Why are my fingernails red underneath?

Are you one of those people who see red sometimes? RED UNDERNEATH YOUR FINGERNAILS!! It can be shocking to notice this, but don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world! In fact, there are several reasons why your nails might be turning red. Here, we’ll explore some possible causes and what they could mean. So buckle up and grab a cup of coffee because this ride is going to get bumpy!

Age-Old Wisdom

As you age, your body changes in many different ways. Your nails are no exception! With time comes wisdom; however,, as our skin ages so do our nails which undergo changes that may affect their color among other things.

Normal Aging Changes

Aging doesn’t necessarily create significant problems with your fingernails. However, as people age past their 60s or beyond, changes start becoming more noticeable – perhaps even startling at times! Some common nail aging symptoms include:

  • Nails may become thickened or brittle
  • They begin curve inward due to dryness associated with decreased oil production on the skin surrounding them
  • The tips might start looking reddish-brown rather than pink like younger individuals’ fingers’ crescents.

So if you’re noticing a change in color under any/all of these circumstances mentioned above, it’s probably just normal signs for an older person – nothing dangerous or harmful long-term-wise!

Health Issues That Could Be Causing Your Red Nailed Woes

If feeling aged isn’t enough already,red underneath your fingernails—you will want to rule out any serious health issues causing discoloration instead of chalking it off to fine wine and jazz music.

Heart disease & Arthritis aficionados line-up here…

Do keep in mind folks – certain conditions manifest themselves through physical signs. In this case, the red underneath your fingernails could be a warning sign of possible heart disease or arthritis.

Heart Disease

If you think you might have heart disease, then it’s not just your chest pain that needs to be worrying you! Your fingers could also show discoloration – in certain cases, they appear reddish due to something called subungual hematoma(s), which is bleeding under the nails.

This condition can manifest itself with heart ailments like cyanosis (where healthy pink skin/tissue turns blueish due to lack of oxygen supply). If this symptoms match yours, act quickly and visit a medical professional ASAP for proper testing & advice.


Arthritis pop quiz time: What color are flamingos known for? Now replace that shade of pink with any darker hue (throw me some shades people)—that’s how rheumatoid arthritis affects one’s nail bed coverings folks…Yes, red underneath those cuticles!

It’s vital to point out here that other common arthritic conditions such as psoriasis or lupus erythematosus(SLE) induce more adverse results on affected individuals at times.These concerns should warrant further investigation from trained health care providers

Nutrient Deficiencies Galore

Your body relies on various vitamins and minerals to maintain optimum blood flow levels throughout every inch of your being—all puns intended there. However, an insufficient nutrient intake can leave visible signs on our outer physical selves— case in point: RED FINGERNAILS (YIKES!).

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron-deficient anemia may occur when our bodies don’t have enough iron or when we’re unable/don’t absorb it correctly in dietary consumption coupled with genetics predispositions towards deficiencies resulting from difficulty utilizing routinely recommended foods (we see you vegans & vegetarians dodging sufficient leafy greens).

No need to panic when you notice your nails reddening. You can combat this deficiency by tweaking dietary habits or supplement usage after getting consulting a nutritionist’s input/comprehensive testing is complete.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Reddish-brown colored nails could also indicate that you’re deficient in vitamin B12. Without it, red blood cells aren’t at their highest functional levels which eventually manifest into the tell-tale nail bed colors being off!

Beyond the sheer cosmetic aspects of things, B12 deficiencies seriously affect several body processes severely – such as nerve cell function & red blood cell production (yes, that’s just ONE nutrient deficiency).

Trauma is Real

Let us not forget sometimes accidents happen —there was probably none until some odd/obscure physical activity caused the color change on one of or all ten fingers—RED UNDERNEATH THE FINGERNAIL(S)!

Subungual Hematoma — The PAINNNN!!!!

A subungual hematoma involves bleeding under one’s nail plate and typically develops due to direct trauma. This kind of injury happens among sports enthusiasts or if an individual randomly mishandles objects/tools, etc., causing compression/breaking points —OUCH!

If experiencing problems other than coloring changes under these circumstances mentioned here within-contact medical professionals for proper treatment guidance ASAP!

Final Thoughts:

So there you have it folks: A list comprising age-related signs & symptoms followed by potential health issues/nutrient-deficiencies compounded with traumatic injuries that could be laying beneath RED FINGERTIPS EVERYTIME THEY’RE RAISED TO MAKE THAT SASSY GESTURE YOU MAKE AT STAFF MANAGEMENT DURING WORK MEETINGS (as a pre-cautionary measure only-injest)!. Keep in mind –It’s always wise to seek professional help when something doesn’t seem quite right.This article serves as a purely informative source; please consult a medical professional before acting on any of the ideas herein.

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