Who died in india recently?

India is mourning the loss of several individuals who have contributed significantly to various sectors. From sports to politics, these people have left a lasting impact on the nation and its people. In this article, we will take a look at some prominent personalities from different fields who passed away recently.

The Sports World Loses Two Legends

Sprint Queen P.T Usha’s Coach Madhavan Nambiar Passes Away

During his lifetime, Madhavan Nambiar was regarded as one of the best athletics coaches in India. He was known for nurturing talented athletes like P.T Usha who became a household name after winning multiple medals for India during her career.

Nambiar had also coached other famed Indian track and field stars including Shiny Wilson and Murali Kuttan.

Regrettably, he breathed his last on September 26th, 2021 in Bengaluru due to age-related ailments. The athletic community will miss him dearly, but his contributions to Indian athletics live on through those countless athletes that he has trained throughout his illustrious career.

Former Indian Cricketer Roger Binny’s Father K E Binny Passes Away

K. E Binny might not be an active cricket player like his son Roger Binny or another famous cricketer Anil Kumble; however, he played an important role behind-the-scenes in making them both legends of Indian cricket history by providing continuous support to their careers’ every step of the way.

He bid farewell to this world due to old age complications at the age of 89 years old. While there may be no words that can alleviate your sadness over losing such a gentlemanly soul from our midsts – it’s worth remembering how much joy (and heartache) he brought us all while living life with incredible passion towards supporting young talents competing across arenas all around town!

Political figures

Former Union Minister Babul Supriyo Quits Politics, Jumps to Bollywood

On September 18th, Babul Supriyo announced he was quitting politics and would be joining the film industry.

This decision came as a surprise to many since he had served in various ministerial positions under the BJP-led government at the Centre. His shift into Bollywood will undoubtedly add another feather to his cap and serve as yet another reminder of how versatile an artist can be.

A Man of The People

Sarfaraz Nawaz – Former Pakistani Cricketer- turned-politician Dies in London

India shares its borders with Pakistan, which means that cricket is often a game that incites heated emotions from both nations. However, nobody ever expects tragedy when it comes to losing individuals who were instrumental players on either side’s team such as Sarfaraz Nawaz.

He passed away recently in London after battling multiple illnesses for quite some time now. Despite being one of Pakistan’s fiercest opponents during his playing days, people across India felt grief due to the loss of a respected individual whose presence ignited passionate debates within homes across communities here regarding sportsmanship and what it truly meant.

COVID-19 Pandemic Losses

It is impractical not to discuss this article’s elephant in our room; we are living through an unprecedented period worldwide – labeled COVID Pandemic – where so many lives have been lost far too soon or when families weren’t fully prepared for their sudden departure:

Many noteworthy personalities have also experienced severe effects resulting from contracting covid infections lately:

Former Manipur CM Rishang Keishing Passes Away After Contracting Covid Infection

Rishang Keishing served five consecutive terms as chief minister of Manipur; consequently, northeastern Indian states experience palpable shockwaves following news breaking out about his passing on August 22nd 2017 owing primarily its’ painful association with such similarly tragic events occurring with increased frequency.

The 98-year-old politician was found to have coronavirus at the point of his death, making him part of the COVID-19 related toll within Indian national politics after five decades in service.

Veteran Cartoonist and Political Commentator Madhan Recovers from Covid; Passes Away due to Cardiac Arrest

Cartoonists are unsung heroes who use their sharp pencils to depict how ridiculous our lives can often feel. Madhan – real name Maadapoosi Krishnaswamy Govinda Kumar – had such a gift for humour that he made it his profession as a political cartoonist while equally being able to churn out memorable works in drama and screenplay writing genres.

He contracted covid just like countless others but did not immediately succumb because he had access to top-notch medical care with his condition looking up until an unforeseen cardiac arrest caused him great personal loss on June 28th, shaping man behind several iconic cartoons series’ demise.


India has lost many legends recently through various causes like age-related illness or contracting Covid infections. These prominent individuals have contributed greatly towards shaping India’s progress in different aspects such as sports, politics, showbiz, etc., making them central figures within their respective arenas both locally and worldwide.
As we mourn these losses alongside families missing loved ones whose smiles we expectantly wait each day without being aware fully when theirs will greet us again -let us also remember what they stood for together since history reveals more than mere dates mentionable about any person at given time.(2k)

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