Who sells epsom salt?

Are you looking to relax in a hot bath after a long day? Are you an athlete in need of some post-workout recovery? Maybe you just want to create some unique DIY crafts. Whatever your reason may be, epsom salt is the perfect solution for all your needs. But where can you find it? Let’s explore who sells epsom salt.

What is Epsom Salt?

Before we dive into finding out who sells epsom salt, let’s first understand what it actually is despite its deceiving name, it’s not actually made from salt!

Epsom salt is chemically known as magnesium sulfate and was originally discovered in a town called Epsom in Surrey, England (hence its name!). It looks like regular table salt but has quite the different chemical composition.

While magnesium sulfate isn’t technically “salt,” it still has numerous benefits – whether that be for soaking muscles or creating at-home beauty treatments. Magnesium plays a critical role in our bodies by helping regulate over 300 enzymes, reducing inflammation in joints and muscles, improving blood circulation/detoxification, reducing stress/anxiety levels… and I could go on!

So if any of that sounds appealing keep reading!

Why Use Epsom Salt?

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what taking bubbles baths are like – they feel soothing even though we’re not fully certain why they help us so much! The answer might lie within the essential mineral content found naturally occurring within epsom salts.

Here are just some of the reasons why people swear by using epsom salts:

  • Helps soothe tired muscles
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Reduces inflammation & swelling
  • Good source of pain relief
  • Can help combat skin condition(s)
    • Relieve sunburns
    • Banish acne/breakouts
    • Fight foot odour
  • Helps increase sleeping patterns
  • Perfect DIY ingredient for homemade beauty treatments

Where Can You Find Epsom Salt?

Now that you’re convinced to give epsom salt a try, the next step is finding it. Here are some options:

Brick & Mortar Shops:

Brick and mortar stores may be the go-to for picking up everyday items – however, not all local shops carry this product.

Here are some big name businesses where you can find epsom salts:

Name Locations
Walmart Nationwide
CVS Pharmacy Nationwide
Target Nationwide
Walgreens Nationwide

Tip: Not every CVS or Walgreens store will have epsom salts in stock. Be sure to check beforehand on their respective websites!

Online Shopping:

If convenience is key – shopping online could be your best bet! However depending on which retailer you choose to use – do note that shipping costs/durations might vary.

Some top picks include:


A million products at our fingertips who doesn’t love Amazon?! They offer multiple brands with plenty of customer reviews ensuring quality control.

Thrive Market

Much like Amazon, Thrive has a robust review section but generally only stocks ethically sourced natural/organic products.


Probably one of the biggest selections available among online retailers; often boasts exclusive health/nutrition brands as well as organic/non-GMO/Cruelty-free varieties

What Exactly Should I Look For When Buying Epsom Salt?

When searching for epsom salt make sure they haven’t added any extra chemicals or fragrances (unless that’s what you’re looking!). A good rule of thumb is if it smells too strong just pass it up.

Instead look out for plain white flakes/crystals/blocks marked “USP grade” otherwise known as being certified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). This guarantees that what you’re taking home is a safe effective product.

Fuel Your Fun Side

One of the lesser-known ways to buy epsom salt is through fun-themed products. Shops like BathSoul stock amusing bath bombs and soap kits that have epsom salts as their main ingredient. That’s 2 for the price of one folks!

Think Outside The Box:

Still looking? Here are three more places where you may find Epsom Salts:

1) Pet Stores
Did we surprise you yet? Turns out, aquarium enthusiasts often use this in their tanks to promote healthy PH levels so they can be found at various pet stores!

2) Farm Supply Chains
Farmers have been using magnesium sulfate in agricultural fertilizers for decades because it helps with soil quality regulation/water retention. Larger farm supply chains should carry bags of “epsomite” or magnesium hydroxide aka natural sources of epsom salt.

3) Direct From Manufacturer
If all else fails – contact manufacturers who produce bulk quantities themselves such as Saltworks in Woodinville, Washington (Disclaimer: some may only ship by freight which might not make sense depending on how much quantity you want).


If improving your health is important then epsome salts definitely deserve a chance to showcase why millenials worldwide swear by them. Remember next time when anybody asks, “Who sells Epsom salt?”- simply refer these shoppable options according to your preferred shopping method.

As always thank-you for reading along and incorporating Mighty Epsoms into your routines! Till next time – Happy Shopping Folks!