Why am i losing so much hair in the shower?

If you’ve been pulling out more hair from your shower drain than Rapunzel, don’t worry. You’re certainly not alone in this struggle — hair loss is a common issue for many people around the world.

But what exactly causes excessive shedding of hair while you are taking a shower? In this article, we’ll bring some insight into why there might be an increased amount of hair on your comb after washing that luscious mane.

A Case of Normal Shedding

To start with, it’s important to know that losing up to 100 strands of hair each day is normal and natural- before entering panic mode. This loss occurs as part of our regular growth cycle where old hairs fall out making room for new ones to grow instead. However alarming it may sound, worrying won’t do anything but further exacerbate the situation.

Stress Levels Exaggerating Hair Loss

Feeling stressed lately? You’re most likely wearing it on your head! According to studies, stress can trigger an ‘exogen’ phase that results in more rapid and noticeable shedding—also known as physical or emotional shock. Although some degree of alopecia (stress-related hair damage) doesn’t occur at all times, reducing anxiety through things like meditation or exercise can potentially help alleviate this problem over time.

Thyroid Malfunctioning & Hair Loss

An oft-overlooked reason behind unusual spikes in daily detachment is due to malfunctions related directly with thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism throughout one’s body including follicles in our scalp; when these malfunction hormone levels go particularly high then metabolic conditions become major influencers behind flatlining tresses right after showers without any apparent pattern behavior shown beforehand such as tight ponytails or usage blowdryers frequently .

Dihydrotestosterone: The Enemy Within

DHT (or dihydrotestosterone) -what even is that you ask? It’s a sex hormone often related to those who are genetically predisposed for pattern hair loss in their lifetime. But let’s spend some time exploring how exactly it accentuates increased hair shedding during showers.

DHT leads to the miniaturization of hair follicles, mainly via shortening that eventually starves them leaving “waning cycles” which only produce small hairs known as vellus- leading to similar behavior mentioned above with stress stimulation effects at play; weakened strands slip off like butter effortlessly under water pressure commonly seen when the shower faucet is turned on.

Genetics And The Plain Unlucky Factor

Inheriting a naturally fine head of locks may also hold true for individuals prone toward alopecia due purely based upon unlucky genes sequences floating around within families’ DNA structures inducing subsequent generations by repetitions causing vulnerabilities targeting male and female gender groups respectively. Hair disorders resulting from genetics factors differ depending on ethnicity such as Androgenetic Alopecia more apparent among Caucasian, African American males who have curly textured tresses whilst others fit perfectly into Females Pattern Hair Loss (FPH); reducing genetic advantages steeped into genomes should be tried out first before jumping to conclusions about potential causes without getting proper written up medical evaluations done no matter why an individual believes they’re losing so many hairs after examining events taking place beforehand over last 12 months thoroughly.

Is Diet Really Influential?

Consuming sea lions or living like Vegans what is connected between both seemingly diverse lifestyles—one thing prominently stands apart —proteins found through food choices made directly impacting quality long-lasting coat atop our heads! Since amino acid building blocks forming proteins, switching things up nutrition-wise perhaps avoiding so-called carb diets people tend choose nowadays instead emphasizing intake veggies leafy greens high rich omega -3 fatty acids amongst all available nutrients promote possible positives reversing positive development if caught early enough reducing overall amount lost during shower time quickly.

The Curse of Amino-Cutting Vitamins

B-vitamins will always be a part of our basic function; from energy production to neurological system growth, we can hardly afford to neglect establishing or keeping these regimens essential for daily body upkeep. But! Sometimes despite best efforts some vitamins might end up low as per personal metabolism rate thereby required supplementation efforts ought yield gains markedly improvings hair outcomes severely impacted otherwise just by lack thereof nutritionally savvy lifestyles adopted over time.

Triggers Potential Factors
Hormonal imbalances Thyroid disorders
Growth phase interruptions
DHT chains

| GeneticsFactors | Issues related patterns |
Male–and female baldnesses respectively |

Rounding Up

There could be several reasons behind your shedding epidemic, so it’s crucial not to panic if you’re starting to notice an increase in detached tresses after washing them away in water. Understanding the root causes may help you better manage your locks—rehabs way include remaining aware of healthy dietary choices besides using top-of-the-line products designed exclusively for dealing with this problem instead piling on harmful chemicals that end exacerbating underlying issues deeply ingrained below surface-level appearance do nothing but worsen symptoms causing undue alarm doubt oneself creeping doubts over worthiness physical attractiveness.

Remember- It’s ok losing some hairs now and then because it is natural -but it requires prompt action when more than what’s deemed standard fall out unexpectedly get flushed down shower drains regularly heavy damage underneath unseen normally should warrant seeking thorough medical guidance before DIY’ing especially since pinpoint sources hard without proper background knowledge since every person’s individual experience unique from rest.

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