Whole body edema medical term?

We all have heard or read about how the body’s water balance system works, but what happens when it fails, and you get that nasty swelling on your feet? That’s when we start to think of medical terms like “Whole Body Edema”. Now, this may be a serious condition for some people; however, we are going to make it funny. You might ask, ‘how?!’ Well, buckle up because we’re just getting started.

What is Whole-Body Edema?

Shakespeare once said “to bloat or not to bloat”, well no he didn’t but if he was living in our times with all these maladies around us; who knows? Edema, commonly referred to as bloating (well okay maybe) is the retention of fluid within the tissues in the body. Usually this results from an imbalance between filtration and reabsorption and so causes tissues throughout your body to swell. This can lead to discomforts like pressure due to skin stretching followed by pain which will result in lessened mobility.

How Serious Can It Be?

One thing about edema is that its severity varies from person-to-person depending on their underlying health status. Some individuals with mild edemas may experience little-to-no distress whilst others experiencing moderate/severe stage become severely disabled with difficulty breathing.

Common Symptoms

Normally swelling occurs at lower extremities first then travels upwards until they reach full bodied extent.

Common symptoms include:
– Swollen stomach
– Swollen arms/legs (commonly ankle)
– Skin impression
– Rapid weight gain
(Okay let’s not joke about gaining weight rapidly.)

There are numerous reasons why one would experience whole-body edema: here’s your fill on what could cause you tipping over (no pun intended).

Congestive Heart Failure

Edema is mostly observed with eventual congestive heart failure. This occurs when the blood flow of the ventricles in your heart are weak, and they start to back-flow into veins causing fluid accumulation. With time you will observe generalized edema throughout different parts of your body(what a scary observation). This often happens because gravity pulls all that excess fluid downwards creating spotty symptoms.

Lymphatic System Dysfunction

”Lymph-one’s in trouble” After serious burns or surgical procedures there might be damage or trauma to various organs which interrupts normal lymph drainage. The Lympathic system was created for immune defense; however, things like tumors could lead to interruption resulting in lymphedema(commonly unilateral limb).

Kidney Damage

The kidneys play an essential role removing toxins and balancing electrolytes accordingly. However kidney malfunction due to diuretics/renal disease means increased plasma volume which results in swelling,tissue damage of kidneys etc.

This can exacerbate other medical conditions such as Liver cirrhosis,lung diseases or Blood clots.
So if no cause now,I believe hypoxia alone may spontaneously induce full-body drop cycles.(A little science-funny-humor)

Medications Side-Effects

That’s right folks medicine can also bring out some funny moments especially when one takes them un-prescribed by your doctor afterwards taking herbal natural remedies after eating stinky fish soup(you know what I’m talking about..). Alright back on track here medication-induced edemas comes most commonly pain medications like NSAids, Vasodilators and antidepressants too! Also talking about introducing a new drug regime/new-hopeful drugs side-effects may come from any innocuous looking pill.

Prevention is always better than cure so it’s best we focus on tips & tricks that help prevent this condition since we already know how not-so-funny it truly is.

Low Sodium Diet

That’s right folks diet! The energy source you need and consume every day could also be a great preventative measure against bloating. Try ensuring your meals are low on sodium as that will lessen the amount of water being stored up in tissues resulting in lesser swelling,none of that puffy look – plus hypertension (blood pressure). Is minimized.

Good Hydration

“Water Do We Have Here?” quenched the thirsty swellers all around. During late pregnancy or just being seated for hours at a stretch without movement this is one thing we frequently forget – hydration! Viscous blood gets harder to pump around when laden with thick plasma so stay hydrated always!

Elevate those feet and light exercise

This might seem kid stuff but elevation goes well for preventing body edemas.One interesting observation that stuck out humerously was “Don’t raise your hope high like an airplane,but do if you’re legs are swellin’ long brotha”

A easy way to accomplish this fun goal would be using two stacked foam yoga blocks also make sure doing rhythmic leg movements occasionally either walking/tense-relax cycles

Wrapping everything up,you have now understood what causes Whole-Body Edema and what hilarious moments may lie down waiting for you outside your daily footsteps regarding such sickness-y terms? Remember prevention is essential! Besides, an incomplete knowledge here may land normal people like us in trouble.”The more(the laughs), The Merrier”(Lester Lanin).

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