Which statin can be crushed?

Are you tired of swallowing pills? Does the thought of choking on that giant, horse-sized statin make you want to hide under a pile of blankets and never come out? Fear not my fellow statin swallowers, because I am here to help answer the age-old question: which statins can be crushed?

Why Would You Want To Crush Your Statins?

Let’s face it. Swallowing pills can be a real pain in the neck…literally! Our throats aren’t built for gulping down massive tablets day after day. And, if you have trouble with this process or are caring for someone who does, knowing which medications can be safely crushed is essential.

It turns out not all medication products can tolerate being mashed into bits or wet powders without losing their therapeutic properties. But fear not! In this guide today we will find out exactly what types won’t crumble when put through a crusher machine.

What Are Statins Anyways?

Before breaking down all business-like into our main topic let’s first take some time to look at what exactly are statins. These agents work by helping reduce cholesterol levels in patients with various cardiovascular conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease among others.

Types Of Statin

There are many different kinds available nowadays but we’ll mainly focus on three big categories according to how they metabolize:

1) Simvastatin

2) Atorvastatin

3) Rosuvastatin

While these drugs may share similarities besides their fast name- namely , ending it -statin , each has unique qualities that must be considered before crushing them.

So Which Ones Can Be Crushed?

After doing extensive research (ok maybe skimming over one drug book), here are some examples:

Name Max Amount To Be Given Crushable
Atorvastatincalcium 10mg,20mgauxiliarytreatment40~80mgtreatment No
Rosuvastatin-calcium The recommended starting dose is 5 mg Yes
Simvastatin For the treatment of hyperlipidemia or combined dyslipidemia: start with a dose of 10mg once a day. Increase to be determined depending on patient response and tolerance. Yes

As you can see, some statins can make it through being crushed while others need to remain in their original pill form. Remember: Always check with your healthcare provider before crushing any medication.

How To Properly Crush Statins

Now that we know which ones may be crushed let’s talk about how:

1) Crushing – if you have experience in drug busting activities go ahead and do it the usual way. Pound away using pestle and mortar.

2) Dissolving- In case anybody wants something more delicate without having crush them then add small amounts of water until tablets are completely broken down

3) Sprinkling- Crushed table powders can also be sprinkled onto food like cereals or even yogurt to ensure they’re not lost between teeth during first attempt at consumption.

The Risks Of Crushing Meds

One should not go into statin grinding lightly lest they accidentally alter the content beyond repair thus rendering medicine ineffective or dangerous for health needs.

In particular,

1)Chemical changes – when medications such as statins undergo physical stress (which occurs when they’re ground up), this could chemically change the active ingredients within that tablet/capsule making said drug no longer effective.

2)Poor Solubility – Some meds don’t “dissolve” properly, other than the bitter taste, this could leave chunks of chemicals within your digestive tract unable to be processed by stomach acids necessary for breaking them down before elimination.

3) Atypical intended distribution: tablets which do not dissolve as planned and remain in the gut environment can lead towards toxic effects at worst, or no benefit offered from medicine at best.

When To Consider Crushing Statins

It’s only natural that one may want to crush their statin if they have difficulty swallowing it but there are a few cases when you should avoid doing so without confirmation with your doctor such as:

1) The label on meds specifically says “Do Not Crush”

2) If drug instructions (as provided by pharmaceutical Company’s manually recommend against crushing,

Patient With Esophageal Issues:

As patients age many develop esophageal dysmotility due neurological disorders or other reasons. In these situations patients might risk damaging their already sensitive gastrointestinal system while trying to move medication down.

In some extreme cases, an individual may need surgery just to restore their ability swallow pills properly.


In review we’ve produced several important points regarding whether certain types of cholesterol reduction medications like statins are safe to consume via post-processing methods commonly known as ‘crushing’. While Simvastatin and Rosuvastatin seem generally able withstand applied pressure therapy without major changes taking place given dosage regiment is respected when pulverizing said drugs beforehand; Atorvastatincalcium appears more sensitive then previously listed examples thus users are advised prudence using techniques for milligram-to-milligram ratio relative determining how much essential product comes through either grinding up or dissolving/pulverizing said meds. Correctly handling/breaking-down/use-of such medicines shall always require proper guidance/requested authorization strictly under professional supervision.

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