Why am i holding back my feelings?

Have you ever found yourself pretending not to care about something when in reality, it deeply bothers you? Do you constantly feel like holding back your feelings when interacting with others? If yes, then my friend, you have a problem.

Holding back emotions might seem like the easy way out – but trust me; it’s not! Suppressing your feelings can lead to several issues in life that could be avoided by speaking up. So why exactly do we hold back our emotions even when they tend to eat us up from the inside out? Let’s take an entertaining yet informative deep dive into this peculiar issue.

Not Wanting To Appear Weak

The primary reason for holding back our emotions is due to society telling us that showing any signs of vulnerability makes one appear weak. As evolutionary creatures focused on survival, we associate weakness with danger and inadequacy a stigma that remains embedded within us today. However much better off civilization has become since caveman times, the emotion suppression approach continues as people aim for perfection or invincibility.

Sadly enough, many are scared of addressing their truest selves just because they don’t want others around them thinking less of who they believe themselves to be. We forget that expressing ourselves is a natural part of being human and engendered emotional regulation can make things great again.

Fear Of Rejection & Misunderstanding

There may also come moments where revealing yourself instead ends up with bad feedback on opinions which further dissuades someone from opening up emotionally anymore.

People suffering from trauma or broken relationships usually carry those scars throughout lifetime experiences leading them never brave enough towards taking risks resulting in more misery than happiness overall.

Talking about these wounds stirs pain long residing under old memories complicating situations often indulging either rejection if handled wrong causing lasting shame between parties unsure how handle negative aspects behind sharing such personal details/thoughts/feelings.

Trust Issues with Friends and Loved Ones

Humans love to form bonds, but trust is an entirely inimitable matter. Even close relationships tend to be fraught with a lack of emotional depth due to doubts surrounding trust issues when it comes down to opening up correctly. It’s understandable; one can never be sure that their loved ones will always understand them as well as they hope they would.

In these scenarios, many individuals prefer not sharing much for fear of judgment or expressing themselves because letting people know who you are inside also exposes certain weaknesses within oneself/hurtful experiences we had in life gone through before that lingers causing more complications again instead easing tension between parties involved taking risks at last second notice leaving behind unhealthy advances just around the corner waiting out there potentially seeping into other aspects quietly resurfacing without warning following misinterpretation usually leading nowhere fast except downward spirals.

Society Demands Emotional Suppression from Men

Society has brainwashed men into believing that showing emotions makes them less manly – another anomaly perpetuated by our prehistoric instinct towards what’s considered vulnerable.

As those hormonal surges come flooding boys’ bodies during puberty periods, their emotions go haywire too. The need for acceptance into society compels young men to act differently towards women so as not appear feminine/exposing seeming vulnerability placing them yet higher pedestal in the social stratosphere you might say under such guidelines often detrimental when practiced heavily thus compounded looking ahead toward achieving something better than nothing achieved prior a rarity among most men who have grown accustomed past limiting beliefs holding within emotionally acting out rather than releasing inner turmoil convoluted deeply intuitional systems begging spotlight today exponentially harder because societal norms disagreeing with being open about internal struggles faced personally doesn’t align favorably either way expected anymore.”

It’s great now knowing why holding back emotions is terrible for you, but what’s further down the road ahead? Here are a few practical tips to help liberate your emotional side:

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness practices such as meditation or deep breathing can assist in achieving inner peace and an improved mental position when it comes to expressing emotions. These techniques quieten the mind and enable thoughts to move freely, leaving enough room for individuals to cope with whatever is going on inside.

Embrace Your Authenticity

Expressing yourself authentically helps those around us understand better who we are. Although being transparent might not give everyone a perfect picture of our persona, it improves relationships’ overall output – one step towards breaking down that wall of suppression.

Therapy & Support Groups

Professional therapy services exist if lacking self-confidence trying opening up internally about certain personal experiences/feelings won’t likely end well unless addressed by a counselor seeking solace through group counseling sessions great way sharing common hardships feeling connected/having healthy ideas coming elsewhere potential friendships forming supportive networks reflecting better community understanding/team building necessary growth as an individual from new experiences ever-growing relationships/discussions had between attendees wanting more out of life encouraging pushing above limits competing against others striving together accomplishing fantastic things over time generating positive outcomes continuously carving paths just waiting exploration preceding unwanted advances within factors involved negatively affecting other peers similar situations held back long-standing guilt.

Suppressing feelings only leads to explosions at some point causing irreparable damage both mentally/emotionally resulting harsher consequences nobody wants being distressed/tension-filled rather than relieving anxiety by confiding into others embracing human vulnerability welcomed emotionally ready pressing forward adventuring deeper aspects otherwise unknown willing explore beyond previous circumstances taken lightly bearing brunt punishment unwillingness open underperforming pressure society has set upon us all these years holding onto blind beliefs keeping emotion locked tightly away indefinitely changing wrong direction today knowing full well humanity needs encouragement uplifting personalities focusing strengths maximizing talents discovering treasures overlooked long enough already within obtainable grasp sharing that knowledge with others.