Why am i having so many hot flashes?

If you’re experiencing hot flashes, don’t freak out just yet. It’s a common symptom that both men and women can experience. Don’t worry; you’re not going through early onset hot potato syndrome.

What Exactly are Hot Flashes?

A hot flash is basically the feeling of sudden heat or warmth spreading throughout your body, often accompanied by sweating profusely. The most prominent trigger for menopausal women comes when there is a sudden decrease in estrogen levels leading to lowered amounts of blood flow to important parts of the body like the genitals which we all know how frustrating this can be (isn’t it obvious?).

Men: Yes! You Can Also Experience Them Too!

Just because they’re commonly associated with women suffering from menopause doesn’t mean that they spare men either (Sorry Bros!) . Your testicles suddenly dropping on temperatures could come knocking too (nowadays no one wants cold eggs maybe except those without scientific explanations) making you feel excessively warm and sweaty at unwanted times much like female counterparts so let’s explore possible causes why skin melanin wetness as previously described won’t stop causing constant “can someone turn down that damn thermostat” moments.

There are several reasons why you may be experiencing excessive sweating and temperature spikes.

Perimenopause /Menopause Hormonal Imbalances—Blame Those Hormones

When estrogen production decreases, hypothalamus -which controls various hormonal needs- tends to act confused sending impulses towards peripheral blood vessels (Think arms toes etc)resulting in dilation & flushing hence heat rushes which then initiate compensatory mechanisms such as lack of glucose converted into energy then fatigue followed closely by hunger pangs partly explains weight gain noticed by many during this phase; Intense physical exercise also worsens these symptoms but some conventional drugs manage them effectively.(Fingers crossed)

Taking hormone replacement therapy or contraceptives (Yes!– it’s perhaps the only time where Dr. Dre made sense “Ain’t nothin but a G thang baby!”) can help stabilize hormone levels hence reduce hot flashes intensity and recurrence.

However, according to recent studies, these drugs have been linked to an increase in breast cancer risk over long-term use- This potentially leaves woman caught between perimenopausal symptoms and thriving or avoiding fallacies of carcinoma complicating the choice of beginning treatment.

Stress — Slow Down!

If you’re experiencing high-stress levels lately such as deadlines at work,family arguments or even lifestyle changes like moving houses might leave your hypothalamus on overdrive . Emotional stress causes elevated cortisol(let’s call them henchmen) levels which among other things stimulate muscle contraction leadiing into sweating as well as increased respiratory rate both intended to regulate body temperature under attack from panic-like emotions that may be triggered by memory recall or environmental triggers.(funky pheromones)

Long-Term measures designed for calming exercises such as yoga ,listening to soft melodies ;meditation et cetera ensure hormonal balances are regained gradually prventively minimizing frequency of “near-death” overheating moments because sometimes being sexy isn’t what one is going for when you step out looking like Mama Aboyo conjuring up some smoke outta nowhere.

Are you ready? Let’s explore how various diets contribute greatly towards unbearable climate change within our bodies; brace yourselves -the solution is rather simple though so don’t worry!

We all have differrent dietary experiences due primarily to cultural factors & accessibility; here’re some primary culprits;

Caffeine |Jabba Jive!

Coffee drinkers know this too well—you barely finish your cup off Starbucks tumbler then suddenly chest pounding intense burning sensations matches those jet fumes steaming off Ataturk International Airport. Much like stress, caffeine aka comfort in a mug stimulates the adrenal glands (small cone-shaped glands situated at kidneys lower poles) to release dopamine as well Epinephrine/adrenaline(Which is released when you’re about going into shock) which then proceed to cause increased heart rate heightening phases of fight-and-flight response. Hence; sweating more trying such beverages out! Try it if you doubt me.

Spicy Food : Up In Smoke!

Love eating spicy foods but can’t handle the heat? Then this could be your trigger – chilies cause dilation of blood vessels leading to that flushing sensation we all dread (Que pasa mi hermano? ¡Estás sudando como un pollo en la mesa de cena!) So while at your favorite Tex-Mex joint or Thai restaurant, avoid overindulging in something that will ultimately make turn yourself into “The Human Torch” no matter how much love Torchy’s has for you (ok fanatics I hear ya.. there’s just some things our bodies aren’t always ok with) .

Apart from dietary factors and hormonal changes; lifestyle determinants have been evidenced as being contributing causes towards hot flashes:

Cigarette Smoking — One More Reason To Quit

For those who thought cigarettes only had one consequence- lung cancer…THINK AGAIN. Apart from damaging lungs with tar deposits& hindering oxygen flow, smoking also interfere with estrogen metabolism , essentially worsening peri-menopausal symptoms especially intense thermoregulation.(A bunch of unhappy ladies nod their heavy heads).

Quitting helps greatly toward reduction intensity & frequency severity levels seen after quit date.

Alcohol consumption—Big Boy Booze!

Alcohol might seem like a good idea during stressful times.But bear witness,luckily anything good here comes in moderation or not even attempt taking any.Therefore,the body metabolic pathways breaks down alcohol molecule produces Acetaldehyde which dilates blood vessels making skin flush hence the underlying sensation of warmth brought on by intense partying;Even worse, some mixes contain “histamines” with potential to cause heightened hot flashes even amongst people who rarely experiences them.

Modern medicine has evolved greatly and effective options catering towards individuals experiencing various forms of discomfort related to hot flashes abound such as:

  • Hormonal replacement therapy- reduces symptoms effectively (See paragraph 1 above)
  • Anti-depressants — mood stabilizing drugs also seen help reduce problem severity
    -Chilling mat/ Blanket or ‘Rabbit Ears Pillow’ to avoid overheating!
    -Cooler surroundings whether natural or artificial(Ahhhhh relieving)
    -Low dose SSRI antidepressant;e.g -paroxetine.
    -Sage herb tea: Takes a few weeks for efficacy but it helps curb intense heat episodes experienced in menopause.
    -Avoid smoking when trying reduce intensity levels.(Ask your Doc!)


In conclusion folks, whenever you experience prolonged bouts of uncontrollable sweating coupled with sudden surges of extreme warmth during their prime(meaning not there yet..But if so ,then join us at the top),hot flashes might be happening. Excessive stress ;poor diet & lifestyle choices can exacerbate these symptoms significantly. Seek local medication recommendations as that one now works following recent breakthroughs in modern medicine development have provided ample avenues towards remedying these side effects. Remember certain aspects like proper sleep hygiene plays vital role towards overall hormonal balance-pamper yourself-sleep more sometimes!