Whole body eczema breakout?

Have you ever suffered from eczema? If yes, then you know the struggle. It’s not just a minor itch- it’s a full-blown nightmare that can keep you up all night. Eczema is an inflammatory skin condition that causes redness and itching, and in some cases blistering and bleeding of the affected areas.

For some unlucky individuals out there, this inflammation doesn’t just happen on one or two small areas; their entire body becomes covered in red patches of dry, itchy skin. This condition is called whole body eczema breakout and let me tell you: it’s not for the faint hearted! Here are some things to consider if you have found yourself dealing with a whole-body outbreak:

What Causes Whole Body Eczema Breakout?

Unfortunately, there isn’t really one single cause identified as responsible for whole-body outbreaks of eczema? However certain factors tend to trigger flare-ups such as –

Food allergies

Our digestive system plays a vital role when it comes to what happens on our skin. Some common food allergens like wheat products,dairy,citrus fruit,and eggs commonly trigger breakouts


We might think stress only affects us mentally but alas no..Physical symptoms manifest too.So have those coping mechanisms in place!

Environment factors

Climate also seems to play a part.so move away from dryer climates or anywhere where temperature fluctuations occur.

Despite understanding these triggersone may often fails to control the onset hence preventing anyone from regulating outbreaks sporadically experienced.

Managing Your Symptoms

If your body has become an unfortunate watering hole for potential mosquito breeding thanks to constant scratching,below are tips suggested by dermatologists :

  • Use moisturizer without additives ,choose fragrance-free creams,oil-like moisturizers chosen purely based off whether they fit your pocket.
  • Bring down shaving intensity
    Itching after is equally painful so it’s best to use electric shavers or trim some areas off with scissors

  • Avoid irritants
    Wear gloves when washing dishes, shower with lukewarm water and avoid long hot baths!

Understanding Medications That Help

If my guess is right, just by reading these tips,two things would have happened:
– you hanker for relief…
– and are yearning to know about medical remedies

So here’s what the doc likely prescribes :

Topical steroids and creams

Using topical corticosteroids/creams that contain hydrocortisone acid applied directly onto the skin can help reduce inflammation. The potency depends on eczema severity


These target certain cells in your immune system helping relieve itchingand redness.

But medication doesn’t always include pills other less traditional treatments such as UV light therapy alongside relaxation techniques like CBD oil might provide a different type of ease altogether.

A whole body outbreak often changes how an individual views themselves both internally especially around self confidence/self esteem levels.However,this isn’t all bad news because we believe diverting personal energy into positive hobbies will bring composure replacing hopelessness.So let that artistic side flourish!Is Dancing your thing?Perhaps its jazz,xopvhin/a little salsa ?
Give yourself one reason each day ‘why’ you’re awesome.Will do wonders friends!

Let’s not forget support from family,friends ,support groups .Often people shy away from discussing this but chatting about personal struggles helps to reflect understanding; opening up gives strength!

Eczema is unpredictable ;the whole-body breakout makes us feel helpless,but taking those tiny steps towards relieving symptoms opens new possibilities.Stress management ,avoidance of irritant products topically and environmentally,making time for proper treatment along with coping mechanisms add significant benefits.

No need to be ashamed especially when dealing with eczema, just know you’re one of many going through the same thing. It’s okay to not be okay;take positive steps and know that things will improve in time!

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