Who watches reality tv statistics?

You may think that only the most desperate and vapid people watch reality television, but you’d be wrong. People from all walks of life tune in to see amateur chefs create disasters on “Hell’s Kitchen” or bachelors profess their love to multiple women on “The Bachelor.” But who exactly is watching these shows? Let’s dive into some surprising statistics.

The Demographic Breakdown

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just teenage girls and stay-at-home moms who are avid viewers of reality TV. In fact, a study conducted by Nielsen found that:


  • 18-34 year olds make up the largest viewing demographic at 38%
  • 35-49 year olds come in second at 29%
  • Those over age 50 account for only 26% of viewership

Interesting how those over age fifty would rather be out living their lives than sifting through catfights and breakups on “Real Housewives.”


While there are variations in different shows’ audiences, overall:

  • Women make up roughly two-thirds (!!) of the audience
  • This holds true across all ages except for under-aged individuals where boys take lead by small numbers (whew!)


Think only lower-income households have time for garbage like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”? Think again!

Reality Television is embraced by middle-class families too! A report from Exstreamist.com showed that the median household income for folks regularly tuning into unscripted series was $75K ($85K if we count SuperFans)- higher than either daytime soap operas or network news programs.

So with such wide appeal, what can explain this larger trend?

Why Are We So Obsessed?

Are we really so bored as a society that sniping personalities & endless drama are considered entertaining?

Of course not! Reality TV has changed as much the landscape of television since people had to get up to change channels. It‘s also the closest that most viewers could get behind a “Fourth Wall” on professional sets or stages, and an earnest exploration into the lives of characters - who figuratively live next door.

And if you think about it, reality TV is one of those rare genres (if we can even call it that) where everyday!


As humans, Our own experiences are frequently boring, mundane and predictable. We long for diversion — A way to forget our problems and daily ennui (Google search: what does ennui mean?). Reality shows provide low-commitment escape vehicle with which we can thrill at others’ attempts,tasks or personal failures..

“It’s easier now than ever before,” says pop culture expert Melinda Lewis in an interview with Forbes magazine. “We all have our phones and tablets within reach constantly— why wouldn’t you find solace through Alfonso Ribeiro making great food dishes?”

In today’s constantly overwhelming world of politics news† , celebrity scandals & 9-5 grind ††… Sometimes breaks like these make dealing-out hard-crushing situations easier:

“When I’m watching ‘Storage Wars,’ nothing else matters—I’m immersed,” explains Emily Franklin in East Lansing Michigan.. “It takes me out of my head for a bit.”

Ever chose to watch American Ninja Warrior over checking how many work emails are waiting? Guilty!

Personal Relevance

The amazing appeal offered by reality tv isn’t just limited to unrealistic stunts & fabricated personalities,. One unique feature is its ability touch every single aspect probably your life -Relationships whether romantic/ familial /collegial , self-development issues like health upgrades or emotional IQ improvement.

Shows like ‘Survivor‘ teach structure real-world problem-solving strategies while Dancing With The Stars encourages self-improvement over mindless spectation. Then there are those that center around entrepreneurship, home improvement, cooking or remodeling of which everybody is an eternal student.

After all – We’ve all got things we’d love to improve on!

Final Tally

While reality television isn’t everyone’s cup of unwatchable tea, as most critics ever so keen to point out, it proves itself time and again as a guilty pleasure &  popular pastime for the modern viewer. Whether considered for immersion or personal growth opportunities; – There’s definitely something in it for everyone.“

So… who’s ready for “Survivor: Island of Impending Doom” tonight? I’ll bring some popcorn- extra salt, butter PLUS added cheese flakes!

P.S: Thanks… Kardashians!