Why am i itchy all over all of a sudden?

Do you suddenly feel like your whole body is on fire and it makes you want to scratch every inch of your skin? Are you tired of constantly being blamed for having bed bugs when the real answer is much more complicated? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answers. In this article, we’ll explore some possible reasons why you might be experiencing itchiness all over suddenly.

Introducing Our Skin

Before diving into the causes of sudden itchiness all over, it’s important that we understand our skin. Our entire body is covered with what’s called integumentary system; an organ system comprised mostly by our largest organ -the skin-. The human skin has three main layers: the epidermis (the outermost layer), dermis (middle layer) and subcutis or fat layer.

Hormones Going Wild

Hormones are amazing things. They regulate everything from growth to metabolism but they also have side-effects! One thing that happens with hormonal changes is intense itching. Here are some examples:


When women go through menopause, their bodies stop producing as many hormones- like estrogen– which regulates heat distribution among other functions. As a result, a decline in estrogen levels can cause weird sensations in different parts or hypodermisof their body including dryness or even rashes.^


Pregnancy affects pretty much every single hormone in a woman’s body as well: progesterone, estrogen and prolactin increase during pregnancy which causes plenty of physical transformations.(1) Some studies suggest that almost half^2 of expecting mommas will experience PUPPP- short for pruritic urticarial papules and plaques- ,a very nasty rash-like skin condition usually located around bellies-giving terrible discomfort.

Autoimmune Diseases

Our immune system is usually responsible for attacking infection trying to penetrate our body- That’s how they keep us healthy. However, sometimes our own immune cells get confused and begin attacking parts of our own integumentary system which can lead to numerous autoimmune diseases.


Psoriasis is a skin condition that makes cells build up rapidly on the surface of the skin within days rather than weeks.^1 As those excess skins die off quicker than usual, intense itching and burning sensations may happen along with red patches through your scalp, torso or even on your face.


It’d be funny if it werent so bad :'(

Lupus causes different symptoms in several organs throughout life- including hair loss or lethargy – but what we’re interested here are its cutaneous effects. You could develop something called dermatitis during lupus flare-ups — characterized by rashes all over^4 which include tiny red spots overall resembling lichen

Medication Side Effects

One particular side effect of medications like opiates (painkillers) is pruritus -also known as itchy skin-which can frequently evolve into an all-consuming itchiness. Likewise, other medicines against hypertension like diuretics have been nicely established triggers of this type of allergic reaction. In some cases it leads people to unbearable amount of scratching their arms repeatedly till bleeding ensues since scientists have not exactly figured why. Here are some more medication examples:

Medicine Effect
Morphine Analgesic
Ranitidine Histamine blocker

In conclusion, there isn’t a unique answer about why you suddenly feel so tempted to scratch every inchofyourbody; hormones from different periods in life twist&turn everything upside-down,! having hereditary history increases unexpectedness apparently,, medicine hides loads… ugh! Therefore, don’t hesitate to reach out to your health care professional whenever you encounter a sudden change in itchiness or have been suffering from persistent itching!.

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