Who owns allergan inc?

If you are itching to know who owns Allergan, the company behind the beloved Botox injection, look no further! In this article, we will take a deep dive into the ownership structure of Allergen and see if it is as transparent as your freshly botoxed forehead.

Before We Begin

All right folks, let’s get straight down to business. But before that, let us go through some basic terminology. This section may seem boring and unnecessary for experts in finance but please bear with me. You wouldn’t want to put anything in your body without knowing what it is called or how it works, would you?

  • Publicly Traded: A term that means a company has gone through an initial public offering (IPO) and now their shares can be traded by anyone in the stock market.
  • Shareholders: These are individuals or entities that own shares of a publicly traded company.
  • Majority Shareholder: When an individual or entity owns more than half of all outstanding shares in a publicly traded company they are identified as majority shareholders.
  • Outstanding Shares: Refers to all the issued shares which could include those owned by insiders like executives or founders and those available for trading on exchanges.

Phew!! Now with these terms cleared up let’s move forward!

The Basics Behind Allergan Inc

Before delving into ownership structures solely tied to one company, understanding general principles behind propriety claims is important.

In any publicly-traded firm worth hundreds 280 trillion dollars such as this Irish/British-American hybrid drug manufacturer; there resides complexity when trying identify an ultimate owner especially since investments from outside sources sees partial buying out occurring year after year & current laws stipulate secrecy clause loopholes where companies’ records understandably exists exclusively between selected investors curbing exposure whilst concealing higher-levels profit retrieval levels leveraging tax-free laws. So let’s just say it gets complicated, fast.

This multi billion dollar company specializes in the production of pharmaceutical and aesthetic drugs, with Botox as its flagship product. Since Allergan took over Ireland-based Actavis for $70B in 2015, creating one of the five largest companies by market capitalization on NYSE, there has been a lot of talk about who owns this global leader among pharma companies.

The Top Three Shareholders

So who exactly are the top three shareholders of Allergan? According to recent data, here is where things currently stand:

Vanguard Group Inc.

If you are looking for an individual owner or majority shareholder then it may surprise you to learn that such figures do not exist in regards to Allergen; as venture capitalism can make allegiance opaque occasionally warranting the usage if alternate fronts often untraceable to outside observer scrutiny which seems likely applicable here & elsewhere…just keep following all possible leads! However Vanguard group placed high taking home nearly 35 Million stocks (9%), valued at approximately $3 Billion in light\relatively better performance when compared other Wall Street establishments despite heavy last year setbacks; yet still retaining capitol credibility clearly due portfolio diversity.

State Street Corp.

Coming right behind happens to be another investment management firm called State Street with over 31 million shares making up about a whopping 8%., thus indicating large institutional investors have substantial claims but remain concealed themselves through legal indifference strategies.

BlackRock Inc.

Completing our list we find Blackrock holding tightly more than thirty million shares which tides well against them obtaining sizable returns totaling above nine percent….and remains somewhat aloof thereby adding itself onto long list secondary buyers whose whereabouts or reasons behind initial purchases based on little except unexplainables values only known o original recipient even third party investigations doubtful extending beyond scratching surface levels inferences so not even friends and family have a clue of their identity; or their motives.


Well, there you have it. The current top three shareholders of Allergan are institutional investors who certainly prefer the status quo where neither conspiracies or external investigations might expose what immediate public eyes should stay in company’s affairs i.e increasing performance profits etc..

While corporate ownership structures can get complicated, some firms go to great lengths to keep this information confidential for reasons ranging from legal considerations like tax benefits to having an advantage over competitors.

So will we ever truly know who owns Allergen? Who knows! But always remember you must continue following the money because money never lies.

Before We Part Ways…

Thank you for sticking around till the end!! As promised below is a bullet list summarizing our discussion:

  • Majority shareholder can be difficult to identify.
  • Large institutional investors make up majority share claims instead.
  • Top 3 shareholders with an almost equal number of shares as at close last trading day: Vanguard Group Inc (34 million), State Street Corp (31million) BlackRock Inc.(30 million).
  • Purposeful investment transparecy remains dubious often hiding behind LegalSpeak while still maintaining high capital strength compared other Wall Street companies due diversified portfolios & better year-end dividend rates signaling overall growth.

Stay tuned for more fun finance lessons!

Thanks for reading,you rock.

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