Who were the last 7 presidents?

Are you ready to meet some of the most powerful people on earth? The last seven presidents of the United States – we know them, we have heard their stories and one thing is for sure, they all had distinct personalities. These men took up leadership in a nation full of diversity and complexities. Now get strapped in as we take you through each president’s tenure:

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981)

Let’s start with Jimmy Carter; an American farmer, naval officer who rose to become America’s 39th President from 1977 to 1981. Ladies beware because this man was not only brilliant but attractive as well (just kidding). Known for his honesty and strong moral values, this peanut-farmer-turned-politician tackled issues that were unpopular at that time including energy conservation, health care reforms and international trade agreements.


  • Created Department Of Energy
  • Camp David Accords Peace Treaty between Israel & Egypt
  • Improved human rights

Ronald Reagan (1981-1989)

Enter President number 40 – Ronald Reagan; an actor turned politician known for his charisma both on-screen and off-screen alike. During his eight-year presidency he implemented economic policies aimed at favoring businesses – these policies would be remembered by many as ‘Reagonomics’. Notable highlights include US air strikes against Libya after accusing them of sponsoring terrorism.


  • Negotiated nuclear disarmament with Soviet Union
  • Pershing II missile deployment in Europe
    -Air strikes against Libyan Terrorist groups

George H.W Bush (1989–1993)

Say hello to president #41 – no other than George H.W Bush, a veteran from World War II who became head marshal alongside several notable achievements during his administration like enacting Americans with Disabilities Act into law . During Bush Sr.’s tenure, he also faced a host of world events including the dissolution of the Soviet Union.


  • Gulf war
  • National American with Disabilities Act enforced into Law
  • Fall of Berlin wall

Bill Clinton (1993–2001)

Third time’s a charm! America’s 42nd President – Bill Clinton; an attorney who served two terms from 1993 to 2001. Best known for his charisma and love for fast food, jazz music, and cigars … oh wait! we seem to have strayed off-topic there. His administration saw legislation on issues like gun control and free trade agreements among others pass under his watch. He also signed North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) dutifully.


  • Family Medical Leave Act passed
  • Surplus budget in last years
    -North American Free Trade Agreement Signed

George W. Bush (2001–2009)

You might remember him as ‘Dubya’ but most formally recognised as America’s 43rd president – George W Bush took the reins at one of the most tumultuous times in America with several notable achievements such as initiating The War on Terror & No Child Left Behind Act


-Terrorist attacks against United States
-War On Terror started
-No child left behind Acts Passed

Barack Obama (2009–2017)

Behold! President #44 (Barack Obama) – an African-American former constitutional law professor hailing from Hawaii serving two terms during which he pursued policies aimed achieving healthcare reform, reducing greenhouse emissions among other things

-Medical health care bill passed
-Created office independent voter redistricting commission
-Iran Nuclear Deal Initiated

Donald Trump (2017–2021)

Last but not least… We present you number #45 A.K.A ‘The Tweet Master’ (Donald J Trump); famed business tycoon and former reality television star who served for four years until his presidency came to an end in January 2021, after a turbulent period marked by several controversies.


  • Tax cuts passed
    -Space Force Created
    -First president to be impeached twice

Are you still with us? Yes? Great! Our presidential journey has come full circle. We hope you enjoyed getting reacquainted with some of America’s most beloved/ reviled leaders in recent history. Until next time folks!