Why are armpits dark?

Armpits, the body part that most people tend to ignore, but talk about real estate value and they suddenly become an important topic of conversation. Have you ever noticed that your armpits appear a few shades darker than the rest of your skin? Chances are you have.

In this article, we’re going to delve deep into the nether regions of everyone’s favorite odor pit and find out what makes it so delightfully dark (not really).

What Makes Armpits Darker Than The Rest Of Our Skin

First things first; if you were hoping for some elaborate scientific explanation involving complex terms like melanin synthesis and genetic inheritance – sorry not sorry! We’re here to give you something much more practical yet amusing at the same time.

Sweat: That’s right; sweat is one of the main culprits behind those pesky discolorations in our pits. When we sweat, it actually changes our skin’s pH level. This change in acidity can cause a variety of reactions on different parts of our bodies including turning parts like underarms black.

Deodorant/Antiperspirants: Many deodorants contain aluminum-based compounds which lead to a chemical reaction with sweat producing temporary staining as well as clogging up hair follicles which leads to hyperpigmentation. Therefore your delicious fragrance might actually be causing unwanted discoloration!

## There Are Certain Medical Conditions That Contribute To Darker Armpit Skin
Sometimes there is more than meets the eye when it comes down to darkened armpit skins:
Acanthosis Nigricans: A non-contagious condition characterized by velvety or thickened patches forming around joints such as elbows or knee joints caused mainly due exposure from high levels insulin production-a hormone produced by pancreas responsible for controlling glucose metabolism.

  • Erythrasma: a skin condition where rash like formations appear, particularly under fold of areas such as groin and armpits. The primary cause is the bacteria overgrowth in your sweat ducts.

  • Pigmentary demarcation lines: This is commonly found on the thighs but sometimes also seen underarms which often presents as oval patches with an abrupt color change between two adjacent regions of different pigmentation.


A fun fact about our body’s natural reaction to injury or trauma (be it from shaving or even dark tee shirts) [“is hyperpigmentation.”] In other words, after you shave off those manly chest hairs or forget that cheddar cheese stained shirt on a hot summer noon next week expect patchy spot marks with hints of darkness. Thank evolution!

Certain Ethnicities Experience Darker Armpit Skin More Than Others

People with darker skin tones usually have less palatable odor glands hence what causes their secondary sexual characteristics (ahem), so if you ever find yourself scrutinizing Kim Kardashian’s pit distance every time she posts yet another selfie well now you know!.

Also, they generally produce more melanin when compared to people who possess lighter-toned characteristics making them more prone to obvious hues changes in sensitive areas.

How To Treat And Avoid Dark Armpits

  1. Use Lightening Products: If you are self-conscious and looking for some form of treatment try specialized creams containing ingredients like retinoids, glycolic acid etc.

  2. Manage Your Sweat: Zinc oxide roll-on can be an excellent way to avoid sweat related discolorations alongside practicing sound hygiene routines including regular showering

  3. Laser Treatment – Of course this one could hurt our pockets quite hard, but hey atleast it would get rid of unwanted body hair!

  4. Shave Less Often: It’s inevitable that we’re going to shave nonetheless, try to keep it as minimalistic as possible.

  5. Avoid Antiperspirants: If you suspect your current antiperspirant is the culprit for irritating your armpit then stick (get it?) to using just deodorant and that too use only one without aluminum metal

Final Thoughts

The seriousness with which people perceive superficial issues like “dark” underarms can be sometimes overwhelming; our bodies are designed a particular way so why not accept them! Some of us have darker shade patches on their private parts, would lightning up everything down south make a difference? Life’s too short, embrace yourself and please show some love to those pits!

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