Why am i rejected socially?

Social rejection is not a pleasant experience. It can make you feel inferior, insecure or worse – rejected! Sometimes you may ask yourself what causes this social isolation and how to overcome it. Well, fear no more,this article will throw light on why am I rejected socially in a humorous tone and highlight some practical measures to help cope with the situation.

The First Impression Counts

You have heard the phrase “first impression counts”, right? Yes, we all know it’s cliche but it’s true. Before anyone gets to know you well enough as an individual, your physical appearance is assessed from head-to-toe by everybody around you. As humans beings are visual creatures and they subconsciously create opinions about people based solely on what they see in front of them (sad but true).

Here are some reasons that could lead to being socially rejected:

Dressing poorly

One big mistake most people do is failing dressing appropriately for different occasions or choosing outfits that don’t suit their body type: “I want my waist defined so tight clothes please.” Honey,you need outfits which define every single curvy part of your stature without shutting everything up.

Engaging In Awkward Conversations

Everyone has been here before(especially introverts) when engaging in conversations with new acquaintances at parties- freezing up inability keep conversation flowing or always bringing up awkward topics such as death,lunacy,feces… Talk about something mutually interesting instead. find common topic whether its #ClimateChange ,or old age issues(phases).

Mental health stands out among the numerous factors contributing to social isolation and loneliness; struggling with mood disorders/depression can affect one’s conversational flow or even self confidence thus making others perceive them differently(talk less). Other mentally related factors include anxiety disorder-compromising an individuals ability to handle social interactions (nervous laughter etc).

Attitude Is Everything!

Have you noticed that some people are always well liked and they hardly ever find themselves in situations where they feel rejected socially? Well, attitude do play a big role.

Being Arrogant

“No one can tell me what to do;I know everything”
This type of self-centeredness is usually a recipe for disaster. Would wanna be friends with an individual who doesn’t seem ‘open-minded’? To win peoples’ hearts(not literally) it’s important that you let everyone around you know how much you value their input/efforts made towards developing common interests(even if it’s just learning new recipes or playing video games) . People cherish feeling valued rather than being manipulated.

Being Too Self-Conscious

As much as confidence helps build this innate sense of likeability from others(we usually gravitate towards people radiating happy-go-lucky dispositions),too much self-consciousness on the other hand could lead down south( a lonely path)… Always trying too hard impress others by either taking credit for achievements, wanting admiration more often & base conversations solely on yourself(Like really? We don’t care about your dog, Pepper’s hair-do.) Loosen up! Relax around others and share positive vibes.

Sometimes external factors such as neighborhood,inborn traits can affect ones behavior regarding building friendships and relating better with peers especially when young(Lack worthy role-models/) but still,nurture-our developmental background-has proffed substantial effects.

Family BackGround Can Make A Difference

Most times our nuclear family shapes our opinion regarding authority figures, our worth in society/independece-the first source we encounter[ideally]. So coming from say unhealthy clashing household(new wife Vs ex-wife drama) or severely abusive childhood places undeservingly high expectations Which might be projected towards other people/ taken for granted causing folks to shy away more oftenly.

Culture & Religions May have an Influence

Living in a different city or country becomes tough sometimes. With new traditions,especially when emulating different religions, trying not offend locals unintentionally produces the most awkward smiles ever experienced on this planet(food and mannerisms too).

In conclusion,the reasons so far stated could serve as plausible explanations to why you feel rejected socially ;whether it’s poor dressing,self conscious vibes or poor mental health status . It’s necessary albeit difficult,to build good relationships with people from all part of your world , even if they are vastly different something that takes time-remember “Rome wasn’t built in one day.”

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