaxing blood vessels so that blood passes through them more easily. This helps to lower blood pressure. Minoxidil has other effects that could be bothersome for some patients. These include increased hair growth, weight gain, fast heartbeat, and chest pain. Before you take this medicine,…

Can minoxidil cause decreased libido? Minoxidil doesnt mess up with testosterone like Propecia, but Minoxidil mess up with blood pleasure and nervous system and that causes a decrease of libido and ED, no doubt about it. This is not pyscological. It’s probably fair to say that not everyone experienced this affect, but i certainly experienced it.