Why am i always tired teenager?

Picture this: you’re a teenager who just wants to stay up all night playing video games, scrolling through Instagram, or talking on the phone with your BFFs. But when morning rolls around, you feel like you’ve been hit by a Mack truck. You drag yourself out of bed and spend the entire day feeling exhausted, even if you got plenty of sleep.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry! You’re not alone in wondering why am I always tired teenager? There are actually several reasons why teenagers often feel more tired than other age groups. Let’s take a closer look at some possible causes and solutions to your teenage fatigue woes.

Hormones are running wild

Ah yes, puberty – that lovely time in life where our bodies undergo rapid changes thanks to tons of hormones flooding our systems. While these hormones serve an important purpose (like developing adult physical characteristics), they can also wreak havoc on our energy levels.

During adolescence,your body produces melatonin later at night compared to adults which maeks it difficult for teens to sleeap early enought as adolescents are experienceing circadian rhythms shifted two hours forward ‘Sleep is extremely important but difficult during teen years,’ says Donna Arand from the Kettering Sleep Disorders Center

Excessive exhaustion could be due to changes in hormone levels.

Your Diet Can Impact Energy Levels

There’s no denying it – what we put into our bodies has an impact on how we feel overall. If you’re constantly feeling fatigued or sluggish as a teenager,take stock of what foods do have protein,vitamins,minerals & fiber content’

It might surprise you how much diet affects energy levels.However Nutritonalist Nicolette Pace ,speaking with Cosmopolitan,says one should avoid coffee,milkshakes,junk food etc after dark .

### How Much Caffeine Are You Consuming?

Maybe you’re one of the teenagers who still consumes caffeine through sodas, energy drinks or chocolates.’Moderating caffeine intake is important otherwise,It may result in sleep disruption,’ cautions Dr. Hayley Saddingtonwho adds that while this might improve your focus for a while,it ultimately increases fatigue long term.This effect could be due to the excessive use or consumption of substances such as analgesics,nicotine & alcohol which prevent the attainment of deep sleep hence increasing tiredness.

Do You Exercise Enough?

While it might sound counterintuitive,regular exercise can actually boost mood and energy levels in teenagers.Coming up with an easy 5-min workout programme routinely will help staying active and increase metabolism allowing better overall oxygenation .

Not only does physical activity releases endorphins – also known as “feel-good hormones” -but researchers at UK’s Cambridge University found that teens who get enough exercise tend to have better mental health and cognitive functions compared to those who don’t

If going outside for workout seems unimportant then indulge indoors-playing volley ball,podcast yoga circuit training etc instead.

## How Environmental Factors Play A Role In Teenage Tiredness

Another major factor contributing to teenage exhaustion are environmental factors- things like noise pollution ,lack of fresh air et al . These external forces can disrupt sleeping patterns especially if you are hypersensitive .

Some simple tips like minimizing screen time atleast two hours before bed so body temperature returns back to normal else work place environment noise cancelling headphones,mattress quality,fan coiling settings etc all come into play.

### Getting Enough Sleep

Of course,sleep has always been on this list but do we really value our zzzs? I mean c’mon between spending nights scrolling TikTok feeds till morning,binge watching newly released Netflix shows …light exposure resulting from devices interrupts melatonin waves & ultimately disrupts circadian rhythms.

The standard rule for teenagers is 8-10 hours of sleep,so prioritizing time to relax allows body regeneration with good quality rest.

### Sleep Related Disorders

Let’s say you’ve tried everything from establishing a consistent sleeping schedule,given up snacks at night etc but still find it difficult waking up refreshed ..could it be an underlying sleep disorder?

By this I’m referring to things like restless leg syndrome or obstructive apnea – these cause discomfort and interfere with smooth sleeptime .
Talking to specialists regarding treatment options would be ideal & certainly worth a try.

# Conclusion

While tiredness is quite commonplace amongst teenagers,you can kickstart the journey towards improved energy levels by sorting your diet,fighting temptation not being awake till late,balance caffeine usage,outdoor/indoor physical activities ,setting environment around bedroom conducive for snoozing et al. All those tips should set you on track towards feeling well-rested and never again asking why am I always tired teenager?

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