Why are bananas good for verrucas?

Are you tired of those pesky verrucas getting in the way of your everyday life? Those little bumps on the bottom of your foot can be quite annoying, and let’s not even get started on how painful they can be! Fear not my friend, because there is a natural remedy that will have those verrucas gone faster than Usain Bolt at the Olympics. And what pray tell is this miraculous cure I hear you ask? Well, it’s none other than bananas!

What are Verrucas?

Before we delve into the world of bananas and their prowess against verrucas, let us first understand what exactly these pesky things are. A verruca, also known as a plantar wart, is caused by a viral infection on the sole or toes of our feet. They often appear as small rough bumps with black specks in them due to clotted blood vessels.

The Magical Healing Properties of Bananas

Now onto the main attraction – why exactly are bananas good for treating verrucas? It all boils down to their magical healing properties (nope, no exaggeration here).

High Potassium content

Bananas contain high levels potassium which helps fight off viruses that lead to plantar warts (ahem…verrucas). This mineral boasts antiviral benefits making it highly effective in combatting such infections.

Natural acids

The acids present in banana peels help break down dead skin cells on top of verruca which reduce its size over time. Salicylic acid extract from banana peel acts an active ingredient just like traditional salicylic acid treatments used for removing warts.

Anti-inflammatory agents

The compounds found within bananas may decrease inflammation associated with plantar wart infections as well as relieve pain.

So whilst they make yummy smoothie ingredients or additions to pies and tarts, bananas can now add verruca elimination to their resume.

How do we use Bananas for Verrucas?

Now you may be wondering, how the heck do I apply a banana peel onto my feet? Fear not, it’s simpler than you think.

Peel the Banana

Start by peeling a ripe banana. The riper they are, the more effective they’ll be in treating your verrucas.

Apply It Onto Affected Area

Next, apply a small piece of the banana peel directly onto your verruca (or warts on fingers if that is where you need treatment). Ensure that it stays secure around your foot and leave it overnight or for six hours daily until symptoms disappear.

Replace As Required

It is important to replace with fresh banana peels regularly during treatment period(wasting those precious bends was never this satisfying).

Other Natural Remedies for Treating Verrucas

Whilst bananas pack quite the punch against plantar warts due to their antiviral properties and high potassium content there are other natural remedies one could try like-

  • Garlic extract as garlic plays an antibacterial role along with being anti-viral which will help protecting affected area from infections.
  • Aloe Vera gel has anti-inflammatory agents like amino acids known as Aloesin which helps remove dead cells slowing down growth of wart.

However, these methods have proven less effective compared to our sweet yellow friend so we’d recommend sticking mainly with those smoothies!

When Should You Seek Medical Attention?

Despite all its brilliance (and tastiness) , home remedies might not always work in severe cases (sometimes mother nature needs extra support). If persistent bleeding or pain occurs post-treatment seek medical advice before continuing any self-treatment protocols at home.

In conclusion folks; while advancements have come about in modern medicine regarding different treatments available,current trends lean towards finding healthier natural remedies to ease pains and aches. It’s safe to say that bananas appear to be one of the cheapest, easiest and tastiest natural remedies for verruca treatment!

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