Who does bra sizing near me?

Do you ever feel like your boobs are not getting the support they deserve? Are you tired of squeezing into a bra that doesn’t fit right and makes you want to hunch over like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame? Well, look no further(whoops).

Many women do not know their correct bra size, which can lead to discomfort, back pain, and awkward boob moments. Luckily, there are expert bra fitters who can help you find your perfect fit.

What is bra sizing?

Before we dive into where to get fitted for bras near you, let’s discuss what bra sizing actually means. Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just about the cup size. Bra sizes consist of two measurements – band size (the circumference around your rib cage) and cup size (the difference between bust measurement and band measurement).

For example, someone with a 36-inch bust and a 32-inch under-bust would be a 34B or 32C depending on how tight or loose she wants her band to be.

Why should I get professionally fitted for bras?

You might think that figuring out your own bra size is good enough; however, self-measuring can often result in inaccurate results due to varying measuring methods and discrepancies in brands’ sizing charts.

A professional fitting involves taking multiple measurements with specialized equipment and considering factors like breast shape as well as personal preferences such as level of lift or coverage needed. This ensures optimal comfort while providing adequate support for daily activities- both modest ones like working at an office desk all day long AND exciting ones such as bungee jumping!

Now that we have established why it’s important to nail down the correct bra size, let’s focus on where you can go nearby for this service(No more online shopping that leads to returns!).

  • Locally owned lingerie shops
  • Big box retail stores
  • Nordstrom or other high-end department stores

Local Lingerie Shops:
Independent lingerie boutiques can be a perfect choice if you want one-on-one attention and personal recommendation from someone experienced in the field. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Sheer Delight, 2144 N Main St, Boulder City – The exceptional customer service and eye-catching window display is just the beginning when it comes to what Sheer Delight has to offer.
  2. Bras Galore & More, Inc., 3775 US Hwy 17 S Unit B3Fleming Island – This family-owned boutique offers sizes ranging from petite to curvy so every woman can find her perfect fit!
  3. Anya Lust, online only – If you prefer shopping from home but still want an expert opinion on which loungewear and undies will suit your body type best? Anya Lust’s bra fit calculator estimates the most suitable bras based on your needs while following European brand sizes.

Big Department Stores:
If you live near a large chain store like Target or Macy’s(we all have these favorites), they also might provide complimentary fitting services where trained associates use specialized tape measures for accurate measurement of band size during non-busy times.(Yay!!, you won’t have sports crowds looking at your exposed upper torso.)

Nordstrom :
Due to Nordstrom’s outstanding reputation within the fashion industry for providing quality merchandise as well as exceptional customer service(Never miss their Anniversary sale!), going there for any kind of clothing advice could save many headaches later down the road… not just now with bra sizing!

What should I expect during my professional bra fitting?

The actual process of getting fitted varies slightly among different places; however, here are some common steps in this journey towards comfort:

Initial Consultation:

A trained professional will chat with you about your concerns and what kind of bra style/cut/level of support you prefer in order to tailor the experience according to your needs.


After taking preliminary measurements, grab a sizing chart and then various sizes for initial trial fittings. Expect him/her to adjust the straps, cups and band accordingly after each new size measure until finding one that feels good(comfort is key!)

Styling & Recommendations

Once they match up sizing AND fit correctly -it’s not magic- the stylist can provide styling tips from ‘what should be worn under which types of clothing’ along with common misconceptions like ABC cup means small?! Underwires are painful? Push ups only enhance small breasts?

Final thoughts on Bra Fittings

Getting a proper fitting might seem intimidating or unnecessary at first but trust us, it’ll be life-changing… really!!(no exaggeration!) It’ll assist women in discovering lingerie that matches their bodies perfectly while also increasing self-esteem. Properly fitted bras may sit exceptionally well on shoulders while remaining invisible beneath garments; allowing wearers comfortable movement throughout entire work shifts ranging from grocery stocking all the way through flexing extra-challenging yoga poses.

So go ahead, schedule an appointment today or just walk into any Nordstrom store nearby without worries(Winter Sale Alert), and remember #nevercompromiseonsupport!

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