Whole upper body workout?

Are you tired of the same boring upper body workout routine? Do you want to add some excitement and humor to your gym session? Look no further! In this article, we will explore unique exercises that will give your arms, shoulders, chest, and back a whole new meaning.

The Warm-up: Don’t Skip It!

Before starting any exercise regimen or lifting heavyweights, it’s crucial to warm up. A proper warm-up increases blood flow to muscles and helps prevent injuries. Trust me; you don’t want to skip this step.

The standard five-minute cardio

A quick way to get started is by jogging a mile on the treadmill or cycling for five minutes. Once done with cardio, perform these stretches:

  • Shoulder stretch
  • Arm circles
  • Chest stretch

Don’t rush through stretching or half-heartedly do them while thinking about other things like what topping should be on your pizza tonight. Instead, focus completely during each set of stretches.

Ready For Some Fun And Laughter?

Exercise 1: Superhero Push-ups

Let’s start with something simple yet fun – Superhero push-ups! Place two dumbbells on the floor (equivalent weight in each hand), keeping hands together into diamond shape base under the center of the chest when lying down for a pushup. Perform ten reps then take thirty seconds rest before moving onto your next superhero pose!

Diamond shaped weights underneath palms

Note: You may feel like Superman might throw off Batman as he jumps from building-to-building at first attempt.

Exercise 2: Lobster Walks

Now let’s move onto something little more demanding; Lobster walks! Perform ten reps while you crawl to the right and then the left like a lobster. This exercise will work wonders on your chest, shoulders, arms &, of course, activating your fun sensor.

Feet and hands planted firmly

Note: You may have tasted juicy lobsters at restaurants before but trust me performing as one can be quite tough.

Exercise 3: Gorilla Press

Have you ever imagined yourself lifting imaginary weights in front of people in public? Well now’s your chance with the Gorilla press! Hold two dumbbells which matched weight into each hand making gnarly fists put them in front of you keeping elbows bent upwards slightly lean forward squat down lifting heavy suitcases from conveyer belt help fashion some power into those muscles with resistance efforts between both dumbbells during repetition sets adding variations mix up if possible occasionally.

This is what I call being wild

Big victory pose after completing set

Note: Don’t forget to psyche yourself up & let out animalistic grunts & growls.

How About Some Partner Workouts To Entertain?

Exercise 4: Squat Throws

Now we move onto partner workouts where laughter inspires intensity. Pairing yourself off against someone for Squat throws’ rhythmic motion adds another challenge besides entertaining laughs. Stand back-to-back with a partner keeping feet shoulder-width apart facing outward. Simultaneously bend knees lowering hips towards ground assuming a squat position until thighs are roughly parallel to floor. With explosive force, extend hips upward tossing medicine ball towards left as partner catches it (reverse the movement by tossing right next). Do ten reps each side.

Performance of Squat Throws

Note: I guarantee some funny commentary may be necessary during this workout!

Exercise 5: High Five Push-ups

Who said push-ups had to be done alone? Partner up and proceed with “high five” pushups. Get into a high plank position facing your partner in between two towels or plates perform regular push up till finished pushing upwards on alternative legs whereupon you can high-five each other while simultaneously congratulating one another for surviving.

Ready for the next rep!

Note: Every round should have an inspirational pose at the end.


Working out doesn’t have to leave you bored, sore, sleepy limbs blowing like flags in summer wind; vary exercises makes them more fun laughter filled experiences along with increasing overall vital upper body strength defining thatched roofing muscles scorching casual observers’ eyeballs!

So go ahead and try these routines given a maximum effort opportunity you’ll surely enjoy forgetting boredom sticking around make sure things remain lively noisy sweaty & crazy abandoning all concerns about anyone watching – remember why we train then achieve unimaginable results through hearty work cheering loud feisty actions within humorous upper body workouts causing youthful energy prevail forevermore reigning over every single non-workout individual who mistakenly overlooked true potential of tons of wit-infused upper body exercise.

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