Who makes pert shampoo?

Welcome, my dear reader, to the world of hair care. As we journey through the cosmos of shampoos and conditioners, there is one question that arises – Who makes Pert Shampoo?

Isn’t it obvious?

You might think that a simple search on Google would reveal this information in no time. But let me tell you, it’s not that easy. My quest for this answer took me on a wild ride through the depths of various forums and discussion boards.

So who does make Pert Shampoo?

After digging deep through endless rabbit holes, I finally found out who owns the commercial rights to our beloved “Pert”. It is none other than Henkel Corporation – one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world!

If you are scratching your head right now at what FMCG stands for then fear not! FMCG simply means Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Henkel Corporation has their headquarters situated in Düsseldorf, Germany (Ah Germans..they do everything so well). They are responsible for manufacturing and distributing many well-known brands across different segments such as laundry care (Persil), beauty/personal care (Schwarzkopf) among others.

Now before we delve any deeper into ‘who exactly’ handles production and distribution processes – let’s learn more about how ‘pert’ came into existence.

The Origin Story

Legend has it; back in 1980s America where bad perms were rampant…the need arose for a product designed specifically to add volume to flat or thinning hair types (cue shot).

Pert was introduced by Andrew Jergens Company which primarily focused on developing personal-care products since 1882 (that’s almost too old even if dinosaurs roamed Earth) but stopped its operations after merging with Kao Brands Company around 2011-12 (R.I.P half-century-old legacy).

Now in the marketplace, you will find Pert Plus which is a combo of both shampoo and conditioner while also contributing towards solving any hair fall or dandruff issues (talk about occupying all spaces under one roof!).

The Production Process

When it comes to production processes…the Henkel Corporation handles everything from ‘soup to nuts’. Utilizing their state-of-the-art plants equipped with sustainable technologies helps maintain quality control over every product they manufacture.

Now let’s drill down into what goes into making this wonder potion that adds zing to lifeless locks (we are being dramatic aren’t we? but well that’s how much everyone loves pert!).

Ingredients Benefits
Water We need this for manufacturing literally anything, don’t we?
Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) One of the most commonly used surfactants (in other words cleaning agents).
Cocamidopropyl Betaine(CAPB) Derived from coconut oil and serves as another alternative mild surfactant along with SLES.
PPG-9 (Polypropylene Glycol) Helps in preventing static electricity in hair; basically serving as humectant.
Fragrance/ perfume oils –Because who wants a lousy smelling shampoo? No one!
Dimethiconol/DMDM Hydantoin/ TEA-Dodecylbenzenesulfonate Help decrease drying time post-shower by coating your individual strands onto Form a protective layer around follicles
Wheat protein /ceramide complex –Ensuring static-free results + moisturized & nourished-feeling tresses always win.
Citric Acid Maintains pH balance during handling aspects of daily usage

Good thing too because nothing screams disappointment more than trying out an expensive product only for it not living up to expectation & leaving us wondering if refunds were invented just for us!


So how do they sell us this product that makes our hair feel like a fluffy ball from one of the kitty toy stores whilst we aimlessly scroll through Amazon or Glossier? Marketing and PR, that’s how.

As per Henkel.com which displays all activities of hte company, ‘Pert offers a range of shampoos that cater to individual preferences making them attractive for everyone’s different needs.’ The brand is known for its ‘’Added body and fullness’’.
You often see Pert commercials on TV with models showing off their voluminous locks blowing in perfect harmony… it’s practically hypnotic! (We swear on our journalism crew…we personally don’t know it by heart at least!)

So Who Makes Pert Shampoo?

To answer the question top of mind; Henkel Corporation commercializes/handles production aspects under its beauty umbrella living up to everyday expectations revolving around Value Creation while ensuring people live better lives.

While it may seem simple to find out who makes Pert shampoo…it requires sifting through various resources & indulging copious volumes worth coffee consumption (in other words many hours).

Take a moment next time you’re scanning possible grooming habits around washing your precious strands or hitting snooze but decide encouraging motivation toward starting off with doing something for yourself always leads to an ultimate happy result!

In conclusion, even after the acquisition Andrew Jergens Company met via Kao Brands Group; Merging made sure lineage prevailed; leaving customers enjoying products under favored brands such as Biore ,Jergens et al.

Before we sign-off from Uncovering Sources Behind Pert- Stay fluffed!

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