Why am i getting seizures?

If you’re experiencing seizures, don’t panic yet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re possessed by an evil spirit, or that your brain is secretly turning into mashed potatoes. There are plenty of other reasons why your body might be shaking like a nervous Chihuahua.

Understanding Seizures

Seizures occur when there’s abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This can cause changes in behavior, sensation and in some cases loss of consciousness. In simpler terms: it’s like if someone unplugged and plugged back in all the wires in your brain at once giving you an instant reboot! Unfortunately for us humans, this isn’t as helpful as it is for computers.

There are many causes of seizures – some temporary and others more long-term:

Short-Term Causes

Low Blood Sugar

Any sudden dip in blood sugar levels has been known to contribute to having non-epileptic seizures (NES). So keep snacks on hand my friend!


High temperatures – especially among children – can induce febrile convulsions which generally stop on their own without any treatment.

Long-Term Causes

Long-term problems stem from several triggers including:


Epilepsy occurs when there are repeated bouts of abnormal electrical activity going off inside the person’s head with no discernible reason.

Brain Tumor / Cancer

Brain tumors produce structural abnormalities within neural connective tissues thereby causing epileptic symptoms.

It’s not just epilepsy alone that generates seizure incidents– people with autism, cerebral palsy may also experience frequent episodes with no apparent condition such as photosensitive epilepsy which gets triggered by certain light flashes (watch out Tyler Perry’s Madea movies)

Here we will summarize different types of seizures:

Type Of Seizure Features
Generalized seizures Seizures that affect both sides of the brain
Focal Seizures Occur in only one part of the brain

More Causes Of Seizures

Alcohol Withdrawal

Heavy alcohol consumption disturbs brain activity leading to high risk of seizure.

Sleep Deprivation

Lack of quality sleep can often quickly induce and trigger seizures.

Just like having 9 hours of beauty sleep keeps your eyes bright and undereye bags at bay, seizures can also be assisted by good sleeping habits.

Brain Trauma

Traumatic events such as car accidents or sports injuries poke seeds for more drastic medical conditions from epilepsy to getting clusters of episodes.

Genetic factors

Some neurological disorders resulting in epilepsy could occur as a result of gene mutations. So don’t blame yourself just yet!

If you’re experiencing frequent occurrences, it’s best practice let a clinical provider evaluate the situation before embarking on any form treatments.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Knowing why you are facing moments tucked away frothing at the mouth helps immensely in its management. If diagnosed with Epilepsy, medication may help stabilize abnormal activities within neural communication.
For other cases behavioral therapies adjustments together with an adequate physician examination will suffice -the key is following their recommendation para-disturbance free life! Next time when someone asks ‘Why am I getting seizures?’, redirect them here!

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