Why are solar comedones so big and black?

Have you ever looked at your skin with intense curiosity, only to spot those pesky blackheads? And just when you think that’s it, a larger-than-life blackhead appears out of nowhere. What exactly are these solar comedones and why do they occur in such sizeable numbers? Buckle up as we take a humorous yet informative look into this phenomenon.

The Basics

Before we get started, let’s break down the basics. A solar comedone is essentially an enlarged hair follicle filled with sebum – a greasy secretion of the sebaceous glands. When exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods or due to other environmental factors like pollution or smoking, these clogged pores can turn dark and appear much more noticeable than their smaller counterparts.

Silly fact: Did you know that ‘comedo’ actually means glutton in Latin? Talk about an appropriate name.

So how exactly does all this relate to why solar comedones tend to be on the larger side? Read on!

Blame It On Age

Unfortunately, one reason could simply be ageing. As we grow older, our skin loses elasticity and becomes less capable of healing itself. This means that any inflammation caused by acne or blocked pores takes longer to subside compared to younger skin. In some cases where sun damage has occurred over long periods, particularly on areas like the nose which has more oil-secreting glands,excess keratinization (a fancy term meaning build-up) can create nodules under the surface layer of skin causing monstrous comodomes.

Hormonal Causes

Another culprit behind giant blackheads might just involve hormonal imbalances- Those darn fluctuations in estrogen production! Higher levels can cause increased oil production leading eventually once again back towards large messy potential blackheads waiting around every corner – Or pore if you will.

Age isn’t as much of play here as hormonal differences are, so there’s hope that at least the next round of blackheads won’t be as gigantic as historical ones.

Heavy Exposure To Sunlight & Pollution

Continuing on down this road packed with blackhead horror stories we come to our exposure and environment. Urbanization and increase in population is no longer a problem limited to landfills but now taking hold in your own mirror. As reported by Scientific American, sun damage only exacerbates the formation of already enlarged areas like comedones because it causes hyperpigmentation which further emphasizes these beastly imps.. But with increased awareness and improved protection from harmful UV rays and pollutants produced through modern living behaviors such as smoking,. we can at least somewhat fight what seems doomed for nothing other than several layers of dusty make up.

It’s In The Genes

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, unmanageably large solar comedones stick around due to genetics- one example comes into play when retention keratosis occurs whereby premature shedding or build-up contributes towards blockages faster than skin can naturally exfoliate.. Similarly then nature has created a series multi generational beauty issues directly passed along from parent upon child their face shamelessly flared over time hiding under makeup or clinical treatment options offering some solution .

Brief background briefing: Retinoids are commonly utilized; however test patching necessary considering potential worsened reactions.

We’ve touched upon why solar comedones tend to pack more punch compared to regular blackheads. Now let’s discuss preventive measures you can take.

1. Prevent Overexposure

First things first – limit your exposure to sunlight and pollution! Always apply sunscreen before stepping out during the day even if it’s cloudy outside. Consider purchasing products such as moisturizers containing SPF if thicker creams bothersome.

2.Regular Exfoliation

It’s important (but not too important) to remember that our skin naturally exfoliates as a process requiring regular touch-ups – Using ‘extraction tools’, which help remove excess oil, and promote circulation is best when carried out once weekly on average.

3.Avoid Heavy Cosmetics

Heavy foundations or powders can add to the buildup of blackheads while waiting for their next cleanse. Find makeup products free from pore clogging ingredients including coal-tar dyes found in many eye shadows and lipsticks..

Despite the fact there are several treatment options available ranging from gentle home remedies to clinical laser treatments, one needs expertise depending upon severity of each case where potential complications; hence contact with a skincare professional highly recommended prior. Comfortingly however clinics now offer non-invasive procedures compared with traditional surgery which used an excision technique some going so far as digging around beneath deeper layers hoping recovery less severe overall I think keeping watches on changes through memes or ample mirror time worth taking seriously.

The Final Verdict

At the end of day solar comedones are simply larger versions of common blackhead , typically generated through environmental changes such pollution exposure hormonal variations even if unfortunately your genetics have decided large solar comedone facial presentation uniquely yours all hope lost sure you need admit though reaching into rough areas like nose usually unnecessary!

As always these things take time but experimentation few lifestyle adjustments positive habits breakouts slowly decrease ideally leaving behind only embarrassment-filled memories behind fewer awkward moments ahead ready made possible by persistence patience.

Now its clear enough what causes them be prepared before saying Ugh theres something wrong, because sometimes everyones skin decides it’s having beauty issues without prompt..

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