Who performs bladder sling surgery?

Ah, bladder sling surgery. Nobody wants it to happen but when your bladder is misbehaving and leaking all over the place, sometimes you just have to wave that white flag of surrender and get some professional help.

But who do you go to for this kind of thing? And what even is a ‘bladder sling’ anyway? Fear not my friends, I’ve got all the answers in this handy-dandy article.

What exactly is a bladder sling?

Let’s start with the basics. A bladder sling is actually short-hand for something called a mid-urethral synthetic mesh tape (MUSMT). Essentially it’s a surgical procedure which involves inserting an artificial mesh under the urethra (the pipe that carries urine out of your body) to give it extra support and prevent any pesky leaks from happening.

Sounds delightful doesn’t it?

Now let’s move on to the main event – who are these brave souls perform such a procedure?


First up we have urogynecologists! These little popcorns specialize in conditions which affect women’s pelvic floor muscles and their urinary tract system. They’ll be able to look at everything going on down there with expert eyes and work their magic accordingly.

If one were so inclined they might say “Ain’t nobody better suited for jiggling around someone else’s lady parts than one o’ them urogyo fellows!” But maybe don’t say that because… eww.


Next we have gynecologists! These doctors aren’t quite as specialized in dealing with issues related specifically to urinary function, instead focusing broadly on female reproductive health more generally.

Still though, considering how much those two systems overlap, many gynecological specialists are well-equipped to tackle problems relating both regions in tandem!

So if you find yourself saying “Girl, I don’t think everything’s right down there if you know what I’m saying,” go ahead and give a gyno a call.


Now how about our male counterparts? Not to worry fellas, we’ve got you covered too. For men who might be experiencing urinary difficulties due to changes in their prostate, or other developments which affect form & function of Mr.Winkie , urologists are typically your best bet.

These professionals specialize in all things relating to the urinary tract system and male reproductive function!

It’s enough for one to say “Geez dudes can’t catch abreak anywhere these days – let a man pee in peace!” but then again some readers may take offense so maybe better leave that unsaid.


And finally we have obstetricians (OB-GYNs) ! While pregnancy isn’t directly related to bladder sling surgery itself, it’s not uncommon for women who’ve given birth vaginally (i.e., pushed out an entire baby from that very tender area) to experience unexpected urinary symptoms. OB-GYNs can help diagnose if Bladder Sling Surgery will fix the issue.

At this point one could almost say “Welp looks like everybody needs us when they’re leakin’ from places they shouldn’t be!”

…but even though that sentiment might make perfect sense.. maybe just keep those internal comments internal.


Finishing up folks!
So there we have it – Turns out there’s no shortage of doctors who can come bless our messy parts with something as delicate-sounding as Bladder Sling Surgery!

No matter who winds up doing the deed, do remember: while awkward conversations regarding bodily functions aren’t always fun – taking care of business quickly is always worth peeing for!(I mean fighting for!)

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