Why am i rejected?

You thought you had it in the bag, didn’t you? After weeks of preparation, sleepless nights, and nervous sweating – boom! Rejection. But why?! What went wrong?!

Well my dear friend, let’s explore some possible explanations for why your love interest or job opportunity turned out to be a no-go.

1. The Blame Game

Before we delve any further into this quandary, there is one thing you must do – do not blame yourself! It’s just counterproductive and frankly unhelpful. Instead, let’s try to find some logical conclusions.

2. Looks Can Be Deceiving

While we want to believe that our inner beauty shines brightest through all aspects of life…sometimes outer appearances stand in its way. If only they could see past those extra few pounds on your hips or the fact that eight cups of coffee a day have left their mark on those pearly whites.

In reality though the problem may lie elsewhere entirely; if seven-inch heels that make you tower over everyone else like Godzilla aren’t for everybody (however great they look) then maybe accessories are worth reconsidering?

3. What Was I Thinking When I Said That?

If conversation dried up faster than a sand storm at Death Valley National Park when talking with said lover/job interviewer then maybe the words coming out weren’t hitting home quite as much as desired?

Stumbling over syllables after one too many Mai Tais might be part cause (we’ve been there) but unnecessary facts about owning snakes or controversial cosmetic procedures can turn anyone off quicker than shirtless construction workers outside Home Depot begging them for work (trust us).

Make sure that information being shared is both tasteful and relevant!

4.You’re Just Not Their Cup Of Tea

Sometimes personalities just don’t mesh well together – kind of like pineapple on pizza (controversial, we know).

When chemistry is amiss during a date or back-and-forth interactions with your boss then it’s hard to get past those initial bumps in the road.

(But be warned: From experience of watching too many rom-coms y’all may go off and have babies regardless after overcoming said disagreements).

5. The Heart Wants What It Wants

It might seem like whether you’re a right swipe left behind or don’t make the cut for that glorious summer internship (sorry frat bros but keg stands and shorts aren’t acceptable professional attire) there’s only one person/corporation making decisions. For heaven’s sake, blaming them isn’t going to change an outcome!

Personal preferences and change of heart can come into play when things just don’t click.. Butterflies might fly away elsewhere at the last minute – unexpected as that is.

6. The Company Culture Just Didn’t Quite Fit…

Even if you’re equal parts qualified for a job opening/rocking sweetest personality in town…thing’s just…well they weren’t flowing properly with those cowboys from HR.

They could’ve expected someone more reserved than yourself? Or someone who came ready made already confident/sassy enough rather than their own moldable candidate?

Don’t take it personally sometimes fitting into company culture can be equally important as meeting qualification standards.

Six reasons down and yet there are plenty more possible explanations for rejection letters – let us count the ways:

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