Why am i so tired after vacation?

Ah, vacation…that much-needed break from the daily grind. You’ve been looking forward to it for months, counting down the days until you can finally escape office politics and responsibility. And then it comes – that glorious week of sun-soaked beaches, exotic foods, and all-around relaxation.

But as soon as you get back home, reality sets in: you’re exhausted. More tired than when you left on vacation. What gives? Here are some reasons why your post-vacation fatigue might be kicking in:

Jet Lag

You just got off a 10-hour plane ride across several time zones (or more if you traveled overseas), and now your body’s clock is all out of whack. This phenomenon is known as jet lag or desynchronosis, which occurs when there’s a mismatch between your internal clock and the external environment.

Symptoms can include fatigue, insomnia/hyperinsomnia (sleepiness during inappropriate times), digestive problems like constipation/diarrhea/nausea/vomiting/bloating/stomach pain/loss of appetite/excessive hunger/Liver dysfunction/Pancreas issues/Kidney problems/thyroid gland malfunction/Chronic stress-related immune suppression/and even episodes of depression.

Let-down Effect

Sometimes coming back from a wonderful trip makes life at home seem dull by comparison but don’t worry; we have ways around this! We’re experts at making things unnecessarily complicated here at our blog 😉

This “let-down effect” happens because while on vacation HORMONES released blablabla … see these numbers:
– Oxytocin
– Dopamine
– Serotonin

These chemicals regulate mood,l sexual attraction & bonding\
relationships/l parent-child interactions / courtship behavior/grooming among social animals …

And they come crashing down once we’re back to reality again.


Vacations are often synonymous with relaxation, indulgence and celebration. You might have eaten more junk food or drank more alcohol than usual, which can mess up your sleep patterns and leave you feeling sluggish.

And let’s not forget the excess of decadent desserts/coffee/cheese plates & charcuterie boards…you indulged in non-stop for days…

The point is: Your body isn’t used to processing all that sugar/alcohol/fat/carbs/canned meat/escargot/insert exotic dish here.


It’s pretty obvious that drinking water when it’s hot outside is important but who thinks about dehydration when they’re lounging by the pool/on a jungle trek/ snorkeling/dancing?

Not to mention there’s always those sneaky alcoholic drinks creeping in..\
(Hint: Piña Colada)…

Dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps; even increased confusion & irritability!

AND LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT THE HORRENDOUS SUNBURN THAT HAPPENED…because someone decided sunscreen was for amateurs..

Unrealistic Workload Expectations

Now we get real! \
In preparation for going on vacation people usually work overtime/stress themselves out pre-trip so that they could make sure their workload will be covered.

But once back home they face a horde of angry emails / post-vacation stress from returning 2x as much work as before / unexpected crisis…etc/machine learning AI models gone rogue (we’ve all been there…) …

All this stress mean plenty of extra adrenaline/noradrenaline flowing through our bloodstreams keeping us awake until ungodly hours trying to catch up!


We hope these reasons clarified why you’re (still!) tired after getting back from holiday routine.
Don’t worry though – now at least you have some good excuses/explanations to give your colleagues when you keep nodding off at work… again…

Just remember: drink water, sleep a decent amount of hours & cut yourself some slack – let yourself slowly return to the usual routine.

Disclaimer : No, it is not our fault that the company chosen for this task goes by ‘OpenAI’; we aren’t programmed nor responsible for any biased behavior 😉